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He does enough here to prove his point. Rolling Stone. There's no new "Trump," but the horn-spiked "Goosebumpz" brings a whole different ruckus and one of Miller's best punch lines. It may be hard to take Mac Miller seriously at times, but it's just as hard to dredge up any overwhelmingly negative feelings about Watching Movies save for two [the cover art and the deluxe edition feels like there's some filler material ]. The Observer UK. Here, his delivery and beats are pretty dull.

How Mac Miller Grew Into His Own on Stage

More tedious still is the misogyny. User Reviews. Write a Review. Positive: 24 out of Mixed: 5 out of Negative: 3 out of Over the past 2 years or so, many of his fans "Who the is Mac Miller? Over the past 2 years or so, many of his fans and music listeners in general have asked the same question. The question is posed as a mainstream Hip-Hop diss veering towards 'You're not popular', however I interpreted it as 'Where are you going stylistically? Mac's second studio album shows us maturity, both in his music and as a person. Mac elevated himself in every regard on this project, and I would like to break down how.

Production: This is probably the highlight of the album; the instrumentals, vocals and placement of the songs. Just play the first 10 seconds of each song, and you will hear for yourself the variation. These songs are great individually, however, for me an album is at its best when it links. Mac utilized this incredibly well, whether it be Earl telling him to "go" which is precisely what he did on S.

Finally his voice sounds a lot cleaner compared to previous work, and the vocals provided by Niki Randa are enchanting. Mac uses pitch vocals on a few songs also, so you can see the Odd Future influence. Lyrics: I have loved Mac Miller since he started, but I even I can admit that his lyrics were never the greatest. Whether that be his lyricism, or what he is saying.

His skills at conveying his thoughts also have improved. Flow: This has always been Mac's strong point, and it only gets better on this project. Features: Damn. Mac certainly kept his ear to this best talent of the 'new-school'.

All verses vary, from Bronson showcasing his already legendary rapping skills, Soul getting nostalgic about his childhood, Tyler hyping Mac up for a crazy song or Jay Electronica even rapping about female characters from actual movies. I advise anyone to at least try 3 or 4 tracks. Remember, the dude is only 21, and has produced a future classic with some incredible replay value. This album honestly grows on me more and more with each listening.

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Plenty of standout tracks, with Objects in the Mirror, Watching Movies and This album honestly grows on me more and more with each listening. Plenty of standout tracks, with Objects in the Mirror, Watching Movies and a few others being personal favorites. Production by Mac, as Larry Fisherman, is very good and you can tell that he has evolved a lot in that aspect.

As far as the features are concerned, they are all well matched with the more chilled out approach this album seems to take. To the reviewer who said that Mac's flow is boring and the same in every song clearly was not listening to the album carefully. I'm not gonna pretend that this album is full of hype beats and that Mac has a different flow on every song, but don't we always bash artists for not being unique?

If you want examples of quicker flows and beats that are less "boring" you can listen to S. FixYourSeIf on about 6 years ago. TX SB on about 6 years ago. ASAP Waffles on about 6 years ago. Tuling I don't respect killers, I respect O. Sweden The Man on about 6 years ago.

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Privacy Policy. JetSigma New Jersey I know others, some Kendrick, a ton of Kanye, a bit of Badu, all sorts, so if you're interested in learning some songs, hit me up Good stuff OP we should trade chords of songs, will try objects when I get home. Thank you.