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Not only is it amazingly fast service but also the customer service was exceptional.

Apple DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter

The person on the other end of the email was professional and clear in their instructions and questions. I sent them the original email yesterday at and after a small simple back and forth received an email this morning with the tracking number for the new cord. I applaud the customer service and the other products I brought in that order. Every other item I bought with that order has worked exceptionally and I often recommend PB Tech because of their Products but now I will because of their service as well. David Sun Technical dep. I really appreciate his honest opinions and advices, his approach and positive attitude.

My thanks goes to David as well, as he helped me promptly and in a professional way when dealing with an issue that popped up. I could not ask for better service and this branch is really lucky to have these 2 young professionals working in their team. It was the second time I was buying electronics from this branch first time bought new Huawei P30 for my girlfriend's B-day a month ago and I will see you guys in 2 months when I will come to buy a new phone for myself.

Carl helped me with the utmost patience and respect and helped me make informed choices. Just a really great customer experience and one that is so seldom seen these days. No pressure to buy a more expensive machine either. They'll be my go to tech store now. I found your email contact on the website.

I am writing to you as I was very happy and impressed with the service and product expertise from one of your staff, Chris Wong, in helping me build my PC. My understanding of computer parts and their performance is limited. However, Chris explained things to me in an easier to understand way and asked me the right questions about what I was looking for. The sale probably almost took an hour which I appreciated his patience. I never felt pressured and I was recommended products that suited me rather than things I didn't need. Chris is a genuine, down to earth and patient salesman, which I will be recommending friends and others who want to sort a computer build to him.

Cheers Steven". Thanks heaps Chat, and keep up the good work.

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See you next time bro. This got more and more noticeable over the course of a week I bought the machine into your service team and explained the issue who and they took it away to see what could be done. When I came back to your store a couple of days later I was told the issue was with the motherboard which is not easily repairable and so they suggest I choose another PC. Well, this is when the team went into overdrive, helping me find a machine with the same CPU, finding more RAM to add to it, hunting down operating system media etc, all while taking their time to explain everything as we went, this was about 15 minutes before your closing time I'll add.

Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt to Dual-Link DVI Adapter

The tech guys took me out the back into their service area and took me through what had come out of the old machine, what was going into the new machine and demonstrated to me that all of our data was preserved. When everything was completed I was ushered out the side door as the store had closed and I was an extremely happy customer. I had an issue with my dash cam recently purchased in your store, so it went into the service department. The issue was that an SD card had been inserted incorrectly and there was no charge because the card could not be retrieved.

I went, ultimately, to purchase a new SD, served by Ben Minghan. He noticed the card poking out so he went down to the service department, and with the assistance of Tyler Coster, the card was retrieved. I was happy so left, only to find that the camera was not recording. I returned to the store and Ben went out of his way to assist. I was prepared to replace the camera so another was provided.

Ben inserted my SD card, and it did not work, he tried his own SD card from his phone to eliminate the SD card being a problem, and the newly opened unit was not recording either. Ben then spoke to the service Manager and I was given a full credit which went towards the purchase of a different model.

I am pleased to advise that that replacement is working as it should. I work in customer service myself, and it was such a pleasure to be treated the way I was yesterday. You should be proud of Ben and Tyler, customer service is their role, but they went above and beyond the call of duty so to speak. Those two employees should be valued. You have definitely got a loyal customer in me now. Thank you and have a good day. I have had on going issues trying to get it set up. I have come back to your company times to try sort this out. To be honest it has been frustrating a painful dealing with your staff and your phone system.

I seem to always be first in the queue.

Dual Link DVI to Mini DP Converter

The best queue is answering the phone That being said, I met Tyler in your store and shared my concerns. Tyler has gone over and above in helping me. He has been very proactive and took my case on and helped sort what I thought was a never ending issue. I want to say a big thank you for hiring such a clever guy.

It is not just a cable but it uses additional hardware. This hardware needs power.

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Some simple hardware can get by with the power from the display port, but most hardware suited for higher resolutions and need more power. Hence the additional USB plug. Or is the mother USB port there because the MBP's output is not sufficient, which is what I found in a comment on the Apple product page, but in this case, why is it draining that much power? It depends on the specific model of the convertor.

I never saw one which needed more than one USB plug for up to mWatt extra power. However that is guess work on my part. I never had that particular model, nor its manual. Hennes commented on my question above, his answer has been very helpful. Anyway, the setup works great, but it's a LOT of wires to plug in. Don't forget to self select your answer when it allows you to.

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  5. And Damn, thats one hell of a display array. Which monitor exactly did you get? What adapter are you referring to? I ordered an adapter for my Mac Air that was supposed to be mini display port to dual link DVI but it did not work with the Korean monitor. Are you referring to the 27 inch Apple Cinema Display? No, I own a 27" Acer screen.

    Edited comment above. James James 21 1 1 bronze badge.

    All for the price of the dell monitors plus the two apple adaptors about USD 25 each. There are other options that might be applicable.

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    Remember to ensure that the cable and monitor must be compatible with these high resolutions. Tech Specs. Mini DisplayPort. Dual-Link DVI.


    System Requirements. Mac OS X v. Answers from the community. Answer now can i connect macbook pro to two monitors 1 Answer can i connect macbook pro to two monitors. What cable will connect my new macbook pro to an eizo CG W monitor that will allow 10 bit colour? Asked by renzo M from Glasgow on 03 12, No answers yet. Can I connect a mac air with an extra monitor as well as ethernet? More Read full answer Answered by francis J from edinburgh on 01 23, Asked by Andrej V from san francisco on 12 26, Asked by Felipe C from Laredo on 02 18,