How to find out what devices are on your network mac

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If necessary I am even willing to pay a few euros for such an app. This sound perhaps strange but it always has been my starting point in case something is not working.

Example: no prints out of printer, first check that printer is still correctly included in the network, one of the Sonos zones not working, first check whether it still is correctly included in the network, etc. I by now found an App called "IP Scanner".

Five tools for finding out what's on your network

It seems to do what I want: give me a picture of the whole network and everything attached to that network. However no reviews. Any experience with this APP on this forum, or a better alternative? Andreas Norman Andreas Norman 1 1 gold badge 7 7 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges.

Medical School or Games Industry? Featured on Meta. Custom Filters release announcement. Related 3. Hot Network Questions. With the possibility to configure custom rules and actions Network Radar can send yourself a mail as soon as a certain server goes offline or play a sound when a FTP Server appears in your network. The possible configurations are endless.

Understanding Wireless Connections

Organise your hosts in folders. You want all your iPads in one folder? Just create a smart folders and let Network Radar do the work. By binding scans to networks, Network Radar always knows if a devices is reachable or not, making it easy to refresh or monitor a bunch of devices even from different networks. A good router can tell you which device is hogging your internet bandwidth but identifying that device is often hard to do. That's where Network Radar comes in handy.

Identify All the Devices on Your Network Easily With the Fing App

No more mystery devices. Some are free; others are commercial—and they vary in capability from simple ping testers to full blown network inventory solutions. Here are five to consider. Note: This article is also available as an image gallery and a video hosted by TechRepublic columnist Tom Merritt.

Log into Router

In addition to performing ping sweeps, it performs internet connectivity tests by pinging well known websites, such as Google and Yahoo. Ping Tester offers a number of advanced functions, like the ability to set individual parameters for ping tests and to schedule testing. Network Inventory Advisor Figure B can help you discover the various resources on your network.

Network Radar

It uses a simple wizard-based interface and lists discovered devices by operating system. It also provides reports related to software, license keys, hardware, and alerts. Network Inventory Advisor must be provisioned with administrative credentials for the target devices so it can collect this information.

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  • Belarc Advisor Figure C is a free tool that's primarily intended to provide detailed information about a single PC's hardware and operating system. It might not be the sort of tool you'd normally think of as being a network discovery utility, but it does include discovery capabilities. Belarc provides the free tool primarily as a way of promoting BelManage, which is the enterprise version of Bellarc Advisor.

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    As such, Belarc Advisor demonstrates some of these enterprise management capabilities by performing a network device discovery.