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Drip World promises to be 'Australia's biggest urban festival', but will it deliver?

Your New Favorite Weirdo: Mac DeMarco | KCOU

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Mac DeMarco - Freaking Out the Neighbourhood (Piano Tutorial)

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Your New Favorite Weirdo: Mac DeMarco

The other stuff, the more the merrier. There is now an expectation for DeMarco to be wild, hedonistic and outrageous. I smoke cigarettes too! The reality of it is that I do want to meet as many people as possible and have fun with them every night, but getting drunk every night will kill you.

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Sometimes I have to be like, sorry I want to hang but I have to sleep otherwise I will collapse. I get it, its like latin, that's very clever.

"No panic. No judgement."

It was clever the first time around, now its just obnoxious. One thing mvscles has going for them is a banging single and a totally rad album cover which you cant see on here yet but in about a month you will.

The sample of the chick hitting the high notes makes my dog go insane and in my book that just makes for a fun song. This fucking asshole. This dick wad of a kid is 18 years old and has more figured out about life and music than I ever will.

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Well played Jake Bugg, well played. I get so uncomfortable on public transportation when people start dozing off In other news: My girl Natasha Khan has a new album and it's stellar. I'd rather wait years for an artist to release a new album than have an artist drop an album every year that's only marginal. This was my thought process when I heard this song on Indie Shuffle - "oh, this song is pretty sweet lets check out the band.

Because a digital format shouldn't be available to all countries.