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Perform speech recognition on live or prerecorded audio, receive transcriptions, alternative interpretations, and confidence levels of the results. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Using dictation to transcribe audio files in batch?

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Ask Question. How can I use Dictation to transcribe audio files in batch? Don't know whether or not you've see the following article, but thought I'd mention it may be worth looking at.

Five Ways to Easily Convert Audio Files to Text

Have a look at: How to Transcribe. MP3 Audio from Podcasts or. I fully understand you want to do it in batch, you did after all say "How can I use Dictation to transcribe audio files in batch? Also, if you have days worth of transcribing to do and you also have to use the Mac at the same time, then I do not believe you can do it with Dictation.

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That said, I'd set up a scripted solution that runs while I'm not using the computer, e. It fails to type until I pause my speech, and if I say too much before a pause, it loses whole phrases. Visit Chrome web store using Chrome web browser and search for the extension transcribe.

Click on Install to install the extension on your browser. Sign up for a free week.

How to Transcribe .MP3 Audio to Text on Mac OS

Before making full use of Transcribe, you need to sign up to get a free trial, just like using the MP3 to text converter online free. Choose MP3 audio file from computer. Click on Choose File and navigate to your audio file. If you need to slow down or pause the audio you can use the controls to control exactly how the audio plays to your liking.

Step 4. Transfer text to the destination. When you are done with transcribing, you can copy the text to your text editor for saving. Now you don't have to worry about writing everything a speaker or teacher is saying. Just open your recorder, record the speech as audio and later transcribe it to text. This is possible thanks to several online, desktop and chrome extension available to your disposal. I am hoping you will put them to good use and make your life a lot easier. Compress audio file size without losing quality by changing bitrate, sample rate, encoder, etc.

Watch Video Converter in Action. Download Now Download Now. MP3 1. Part 1. Please be aware these instructions are out of date. Hi Bill, Curious what you think of LoopBack. After a quick search on alternativeto.

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Would love to hear about your experience. There are also decent solutions for dictation Dragon Professional commercial software from Nuance and for typed transcription oTranscribe free web solution. The big changes are in the installation and configuration of Loopback.

Robert from Rogue Amoeba support quickly responded to my request for help. Following the instructions he gave I am now able to have Google Docs transcribe the podcast I play in iTunes:. Then, open your Google Document, activate Voice Typing in the Tools menu, click on the microphone to activate the voice recognition and then hit play on iTunes.

This should get you all set. Granted Dragon will convert text in batch at machine speed where this converts in real-time. They also wanted remote control of my mac.

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Needless to say, I declined the kind offer. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. June a key component for these instructions is no longer actively maintained, so these instructions are no longer valid for Modern Mac configurations. MP3 Audio from Podcasts or. It is no longer. Other app option? Cheers to your success!