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Does it render any differently for you on Mobile Safari than it does on desktop? Absolutely, good call! In fact, we published a link to the Booking. Consider this post updated! Please excuse my ignorance, but what benefit is this over using serif or sans-serif? Is there a similar stack for system monospace fonts? Seems IE11 can not recognize -apple-system in font-family.

IE11 considers that as an invalid value. Good for emoji. Do you really want the system font? Or should your Chinese users really get a pixelated font?

Microsoft Sans Serif Regular font

Should your Ubuntu users read the little quirky Ubuntu font? Also watch out for errors you get by using different fonts on different platforms. I collected some in my blog article — so better test extensively. This is a great post! I think it would be really helpful to add the system font stack for monospace fonts as well.

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I found the Chris Coyier comment from June 13, fascinating. It seems to me that this calls for an additional standard. Then if a particular OS or browser fails to display the proper font, it will simply be fixed in the next standards-compliant version. This would follow the same simplifying evolutionary path as we see happening at the tops of HTML5 Web pages and in character encoding.

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Microsoft Sans Serif - Regular

What are those system fonts? Method 1: System Fonts at the Element Level Chrome and Safari have recently shipped "system-ui" which is a generic font family that can be used in place of "-apple-system" and "BlinkMacSystemFont" in the following examples. Hat tip to J. Matthew Graybosch. Permalink to comment January 20, Chris Coyier. For information about how to leave feedback, go to How do I give feedback on Microsoft Office?

Use CloudFonts if your comment is about cloud fonts or Typography if your comment is related to the font or typography features in Office. Font name File name Version Abadi abadi. TTF 6. TTF 5. TTF 3.

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