Windows 7 loopback adapter mac address change

Unfortunately, its not a step forward, you cant start a MAC address with 00, which is what i need to do, and what ive done with this card and others for every previous version of windows. I agree its a nice theory as shared above, but the essential point youre missing is that previous to Windows 7, there was no issue using any MAC address you liked.

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Therefore i believe this means that there is some code within Windows 7 that interprets the NetworkAddress value differently than its predecessors. And why? And why does it appear to do so randomly, most 64bit people have no issue for example. This again leads me to call it a bug. I want a solution of this problem too. I had windows xp and recently upgraded to windows 7 professional edition. In xp i can easily change the MAC address but in windows 7 its giving me a lot of hard times and now i m facing problems accessing my school network. I have gone through the whole thread and tried them all nothing worked so far.

So i just wanna know is there any person from microsoft who is monitoring this thread please come up at least with a reply that it is a bug and how much time you guys gonna need to solve this otherwise you people can suggest us to move to other OS. But we want a feedback. I badly need this functionality to connect to my Exchange and VPN. I'm dual booting linux right now just to post this in the hopes Microsoft will pay attention if enough people report this issue.

Thursday, November 26, AM. Yeah i got the same for NIC it simply works but for Wifi no luck. Friday, November 27, AM. Hi guys!

How to Spoof / Change MAC Address of Wireless Adapter by @Tech_Compass

I had the identical issue as stylemessiah except i'm running a 64x version of Windows 7 Ultimate with an Intel Pro Wireless agn card newest drivers v. I tried every suggestion here and everywhere else regedit various mac changing utilities etc. I just have to change the string in the registry and walla. I am not sure if this is the case with all of you who can't change your MAC because on XP I had no problems in switching my mac address with every version of the drivers so I too was sure it was just a win7 buggie but now I think its both driver and win7 related.

Monday, November 30, PM. Tuesday, December 1, AM. Kind regards, RR. Tuesday, December 1, PM. Thank you!! I tested older driver versions from and now it simply works! If not you have to found the Just clicked the " Though if nothing helps I had a similar issue with the drivers of my display adapter not so long ago. As I recall typing commands into the cmd console was the only way to extract the. Wednesday, December 2, AM. I am just wondering here, if this so important how come you have not just asked the IT dept. I guess you could be stealing access and do not have a way to have the real MAC added, is that the case?

Thursday, December 10, AM. Bubbapcguy , why guys like you see only this? No, mac-spoof is useful in many ways I'm not going to list they again, so please read the thread.

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Maybe this is related? Thursday, December 10, PM.

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I did not say you are, I asked if you are.. Your comparing YOUR issue with a new car is just.. In most system's you are talking about a few seconds to update ACL so I reckon is it not that important. I will not respond to any of your post as you are just about whining without wanting help, so C-YA I would really hate to be ya Perhaps Microsoft's lawyers tell them "don't talk about it because doing so would be admitting we did something wrong before".

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The least likely possibility seems to be that Microsoft arbitrarily broke it and is unwilling to admit it. You may not get an answer to why it no longer works the way you'd like. That's life. Microsoft will make lots of money. That's also life. Best of luck solving the problem. Wednesday, December 30, AM. Very easy. This is for those with wireless card isue!!! If you have wireless card on your desktop computer just manually update preinstalled driver the one that windows installed with XP driver. Go to update driver in your card properties and choose to browse hdd, then to pick from a list.

Uncheck show compatible hardware and pick your card from list and go to have disk. Locate xp driver and install it. Before you do that install card wireless software and mark it to run as an administrator then restart, install xp driver and restart again just in case. Any tool for changing mac address works in my case. I use A-Mac address changer or MacMakeup. Eather way address changes. Offcourse this also must be checked to run as an admin MacMakeup.

This was tested on Win7 Ultimate black ed. Address changes to 00 xx!!! There might be wrong spelling! My OS is Windows 7 Professional 32bit. My adapters work without problems with these drivers. Good luck! Proposed as answer by danielbpm Tuesday, January 5, PM. Sunday, January 3, PM. It took me about 45 minutes to read all posts in this thread but N. Eee pointed out the solution for me. I have the same tl-wng he has and after loading the XP driver the mac spoof worked just out of the box. Now "Local Administration MAC Network" shows up in device proprieties and mac spoof tools works used smac and macshift.

Btw it also worked with my intel abg by just downgrading to an earlier XP driver. Lets now dissect your issue a little more, there is an installer for wgt in netgear download site Driver version: 4. Tuesday, January 5, PM. Wednesday, January 6, PM. The fun thing is, that people hate vista. Even though everything just works for me under it. Havin win7 for about 2 weeks now, already having 2 unsolvable,different,network related problems. Well I did not beta tested win7, but did so with vista, and the fixed the bug I reported.

It seems to me that this mac address problem is a bit harder to reproduce, thus it might have been ignored company-wide for good. Judging from the posts in this thread, none of you actually tried microsoft professional support. If you indeed have a copy of a genuine win7 you might be eligible to ask a professional support technician for free by e-mail or phone, and they even seem to have only chat.

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  • Thursday, January 7, AM. I read this entire thread and am saddened by the responses here. I have been having this problem for months I gave up on the betas and the RC because of it and I have tried everything that was suggested and everything that stylemessiah did. This issue is a BUG , even wiggling the mouse cannot fix it. I will be waiting until the end of time or the next version of Windows for them to fix it. During the beta, I spent some sixty dollars on various hardware attempting to find one which would both actually work and allow MAC address changing; none of them did.

    Thanks alot in advance! Sure they also share internet connection! I have seen the situations where some softwares or hardware lock application are bound to work with specific MAC address. Those software simply check system for that specific MAC address. If this is situation then I hope it will work. Try on one system and do let us know. Best of luck. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. So does that mean if I have a network right now working, and then I added that Microsoft Loopback Adapter, it will act as if it is the adapter, but the real adapter will be the one dealing with the real router in the administration?

    Is it what you mean?! If yes, then you just saved my life! I hope this is what it does! Will not it affect the Internet connection? It will not effect internet connection becuase it is virtually connected to the Network. Replace the MAC address with this loopback adapter. I'm trying it tommorow, because it is late over here. Sseriously, if this works, you saved my life!

    Because my network has tens of PCs connected! Thanks really!!!!

    Spoofing MAC addresses in Linux and Windows | Doug Vitale Tech Blog

    But when I disable the real Adapter, it then uses the fake adapter. Whats the solution for this problem? Is it to make it defautl I think it is already the default Regards. Follow these steps: View the Properties of your Loopback Adapter. With the General tab of the Properties dialog selected, click the Configure button. Select the Advanced tab. Use the format, ''. Click OK until all dialogs are closed.

    I tis strange here that it is not changing! It is keeping the original MAC Address! Any solution? I want to change it into this: DBB6 Is it possible? Because when I typed '' it was changed! Thanks Yasser, I tried that software, the same problem.. Why only the '' is changing?! Whats wrong with it? Everything worked great now..

    Is it possible? Thanks alot in advance!!! You really helped me greatly!!!! Over 1,, fellow IT Pros are already on-board, don't be left out! TechGenix reaches millions of IT Professionals every month, and has set the standard for providing free technical content through its growing family of websites, empowering them with the answers and tools that are needed to set up, configure, maintain and enhance their networks. Eric Geier Posted On June 1, Share On Facebook Tweet It. Post Views: 2,