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Mail Archiver X 5. Hook for Mac Gives Users Access to th…. PDFpen Despite the fear that the introduction of the Mac App Store meant that Apple would eventually limit the Mac software market to App Store apps only, that has never happened. In part, this is because a huge array of important Mac apps have not qualified for inclusion in the Mac App Store, something Apple seems now to be dedicated to rectifying. But Apple has also spent the last few years finding alternate paths to offer software security outside of the Mac App Store—an approach that I doubt the company would bother with if it was planning on dropping the hammer and killing all non-App Store apps.

With the introduction of Gatekeeper, Apple began differentiating between Mac App Store apps, apps that had been created by known Apple developers outside the App Stores, and apps with unknown provenance.

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Apple gets the ability to flag any problems it sees, and retains the ability to shut off individual apps from a developer, rather than the entire output of an account. Instead, I think this is yet another example of how Apple wants to gain some of the benefits of App Store-style security without forcing every piece of Mac software through the Mac App Store.

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Most Mac users are not particularly technical, and they may be induced to make bad choices that could potentially make them vulnerable to malware. The more locked down the Mac can be made by default, the better. But for the rest of us, those who have old software we love, who develop software, who install systems like Homebrew to compile and run command-line utilities and shell scripts