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As of now, all those plugins are absolutely free. Those individual plugins can do individual editing.

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Here is just an example of a plugin, Sharpener Pro. See it yourself what it can do to your image,.

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The main downside of this app is, if you edit any image with this as a standalone app, then the original image will be overwritten. Another one is, Google has limited any update or new features for this image editing app. So this can be very frustrating for any existing or new Nik Collection user. And for this particular reason, this app is placed at no. What is a Standalone app? It runs individually. So these apps can be open and run without installing it on the PC. Photoscape, a great photo editing app that will let you convert the RAW file.

I think this is the most important factor to choose Photoscape over other image editing apps. Photo splitting, photo merging, and GIF animator are some cool features that you can get out of this app.

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I assume Apple only does this for in house apps. PhotoScape X 2. So when Apple comes out w this "in house" type app right after Photos its quite surprising I opened photo scape and it looks user friendly and pretty complete. I'm not a post processing person.

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Its time consuming, it takes time away from actual photography and I'm not really good at it. I'm always looking for user friendly, easier tools. It looks like I'll be using it. Also: Its free and available in windows. Does anyone use photo scape.

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I've never heard of it, but that doesn't mean anything I've also been wondering if I'm the only one in Dyxum running Mac. I Love my Mac, its the most problem free anything I've ever had. I think I had this post under the wrong topic.

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I started using PhotoScape. I downloaded it as an internal app and it is now in my mac as an extension on Apples photo editor "Photos" When I 1st came to Mac, 7 yrs ago, Aperture was the in-house photo editor, which I never used because a new one came out called iPhoto. I have used iPhoto up till now when the OS High Sierra came out w an updated editor called Photos Photos was quite advanced, now in the levels and curves realm.

Almost right away Apple added this PhotoScape which has more features than photos, more fun features and the intuitive features seem to work more intuitively As far as I can tell, its more than the on-line free version, but not all the way up to their, for-pay one. What I really like is there isn't that constant push to upgrade to their pay versions like there is on all other "free" version apps.

Thats what I hated in photoshop and even capture one where the free versions only objective was for you to upgrade to the pay versions.

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I found their instructions for features like masking and layers incomprehensible. When I bought a new lens I would find an offer for their free version and actually found myself signed up for their subscription service. PhotoScape seems to be more fun. There might be an Apple like offer for the windows version. I wouldn't get the on-line free version.

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  • My 1st real pc was the Dell Dimension. I don't see myself ever going back to Windows.

    No software nowadays can do what Aperture did regarding DAM, output, workflow speed and flexibility, yes even in some adjustment areas. Find all the essential photo editing tools you need to quickly edit your photos online! You can crop, resize, cut out or remove background easily, and even add your own text -- or customize a text template from the text tool to use. Need to spice up a photo? It is as simple as creating a drawing layer over the photo or starting fresh with an empty drawing layer. Fix a blemish, remove spots, duplicate parts of your image, or make unwanted objects even people disappear from your photos - without hassle.