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October 22, Retrieved July 25, Retrieved August 3, Martin August 15, Retrieved August 16, Retrieved August 4, Like many things Apple, if you're a registered paying developer, you have access to things before they're released to the lowly masses. This does however appear to be the final release that will go out to the public. Is there anything I can try?

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Feel free to resolve as invalid, although the installer may want to check for this error until it gets fixed. So I can figure out the best way to fix, can you run the following command for me on Snow Leopard? It is strange that it doesn't even exist.

Mac El Capitán Fix - This application requires the legacy Java SE 6 runtime - CC

I'll see if I can fix it somehow in installer script. Thank you for filing the bug. The installer failed.

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Here is what I did to fix the problem. At some point Apple changed the JDK path and it wasn't picked up in the installer. The modified JDK pathname causes two problems: the installer can't find the JDK and the installer can't locate a specific file unpack The fix is to setup symbolic links so that the installer can find these files.

JDK 7 Mac Install

Here's what I did in a terminal window on my Mac. When I tried to run NetBeans 7. Before Java installation files layout looks like this: dhcp-praguesecond-floorJavaVM. I decided to give reinstalling that Java update a go before messing with paths, and hurray, NetBeans 7. So just a heads up for anyone else - even if you think that's the Java update you have, try reinstalling it. And just so that Google will have a better chance of returning this bug report and the solution described above it doesn't seem to currently , here's the actual installer message: Netbeans 7.

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The software can be installed and work only with Java 6. If you try to run a java application, OSX volunteers to install the Runtime, but if you go to the download site you can get the Developer Tools.

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The Runtime install just so happens to work for Netbeans because it happens to currently include the JDK tools as well minus the javadocs, source and some libs. If fact, it's works better because the Developer Tools also include the source, javadocs, and other development libraries not included in the Runtime. In fact, I'm going to recommend that they remove javac and its companions because it is a security risk to include compilation tools in the default runtime. It can run on any other type of Java installation, thus IDE users will not be affected by "Runtime" type of Java installation that might be removed while system upgrade.

In the case Java installation is missing on both places, then the users get a how-to install Java and continue with IDE installation. Comment 17 athompson UTC I'm not sure I understand the comments in comment 16 , but I do know that I've tested recent daily builds and this is still a problem. If there were changes that fix this in 7. Additionally, the daily builds still allow installs where just the Runtime is present.