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Change default RSS reader on Mac OS X (News feed reader)

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How To Add RSS Feeds To Mail In Mac OS X Lion

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From Our Sponsors. Plus, anecdotally speaking, there seems to be an increasing number of individuals moving to RSS from social networks like Twitter or Facebook to better filter out junk news.

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When looking at RSS clients for the Mac, integration is the name of the game. Any real contender should be able to pull feeds from any of the popular online services such as Feedly , Feed Wrangler , Feedbin , NewsBlur and more.

RSS feeds in early Mail versions delivered alerts from favorite websites

OPML file with the same feeds in the same folders. Getting data out is just as important, however.

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A good RSS app should be able to save content to read-it-later services and share links on social networks as well as built-in macOS apps like Mail, Messages, and more. Lastly, and perhaps most important, a good RSS client should be easy to use and present users with a clean, efficient reading environment. When it comes to dealing with lots of text, good UI and UX decisions are critical. An online course to help you save time, organize your notes, and master the best writing app for Mac and iOS: Ulysses. Get the Course…. Reeder should be a familiar name to iOS users.

In fact, when the Mac app first launched in , it was a port from iOS to the Mac.

Popular RSS readers for OS X compared

For as much as people have criticized Reeder for Mac for being the start of an evil trend that will see iOS apps coming to the desktop good luck with that , the undeniable truth is that Reeder is a Mac app, with all the evident advantages and limitations that come with it. Reeder syncs smoothly with all three of my test accounts: Feedly, Feedbin, and Feed Wrangler.

When coupled with one of these services, Reeder will pull in unread items based on their state with the service. Marking something as read on one device will mean it will show as read on others. Speaking of speed, Reeder can be incredibly fast. In testing, it was able to sync with a Feedly account with 4, unread items in less than a minute. Service sharing in Reeder 4 has changed significantly. Whereas in Reeder, a whole host of sharing services could be used, Reeder 4 has opted to trim away direct support for all these services and instead uses the system share sheet.

Once set up, this can be prove to be very powerful and efficient, but the setup process is a little clunky. A sharing method has to be enabled, but the app also allows a user to pin these to the toolbar or be assigned a keyboard shortcut. Most of these sharing services were duplicated between the direct support in Reeder 3 and the share sheet in macOS. Trimming back direct support makes Reeder 4 feel more consistent and focused. Reeder has long had the ability to sync your read-it-later queue from Instapaper and read your queue right within the app.

Read Later acts much like the Instapaper integration — you can add items quickly and easily to Read Later and, well, read those articles at a later time. As it stands, the Read Later function is likely best suited for those who are looking to keep their RSS articles separate from their larger read-it-later queue inside Instapaper. RSS is all about text, so if the best RSS reader is going to be worth its salt, then it should provide a great reading experience.

Appearance handles everything from a theming perspective. These layout options will keep Reeder in your selected layout choice no matter how you navigate through the app. While all of these settings can be overwhelming together, they grant the ability to fine-tune the Reeder experience. Reading is a hodgepodge of more font settings, allowing you to customize font size, spacing, and the alignment of titles and body content. New in Reeder 4 is a Bionic Reading feature, designed to help reading comprehension by bolding specific segments of individual words.

Michael Tsai - Blog - The State of RSS on the Mac

Per the sales pitch:. A higher dimension of reading. With Bionic Reading you read texts with more focus, awareness, and sustainability. Navigating Reeder can be lightning fast. In addition to customizable and nearly endless keyboard shortcuts, the application supports numerous gestures for trackpad users:.

Once these gestures and keyboard shortcuts are ingrained, they make skimming and reading articles lightning-fast. In fact, the gestures in particular remind me that Reeder started out on iOS.

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