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Epidemiology ;11 6 Registry evaluation methods: a review and case study. Epidemiol Rev ; Dengue: an update. Lancet Infect Dis ;2 1 Applied logistic regression. New York NY : Wiley; Surveillance for an emerging disease: dengue hemorrhagic fever in Puerto Rico, P R Health Sci J ;18 4 Evaluating public health surveillance. Principles and Practice of Public Health Surveillance.

Dengue: uma nova abordagem. Rev Soc Bras Med Trop ;33 5 Tauil PL. Inf Epidemiol SUS ;8 4 Thus, it is difficult to precisely state which breed s originated the different native breeds. In some cases, the information about the original populations was lost over time. According to Mariante et al. Preservation of the native breeds has also a historical value that is the genetic memory of the animals which helped colonizing the country.

Genetic traces of all these breeds are still left through their crossbreeds. The intervention of man in their reproduction and selection processes did not cause any modification of their potential, besides those granted by nature. According to Egito et al. These breeds caused, through absorbing crosses, the replacement and erosion of the local breeds.

Although these local breeds presented lower production levels, they stood out for their complete adaptation to the tropics, where they had undergone longtime natural selection. It is therefore necessary to preserve such animal genetic resources, in order to prevent their loss. Genetic diversity within domesticated species is reflected by the variety of types and breeds that exist and by the variation within each one of them, and the loss of a single type or breed compromises the access to its genes and unique genetic combinations, which may be useful to agriculture in the future. Some native Brazilian breeds, although named differently and living in distinct regions, present similar phenotypes which raise doubts about their identity as a distinct racial group or native type.

It is not known if these populations are genetically similar or not. Even if they belong to the same breed, they may have accumulated different alleles due to genetic drift, as a consequence of geographic isolation and adaptation to different ecological niches Egito et al. It is a native bovine breed that has not yet been improved, originated from the bovines introduced in Brazil by the Portuguese and Spaniards during the time of colonization.

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The Curraleiro breed stems from Bos taurus ibericus and, given its European origin, it is assumed to belong to the subspecies Bos taurus taurus Britto, Tambasco et al. The frequency of the acrocentric Y chromosome was higher than that of the submetacentric Y chromosome. In , Britto and Mello confirmed this finding. Pantaneiro bovine, also named Cuiabano or Tucura, descends from the Spanish breeds introduced in America during the colonization process of the Plata Basin.

According to Mazza et al. Publications from the 20 th century portray these animals as short of stature, with short, brown, dark and red-brown hair. The authors believe that the descriptions of the animals of the Pantanal region, made in the 20 th century, are not reliable, because in that time the crosses with their domestic and even zebuine breeds were still occurring.

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Based on morphological measurements and weight development of Pantaneiro cattle taken the germoplasma bank analysis of the data confirm their reduced body size, with average weight at birth of 24 and 22 kg and, in the adult phase, of and kg, for male and females, respectively. To the South, the Pantaneiro cattle are practically extinct. In this moment have only two populations from these breeds in the Pantanal region. More than three centuries of native pasture adaptation to flooded Pantanal regions conferred the Pantaneiro bovine with rusticity, high fertility and the ability to survive under conditions of water and food stress conditions.

These bovines from Southern Brazil Lages, State of Santa Catarina are those which keep the greatest resemblance to the type of bovine introduced by the conquerors, therefore of indisputable Iberian origin. This breed has evolved by natural selection over four centuries and almost disappeared as a consequence of indiscriminate crosses.

When the Catarinense Highland was colonized, the settlers brought the Franqueiro cattle with them that probably mated with the bovines which already existed there, originating the Crioulo Lageano cattle Spritze et al. Formed in the State of Minas Gerais, the Junqueira cattle breed is a product of crosses between Caracu and other Brazilian varieties. It is currently found in the Jequitinhonha River basin.

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Their tail is thick and hairy; their hair is yellow, white-and reddish-brown speckled or patchy Athanassof, b. They are resistant to parasites and abiotic stresses, like the breed that has probably originated this one, Caracu, a Brazilian breed that also developed in this region.

In the past, their long horns were used to manufacture berrantes , a kind of musical instrument. Nowadays this breed is critically endangered, with less than a hundred animals left in the whole country Diniz and Euler, Pires et al. Until this moment don't have much information in the literature regarding the morphology of the Y chromosome of these animals.

For other hands this information is basic and very helpful to use in animal conservation program.

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In , Monnier-Cambon described the Y chromosome of zebuines as acrocentric. Different shapes of the Y chromosome in the same breed have been described by several authors Potter et al. In the Brazilian breeds, the Y chromosome has been analyzed by a few local authors.

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These authors observed a dimorphism acrocentric and submetacentric of the Y chromosome in these breeds. Britto and Mello analyzed the Y chromosome of the Curraleiro breed and, like the former authors, found both morphological types. The Junqueira breed showed only a submetacentric Y chromosome, but this study was based on three animals Pires et al. Issa et al. Giovambattista et al. According to Hanotte et al. Blood was collected from the jugular vein using 4 ml Vacutainer tubes with sodium heparin for lymphocyte culture.

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