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McCulloch pro mac 800

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Pro Mac 800 82ccs

Montgomery Ward Parts. Power Pruner Parts. Powerhorse Parts. Western Auto Parts. All parts listed on this site are aftermarket parts unless otherwise noted. I was digging around a friends shed and came across this in the corner. It turns out that he was keeping it for a friend and wanted it for himself. There's a bar and chain that I will be getting too in a few days. The day I found the saw it started under 5 pulls with fuel put in the tank. I started it today and it runs like a champ! I've cut with this saw the day I found it.

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Chain can use some work This saw does have a version of anti-vibe! Here are some pics! Rounder and Biker Dude like this.

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Gotta love those Macs! I have a few Macs myself and have been on the hunt for one similar to this. Clean that baby up till it shines! It looks like it has a lot of potential but I see the typical broken clutch cover and missing chain brake. I don't know what it is about that style saw but most of the ones I see are broken and replacements are expensive on feebay.

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The pro mac series almost never have broken covers and replacements are cheap and plentiful, it's just not fair! I've been trying to find a good used cover for my pro mac , thus the rant Anyway, I'm sure you will love cutting with your , it's quite a torque monster. Biker Dude , Oct 9, SawWrecker likes this. Nice saw, Those 82cc's saws are great runners. Here is one I did not think I could find, then this one came to me in excellent condition with very little run time. I need to get some with the bar and chain, very nice looking set up.

Last edited: Mar 29, The Double Eagle 80 was a totally unique 82 cc McCulloch saw in that the carburetor was hard mounted to the cylinder with a flexible boot around it. It did not seem to really catch on and in my experience there are not that many of them around.

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From the outside it is hard to know there are any differences under the hood. Mark, That one saweeeeeeeet Pro Mac Super. So now whats the difference between the PM and the super other than the tall air filter and cover. Looks like an I never knew the DE80 had that type of carb set up. I will have to take a look at mine.

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Slowly learning about these 82cc Mac's. I do know my PM will spank my and the is near new. Lee H , Mar 29, I've got a DE80 also and didn't know that it's carb setup was different. I'd like to find a 28" bar for mine. Workshop , Mar 29, I love my Thanks Mark. I am not inclined at this point to tear one of each down just to compare the cylinders but considering the production dates for each, my guess is PM sales were underperforming and some folks were begging for the good old back and McCulloch came up with this plan.

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  4. Workshop - bars for the 10 series are pretty easy to come by since the same mount was used by several manufacturers at the time including McCulloch, Poulan, Echo, and others. I think it is known as D Last in the 82 cc series is the PM, in many ways they fell back on the tried and true concepts but added a few twists with this one. Thanks again to Ron Woods for the kind gift of the PM you see below.

    The carburetor was once again mounted in the air box with a boot to the cylinder like the earlier models, but the crank case features 6 bolts compared to the 8 bolt crank case on the earlier models. The PM also has a three piece crankshaft and uses c clips to hold the piston pin in place compared to the press it in the rod on other 10 Series models. I'll put up some more later.

    Three piece crankshaft. Piston pin secured with c clips, photo courtesy of Joey Taylor.

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    Ron knows how to pack a saw for shipping. Looking for some rings for a non-Mac. Wondering if the rings for a PM or any of the other "70" saws are thin rings 0. I do know the rings for a PM60 are thin. The ones for my saw are unobtanium. If they are thin and are available I'll file them down to fit my other saw Poulan