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Is it a shell script or a PHP file? Your last paragraph isn't clear about that. Also, did you set execute permissions x on the file? Did you specify the script interpreter in a shebang line? It's a bash script to be ran from PHP. Yes I did make it an executable and I did specify the script interpreter.

unix - Mac terminal permission denied - Super User

It works correctly when I execute the PHP script from putty and the bash script gets called and runs correctly. But if I run the php script from the webbrowser instead it fails to run the bash script and it will do this error since it's running as the apache user and not the user I use in putty.

Try chmod yourscript. That will give r-x read and execute permissions to "Other" users on that file. I tried it. No luck.. I can't know the exact reason until tomorrow though.

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I don't have access to the logs from my location. I will get back to you guys. Thank you for your help.

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Try the following suggestions: Try to run below test command, and check whether it worked: php -r "echo exec 'whoami' ;" Make sure that all parent directories and the files have at least r-x flag permissions: chmod dir; chmod file Make sure that the owner of the file is your Apache user. Make sure that your php. Troubleshooting: If you changed your php. Enable in your php.

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That was my problem.. Thank you! Still no luck for me : Any suggestions? Argh, setenforce solved it. Tonin Tonin 5 5 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges.

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Thank you for the detailed reply! Alas, like I mentioned I can't have root access until tomorrow. So I will get back to you too!

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I loved your answer, very informative! Unfortunately I didn't pick yours because the enforce was disabled and wasn't the problem. Though I did learn a lot from your answer, so thank you. No worries, glad to know you learned from my post! If getenforced is the problem, then it is really not obvious what the heck is going on.

"Permission Denied" when trying to open a file in Terminal

It saved my day! My situation is slightly different, but Google brought me here, so I thought I'd share Chris K Chris K 2 2 gold badges 9 9 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. Bade Adesemowo Bade Adesemowo 1. Running root commands in PHP via Apache I have a web application that needs to perform shells commands as root within a PHP function, and you would think that would be pretty straight forward… but it did take my a few googles to get all the details, so here are my handy notes on it.

This is a terrible idea. If your apache install gets compromised or the application you're running does JourneymanGeek It's not "if", it's when the install gets compromised. Using sudo will allow you to attempt to execute a file that has any execute bit set at all, but if no execute bit is set, you will get "permission denied", no matter who you run as. You can check whether git thinks the file permissions are different from what they should be by running git status - it will show files as modified if they changed permissions; if that's it, you can fix it as described on stackoverflow.

If git thinks everything's fine, but permissions between your source and your clone repository differ, maybe you're using some odd filesystem that's confusing git's notion of what permissions the files should have, or maybe you have a git config option set see an older answer to the same question.

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Whatever the cause, you need to do the same thing: copy the original permissions and apply them to your clone; this was previously answered here. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Mausimo Mausimo 7 7 bronze badges. Gabe Gabe 1 1 bronze badge. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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Permission Denied

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