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In an ideal world, you switch between OS X Lion and Windows by restarting the Mac and then booting into whichever operating system you want to use. This means that every time you restart your Mac, it always boots you directly into Windows.

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If your Mac is off and you want to boot into OS X Lion, it seems awfully inefficient to have to boot into Windows first. Yes, you have to follow these steps every time you start your Mac. See the next section for a way to avoid this.

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OS X Lion deletes the Windows partition and recovers the hard disk space. To fix this, follow these steps:. See All Related Store Items. Related Resources Store Articles Blogs. Join Sign In.

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Yes, on a US keyboard. On my non-US-keyboard it is not so obvious, since backtick is located on a combined 'accent' key. So to get a backtick I need to press Shift-accent. So switching to the next window is Cmd-Shift-Accent. Now, how do I switch to the previous window?

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Cmd-Shift- Shift -Accent? VidarRamdal Even if you had an US keyboard, it wouldn't be possible to move to the previous window, because as you can see in the settings by yourself there is no shortcut for "move to previous window".

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This is what I found on my default US english keyboard setting. KyleMit 2, 5 5 gold badges 18 18 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges. This should be on top.

This concept of windows vs apps vs workspaces is confusing. Hope this helps! But it doesn't seem to work for terminal instances Still trying to find out what to do there. Seems more intuitive. Nick Read Nick Read 11 1 1 bronze badge.

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What locale or keyboard layout do you use? Hooooooorayyyy thank you!

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I couldn't do this in Mountain Lion. It turns out I thought it didn't work, because I had the same key bound to the two window switch shortcuts, and even though the first one was disabled un-checked , it prevented the other one from working. Moe Far Moe Far 3 3 bronze badges. Medical School or Games Industry? Featured on Meta.

Using Boot Camp to Run Windows on a Mac

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