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Before this replacement my MacBook was doing really good actually. How can I They are all software engineers and I think the thief will install a fresh version of macOS on the stolen Mac Mini. Disable Macbook internal display I own a Macbook Pro 13 2 thunderbolt ports , and I would like to disable the internal display when an external monitor is connected to it through USB-C. I have ruled out the following Turn Denicio 57 5 5 bronze badges. How is modifier key remapping implemented on Touchbar Macbooks? Is it done by the main OS, or is it delegated to a controller associated with the keyboard itself?

I understand that the Touch Bar and Kaypro II 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. I have a problem with a swipe back in Safari. I can't find out how to do it on iMac with a Bluetooth keyboard. Do I really need a cable keyboard in Mykola Zotko 7 7 bronze badges. Is there an equivalent of Linux's kernel memmap on OS X?

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  • How and when to reset your Mac’s PRAM and SMC?
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  • Parameter random access memory.

Since the error is in the second half of the physical address space, I can work around the problem Matthew Lloyd 11 1 1 bronze badge. Stefan 1. My Macbook Pro , 4 thunderbolt 3 ports has this very annoying problem where something breaks in the audio system, and it stops playing sounds and being able to detect any output devices. I've had a Macbook Pro for a year or so now and have experimented with quite a few Linux distributions which have added and changed things in the EFI Boot Order.

I am looking to clean things up. Nathaniel Suchy 2 2 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. If so, what is this order and why? Edit: I intend to do all of them to completely reset my computer. Fine Man 4 4 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. Running the hardware test shows this: Alert! Apple Hardware test has detected an error. One of the red leds for dimm 3 raiser b lit up red on my MacPro early lit up, so I reseated the ram in question on it by switching it with it's counter part swapped dimm 3 for dimm 4 and This occurs even when I attempt to just HughMann 1.

Fix the constant shift issue On my Macbook Air A the shift key seems to be constantly pressed, even during boot so it only boots into safe mode because of this.

Is there a way to do a manual SMC reset?

The issue exists both before and after replacing the keyboard Faloude 4 4 bronze badges. My MacBook has been turning off randomly when left unplugged. Ryan Luna 6 2 2 bronze badges. Macbook Pro screen keeps randomly going black after login, weird issues A couple days ago while I was using my 15 inch Macbook Pro Retina Display laptop got it brand new months ago, running latest version of Sierra , the screen flashed black a few times, and Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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Single User Mode command to fix Mac that stucks at Apple Logo with a loading bar during Startup

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Computers Boot argument options in OS X The OS X boot arguments are useful for troubleshooting problems with system startup and how the system behaves when running. By Topher Kessler. After running this command, when connecting an external monitor, the internal display will be disabled, which can be beneficial in some situations such as those where you are mirroring your desktop but wish to run the external display at a higher resolution than your laptop can run.

The primary use for this is that it enables old-style kernel panics that show scrolled text on the screen about why the system panicked, instead of displaying the gray backdrop and the message to merely restart your system. This command will change this so the system always boots to the bit kernel. I consider these to be improvements. Oops, it ain't there. While I have many issues with the way Apple does OS X these days, startup shortcuts is not one of them. Josh: Interesting that you use the new name for OS X in the article title, even though the release version of Sierra is not out yet and all the in-service versions of OS X still, and will forever, use the old name.

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Which is to say, all these startup shortcuts apply to OS X. Though they can be expected to remain usable in the macOS, we are not really there yet. While the name change will provide continuity with Apple's other operating systems, it can be expected to add only confusion to discussions of OS X maintenance and support. That said, I suppose you are future proofing your article for people who will read it a year or two down the road, supposing Sierra doesn't change anything referenced here. We struggle with Apple's renaming issues regularly. With macOS Can we get a sticker made with this list?

Resetting your Mac's parameter RAM can fix many woes

That way I can stick it to the back of my laptop and I'll have it when I need it. Great list - thank you. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Email Address. Arnie Keller. Tom A. Kevin Patfield.

Exactly right. There's also a companion "9" option to force a boot into OK, you get the idea. Adam Engst. Jefferson Le Blanc.

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Josh Centers. Steve Dagley. Peter N Lewis. Fred Zelders. Dennis B. Phil Seymour.

macos - How to reset mac PRAM through the command line in Lion/Mountain Lion? - Super User

Dave Kitabjian. Nice compilation, Josh! This list should be pinned up somewhere where we can always get to it! This is not a criticism, only an observation. Jan Lunddal. Doesn't X let you boot macOS even if you have a Bootcamp partition as default startup disk?