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Open Sans, the only font you’ll ever need

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Have fun. This font also contains most glyphs shipped with any version of Windows until Windows Vista , excluding fonts supporting East Asian ideographs. Despite being a vectorized replacement, there are subtle design changes. For example, the tail in the lowercase "a" is shortened to a vertical stem in Microsoft Sans Serif, the top of the stem on the lowercase "f" curves down instead of horizontally, the hook at the descenders of "y" and "j" are hooked up in Microsoft Sans Serif, the strokes in the middle of digit "8" intersect at a different angle.

Capital R, which was designed in the style of original Helvetica in the original MS Sans Serif, is instead a compromise between Helvetica and the straight-diagonal descender in Arial; the descender curves at the top and is a straight diagonal at the bottom. Version 1.

Supported code pages include , Macintosh US Roman, , , , Font is smoothed at points, hinted at points, hinted and smoothed at 15 and above points. OpenType features includes init, isol, medi, fina, liga for default Arabic script. Additional OpenType features includes rlig for Arabic scripts.

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Version 5. Additional OpenType features includes ccmp, mark, mkmk for Arabic scripts; locl for Arabic URD Urdu script; mark, mkmk for default Cyrillic; dlig, ccmp, mark for default Hebrew; ccmp, mark, mkmk for Latin scripts; locl for Romanian Latin; ccmp, mark, mkmk for Thai.

Leopard also ships with several other previously Microsoft-only fonts, including Tahoma , Arial Unicode , and Wingdings. Verdana Win: Bodoni MT Win: Book Antiqua Win: Calisto MT Win: Cambria Win: Garamond Win: Georgia Win: Goudy Old Style Win: Hoefler Text Win: 0. Lucida Bright Win: Palatino Win: Perpetua Win: Rockwell Win: Rockwell Extra Bold Win: Baskerville Win: Times New Roman Win: