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The VLC player can be downloaded here.

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Why not just use iTunes? Some hi-res file formats like AIFF may be played by iTunes but will not be at their native hi-res rates. I suppose you could also count Bluetooth as the fourth way, but I'm not convinced that, even with A2DP negotiating between the transmitter and receiver the best CODEC available, you aren't losing audible quality in the wireless transmission. Any of the above three connections ensures output of your audio files at the full resolution.

Options one and two are still in the digital domain, so you will need to convert the signal to analog before sending it along its path that ultimately leads to your analog ears. Just remember to make certain that the DAC supports the highest quality files in your catalog. The next component in line is either your preamp or integrated amp. My setup includes a tube preamp that has both a headphone output and individual right and left line-level RCA outputs, which then feed either my tube or solid-state amplifier I have one of each.

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Either amp then leads to my loudspeakers. If I'm listening through headphones, they are fed directly from my preamp. My Results I am enjoying incredible results using my Mac as a hi-res server. When listening to the same song, switching only the file resolution, the iTunes files sounded flat and one-dimensional. Don't believe me? I recently read an excellent open-access paper on our ability to hear differences with high-resolution audio that can be found here.

Do these players offer an improvement over a basic standard-res player? Yes, but remember that your environment and choice of headphones will impact your ability to hear all the differences. More than a collection of individual parts, a cinema sound system is an interconnected whole. With our unique, systemfocused approach, installation is faster, setup is easier, and operation is more efficient.

Our product support team helps tailor systems to your specific technical and budgetary requirements. If service issues arise, we understand that lost time means lost revenue, so our top priority is to get you up and running fast. And with a single point of responsibility, you know exactly who to call when you need help.

How do you measure the overall value of a sound system? Has every last detail been thought through to save you time and money?

Do the components interface seamlessly, allowing efficient centralized monitoring and management? And does it all work without fail show after show, year after year, avoiding costly downtime and replacement? These are the standards by which we measure ourselves at QSC, and which make our products the best long-term value in cinema sound. At QSC, our success in cinema reflects a hands-on background in theatrical exhibition that informs both product design and customer relations. And we know what it costs when technical issues delay theater openings or result in Saturday night refunds.

The result is a cinema product line that not only sounds spectacular, but is also remarkably fast to install, simple to set up, and trouble-free to own. The QSC Certified Theatre Program is a standards program intended to promote best practices in cinema design and overall presentation quality. Thank you for submitting your information. Once unzipped, there should be 14 files. Be sure to ingest all 14 files to your server. Once the files are ingested, you should be able to select among four versions: 5. To download the file, right click and save as.

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Jun 17, New features include a mobile application for day-to-day control and monitoring. Apr 1, The Prospector Theater was completely rebuilt from the ground up with the mission of providing meaningful employment to adults with disabilities through the operation of a premium, first-run movie theater. Dec 14, Partners, guests, and employees join the fight to end homelessness in Orange County. Feb 2, QSC announces the availability of a new white paper which details new requirements recently announced by the United States Department of Justice on equipping cinemas with specialty access systems for the hearing and visual impaired.

Mar 4, QSC is pleased to announce the availability of the first QSC cinema trailer, which will be provided free-of-charge to theatres equipped with complete QSC Cinema sound systems. Oct 30, QSC introduced the latest in its line of compact, space-saving subwoofers. Le son Teufel tous azimuts. Theater The perfect system for discriminating listeners. High end starts here.

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Surround 2. Bluetooth 1. Radio FM 1. Radio internet 1. Streaming 1. THX 1. Wi-Fi 1. Noir 2. Silver 1. Blanc 1. Plus d'options. Les plus vendus 1. Set price. Les plus vendus. Theater Surround "5. Ensemble complet 5. Theater — Home-cinema by Teufel The Theater series stands for excellent sound in its own 4 walls unlike any other Teufel loudspeaker family. For decades, we have delivered the best 5. The principle of the series has proven itself: classic loudspeaker systems, with shelf or stand boxes, perfectly matched to one another and continually technically and optically upgraded over the years.

You will surely find the right system for you in our online shop! Current Theater products by Teufel Theater The Theater is the improved successor of the test-winning T standing speaker. This duo has an elaborate 3-way system with two heavy-duty woofers for extremely low bass.


The standing speaker duo is also available in a bundle with the Teufel Kombo 62 receiver. The Kombo is therefore a complete plug-and-play package for stereo enthusiasts. If you want even more sound, you could consider the Theater Surround 5. Theater S If you're looking for something smaller, the Theater S is the place to go.

These stereo shelf speakers represent a smaller version of the Theater