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Like the early models, the latest minis include an Nvidia GeForce M video processor; however, this time around the M takes advantage of up to MB of main memory on both models. As with the early minis, you can connect two displays simultaneously and use either extended- or mirrored-desktop mode. Note that along with the new Mac mini models, Apple released a Mac mini server.

What Type of RAM (Memory) to Use for Your Mac Mini

Where the latest models differ from their predecessors are in processor speed, memory, and hard-drive capacity. All hard drives remain rpm, 2. This change results from the new Mac mini models using most of the same internal circuitry as the Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server , which omits an internal SuperDrive in favor of a second hard drive. Rounding out the list of improvements, the newest Mac minis also ship, as you would expect, with Snow Leopard. Apple confirmed that you can still upgrade your mini without voiding the warranty.

And while you might be tempted to upgrade the hard drive to a larger one—or to a faster, rpm model—an external, desktop FireWire drive will offer more storage capacity and better performance than any upgraded internal drive. However, according to macminicolo. Apple says such configurations are officially unsupported. The Mac mini line has always been about size and value, rather than performance. The early models were prime examples: while they were the first minis that were truly capable of handling the iLife suite and playing processor- and graphics-intensive games such as Call of Duty 4, they performed more like MacBooks than MacPros—or even than iMacs.

The new Mac mini models, in their stock configurations, offer decent performance increases over the early models. The early Mac mini we tested actually bested the new 2.

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The older model also slightly outperformed the new 2. The new models also showed no improvement, compared to the early model with 2GB of RAM, in our graphics-card-dependent Call of Duty test. For those with older models considering an upgrade, a more-useful point of reference is the 1. Indeed, for some tasks, such as the Open Word Document in Pages test, the difference between the two new minis was significantly reduced by upping the RAM on the lower-end model.

Finally, comparing the new Mac minis to other current "consumer" Macs provides some additional perspective on performance.

Does an SSD and RAM upgrade make this 2010 mac mini any good?

Best results in bold. For Call of Duty 4 and MathematicaMark 7, higher scores are better. All other tests are timed results where lower times are better. Reference systems in italics. Call of Duty score is in frames per second.

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Mac Identifier. Apple Mac mini "Core i5" 2. Capacity :- 8GB Module. This success has been built on a number of core principles A huge database of information allows us to provide upgrades for almost any computer. This focus has allowed us to build a knowledge base that is second to none.

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No exceptions! Apple - Mac mini Server Core i7 Late Apple - Mac mini Server Core i7 2. Compatible upgrades: Apple Mac mini "Core i5" 2. By default, 4 GB is installed as two 2 GB modules. We are committed to resolve all issues in a friendly and satisfactory manner.

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Model Number. Release Date.

Module Quantity: 2. Apple Mac mini "Core i7" 2. The actual maximum RAM be higher that what Apple formally supports this will be updated.

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Compatible upgrades: Apple Mac mini Core i5 2. Apple Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2. Compatible upgrades : Apple Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2. Compatible upgrades : Apple Mac mini "Core i7" 2. Speed: PC Mhz. DDR3 For laptop. DDR3 for desktop. Capacity: 4GB. We will try our best to solve any problems. Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5. Make an offer. Shop by category. Total Capacity see all.