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This feature used to be in iTunes for a while, but has just vanished.

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Thanks, Rube Goldberg. Beautifully described. I am still hurting from boldly buying my first Mac in , starting up iTunes, pointing it to my extensive music collection on a server, and watching a chaotic disaster unfold that I had no say in as it happened and no warning it would happen, and if you want to say that I should have reasonably expected it to happen, you are kidding. Thank you John Kheit! Totally with your opinion.

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Finally someone from the writing folks writes about it. Awful rubbish.

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There is no sane reason for breaking iTunes syncing, but it seems nearly impossible to get it to peacefully coexist with Apple Music and with iCloud Music Library. Would people pay a monthly fee or Any fee for that matter to listen to the music they already own by using Apple Music?

Did I miss something?

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First, not just Apple you MUST upgrade because the reliable equipment you had suddenly becomes obsolete. I am all for technology marching on, in fact I embrace it; I am a big sci-fi fan who enjoys when imagined invention becomes reality and continues to improve. I personally think taking star ratings out of iOS shows a ridiculous lack of vision of what their own products are capable of. uses cookies.

Maybe an iPhone is too small of a device too be a creation tool. Why can I have similar smart playlist creation capability using star ratings on the iPad that I have on the Mac. I want to sit on my deck with the iPad to do that work instead of having to go back inside on the iMac.

I agree on iTunes The best one ever for music organization and playlist creation was Where did you get an address to send a note to a Product Manager? I recently renewed my interest in them, I listen to them during my Apple Watch inspired fitness program. One of the things I like about iOS 10 is that when listening to podcasts raising the iPhone shows a the Podcast player and I can quickly hit the 15 second rewind to hear something that bears repeating or pause when I need it to.

Home sharing and Airplay ensure that all the family can access and play the music they want.

Quality ripping and re-ripping! From a UI perspective iTunes 12 on newer macs is not as easy or intuitive as iTunes I also kind of have to agree with dlstarr7. Total click-bait title. Apple is indifferent to music lovers who want their own music. Two independent networks make up Soulseek since , both run by the same management. New developments are solely on the SoulSeekQT client interface.

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Work on Client Windows only discontinued in SoulSeekQT has somewhat different functionality in comparison with the client interface. Soulseek client for Android apparatus. Soulseek is no longer supported by MewSeek. Key attributes. Post a Comment. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.