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For 2 bucks you become a captive member of the Dmitry Kovba society. The app is a service which lets you tie into Mr. Kovba's computer via the internet.


When you write a program in Dartmouth Basic, you upload it into Dmity's server. Then when you want to run the program you have to go back to Kovba's computer, each and every blessed time. As a result, each simple run of a simple program is shockingly slow. In other words, although it would be very easy to write a Dartmouth Basic app which could be completely downloaded into an iPhone or iPod, which would allow the user to operate independently and completely free of tether, this is definitely not the case here.

There are other problems with Dmity's software itself. For example, if you want to write a simple program involving trignometric functions, the software does not recognize angular measurement in degrees. Everything has to be converted to radian measurement.

‎Basic Programming Language on the App Store

Pretty tacky. If we all resist the temptation to waste 2 bucks, sooner or later someone will come by with a real Dartmouth Basic app. Please check your Internet connection if the application works slow for you. I wrote programs years ago, on the Mac and Apple IIe, in basic.

How To Change System Language in Mac OS X

The first line program I wrote with this app timed out after about 5 seconds of compiling. Look elsewhere if you want an app that allows Basic programming.

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One star, in my opinion, is too much. As for trying to report the problem through apple, you CAN'T. The page they bring up contains nothing but your receipt. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Is giving me all kinds of syntax error messages. Frustrating because in many ways it works and i start to get excited.

Chipmunk Basic

Michael, just checking back and i see that a message that i thought i posted before is not here. So here goes again…. So finally, in frustration, i downloaded the SVN file, which was huge, and compiled it. Finally I was able to get a working version. I wonder if this is the same situation. Meanwhile, i have a question for anyone. Is it a robust rendition of the original?

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I am interested in programming somthing that will run on top of it and need it to be reliable. Also, i get extra characters on the screen when printing numbers and spaces. Thank you. IT looks great. Werkelijk grappig dat dit kan. Misschien dat Microsoft er een hoop geld voorover heeft om dit stuk te maken. I am new to the terminal. Is it something that is a bash thing. All code is running natively. But… why??

And yes, I think there is a lot of useful vintage code out there. Does this program only work on Thanks for the link to this thesis, very interesting. Asking nicely for PPC binaries… please? Nice thesis — please add me to the list of people asking nicely for source code. Pingback: pagetable. Ok, how about a version of TI Extended Basic? It rocks! This makes me smile.

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Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it. Most of these have trial versions that you can check out for at least 30 days before deciding to buy. KBasic looks promising, especially considering the price. PureBasic is probably the most full featured but it is a lower level language.

Chipmunk BASIC

REALbasic looks good but I've had horrible experience with it trying to do anything "real". QB64 isn't exactly pretty, but it's a dialect of QBasic, with mac, windows, and linux IDEs, and it can with tie ins to eclipse compile for android as well. The results, however, can be very pretty. It's also worth noting that it has expanded the QB command list, is bit clean, and can do some stunning graphics, network operations, and more. As a reminder: QBasic is a structured basic with limited variable scoping subroutine or program-wide , which can optionally use line numbers.

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