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The challenge with this is the boot. Then finally, I need to clean up local. Simple right? Note: There is probably a more optimal way of doing this, probably using one of the weasel installer scripts and just set the boot. This will also have the effect of not taking a long time to get past the usbarbitrator startup. Has anybody cracked how to get vmware to set flag which allows the macmini to auto poweron after a power outage….

I want to do this so bad at home… even though I have no use what so ever.. Would you have any info on a free automated VMbackup solution? Hi, tried your ESXi Worked lovely with a current macmini but — do you see any chance to add the broadcom driver to add support for the thunderbolt to ethernet connector? I just tested on my Mini 6,2 and it shows up. Also have the problem that Daniel has. Will troubleshoot and post back unless someone else comes up with a solution first.

Despite the minimum requirements of 1GB for the boot disk it actually needs to be more. I used a larger disk and the error was resolved. You made my day. Thats perfect for my Home-Office. How can you all boot from usb flash drive?

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I put the iso with unetbootin on a 16gb flash drive, formated with fat On startet osx Any ideas? I am going to try it, but i have some questions : — How can I check which version of the MacMini I have? I just finish installation the ESXi Any one have idea what cause this happen? And how to solve it? Any help would be appreciated. I only see a few people mention the problem and I havent found an answer and Im hoping you can help.

I have a working. But when I try and use the dmg file on a new mac VM I get the following errors on boot:. Can someone please help?? Really want to get this working so I can move from my current Citrix Xen environment. Installed and worked fine. Just incredibly frustrating since the higher resolutions were there in ESXi 5. I believe there are a few things going on. Some more info here. I have the same issue with the limited display resolution. Worked in 5. Any updates on a work around or fix? You have to wonder whats going on.

And at this point — why not support the mini? Its an amazing device for test labs and even small business.

Not to mention, support from the vendor which Apple has not shown any interest afaik. Since the Pro is officially supported — I do belive so. Any thoughts or advice or help is greatly appreciated! ESXi has been great! I especially like being able run ESXi on Macs. Now that ESXi 6. Would you recommend to upgrade via a clean install of ESXi 6. Or is it okay to upgrade from within the ESXi 6. Mike — beware when moving to ESXi 6. OS X Yosemite only shows x resolution and the performance takes a big hit. Thanks for the heads up Scott. In fact, for my Mac Mini 5,3 it was an upgrade from 5.

Hey William, wanted to let you know that ESXi 6. Thank you for sharing with everyone. Hello , i would like to ask some questions , i have a macmini 4,1 and i want to install esxi 6 to run vms on it ,1st you just downloaded the image file and burned it on a usb using unebootin for example? Yes i confirm that ESxi 6. I have a Mac Mini 5. For both the Thunderbolt was not recognized during or after the installation.

Turning Mac Minis into Agile Mac OS X ESXI Hosts: Getting to Bare Metal

On both the embedded NIC was not connected and the thunderbolt was connected to the network during installations. I think the connection to the network of the Thunderbolt to the network should make no difference. When I reboot the storage device is no long recognized. To fix this I have to physically remove the power and re attached. The storage device is again detected once this is performed.

Setting up ESXi 5.1 on a 2011 Mac Mini Server

Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? I have one sitting here and would like to get 6. Indeed, many customers actually do this. Esxi 6.

ISO do not want to install, even though I am using Apple hardware. Is there a work around?

Powered on the virtual machine and it starts with the installer. Now first you have to format or erase your harddisk, after that you can install Yosemite or Mavericks. The EXSi 6. It could be minor tweak. How do load the VIB after the install if you cannot see a disk to install in the first place? I just tried installing 6. Same issues experienced here. After spending a full day on it, this is the only thing I was able to come up with as well.

Using the internal SSD was what I wanted to do. This is disappointing. I did open a SR. Can you provide me with the SR? SR I am happy to give you anything you need of my Mac Pro. Thanks for sharing your findings. How do you install the VIB so the installer can use it? Did you use the image builder? That looks like a painful process. I used the offline driver and image builder following half a dozen slightly different VMware KB articles. I am surprised there is not an option to add a driver during install. I gave it a strong effort though.

I was able to add the VIB to the instance running from the external thumb drive. I can see and use the SSD but it is not a production option.

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The fix Mr. Spock mentioned worked for me. Thank you! Hi, thanks for the great post. I tried installing esx 6. I tried installing on both harddrives of the mac with the same result. Am i missing something? I have a question , if its possible with esxi 6. I have no luck with my FirePro D either. Would appreciate someone who has experience with the FirePro D series for the esxi. I have mac pro 6. I have osx Has any one else have such problem??? Glad you found Mr. We have an internal bug tracking this.

If you want to follow the updates, feel free to file an SR and have them attach it to PR noted in the article. Thanks all. Finally i make it up and running by creating custom esxi iso with Andreas ESXi Customizer tool and sata-xahci vib offline bundle. Just thought you might like to know I have just finished installing ESXi 6. Does esxi also detect the wifi card of the Mac-mini late ? Or is there a driver I could add? Got ESXI 6.

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Excellent post! It inspired me to acquire additional gear and build this myself. I don't have access to the relevant hardware right away, so I haven't got the opportunity to test out the above I thought it would be worthwhile to pass the information along promptly and hope that someone could give it a try and see if that is all that's needed to get ESXi to boot on this hardware.

After adding and modifying the most recent tg3 drivers for the NIC I was able to get it up and running have to add in the PCI device ID, looking at the drivers source code there is support for the specific revision it just isn't included on the PCI device mapping tables. Thank you for trying that out for us all, saltmaster , and reporting back so quickly with your detailed findings! We'll keep investigating how to solve the problem properly here. Depending on the outcome, affected hosts will either need an Apple firmware update or an ESXi patch update to get things going smoothly.

Thank you very much! How to permanently add this boot option? I use a customized image with the latest version of the net-tg3 offline bundle. That works with all the previous MacMini models, but not on the new 6,1. It worked on the previous MacMini model. Could that maybe affect the Thunderbolt Interface? It was an easy option to add a second network adapter to a MacMini pitty, that there are no Thunderbolt hubs yet. Hopefully it's not another adaptation that is necessary for the new MacMini. Saltmaster , did you experience problems with VMFS?

You will need to extract this and edit two files that relate to pci id mapping. If you copy the entries for say device ID 0x and modify them to reflect the 0x that will get it working. The V00 file can be extracted using vmtar, followed by a normal tar. The easist way to go about this is to install the hypervisor in VMware Fusion or if you have it running on another machine already use that.

V00 over , extract the files, modify them and then perform the inverse of the extraction to recreate the NET-TG3. V00 file. Once you have it installed on the MacMini you can use the following command on the host to have the iovDisableIR settings stick enable SSH just to perform the following :. I thought it would be easy to reinstall