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Insert a blank DVD into your Mac's optical drive. If a notice asks you what to do with the blank DVD, click the Ignore button. Click the Burn icon, located in the top right corner of the Disk Utility window. Select the InstallESD. In the Disk Utility window that opens, scroll through the list of devices in the left panel and select your USB flash device. It may be listed with multiple volume names. Do not select a volume name. Instead, select the top-level name, which is usually the name of the device, such as 16GB SanDisk Ultra. Click the Partition tab. From the Partition Layout drop-down menu, select 1 Partition.

Click the Options button. Click OK. All data on the USB flash drive will be deleted. Click the Apply button. Disk Utility asks you to confirm that you want to partition the USB device. Click the Partition button. Do not select the volume name; select the device name. Click the Restore tab. Drag the InstallESD. It will be near the bottom of Disk Utility's device list. You may need to scroll down to find it. Drag the USB flash device's volume name from the device list to the Destination field.

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Some versions of Disk Utility may include a box labeled Erase Destination ; if yours does, make sure the box is checked. Click Restore. Disk Utility asks you to confirm that you want to perform a restore, which erases all information on the destination drive. And no supported machine needed either. It is more likely that a script somewhere in the install process keeps it from installing or recognizing the hardware as an installable host.

I installed it this way. As yet, cannot return to Lion. When i tried to create a bootable USB drive Lion, installer said the version was too new. So not possible to downgrade, or upgrade as it called it. Maybe even with an easy USB installer? I can not seem to find the Shared Support folder when i go into the Contents folder… The only folders shown are..

You must be looking at the installer contained on the InstallESD. Well, is not possible to find the Shared Support folder, the other things is easy, like i was made with Lion, but i have this problem? Like the other user, here is:. People please. Use some common sense. When you clikc the. Go into disc utility. Look on the left. If yes how can I show the hidden files on Mac? Some bugs…. I hope that in Mac OS X Mountain Lion the hard disk storage might be easily controlled avoiding the cuasi-exponential hard disk storage growing.

Just installed Mountain Lion today.

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