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The Delete key is typically smaller and less-conveniently located than the Backspace key, and on keyboards where space is limited, for example those omitting the numeric keypad or virtual keyboards on mobile devices, it is often omitted altogether.

Backspace key

On some compact keyboards for example, the key Happy Hacking Keyboard , the Delete key replaces the conventional Backspace key, and the Backspace function is achieved by holding the Fn key and pressing Delete. When struck on a computer keyboard during text or command editing, the delete key Delete or Del , known less ambiguously as forward delete , discards the character ahead of the cursor 's position, moving all following characters one position "back" towards the freed letterspace.

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The key is also used by many GUI applications to request deletion of the currently-selected object, for example a file in a file browser or a block of text in a word processor. The delete key often works as a generic command to remove a selected object, such as an image embedded in a document on Apple Keyboards , both the forward delete key and the delete backspace key have the same effect when pressed while an object is selected.

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The delete key, on many modern motherboards, also functions to open the BIOS setup screen when pressed after starting the computer. In GUI applications where the Delete key is enabled, especially in file browsers, pressing it does not necessarily immediately delete the selected object, but often a confirmation dialog box will appear to allow the user to cancel the deletion, or the object may instead be silently moved to a " trash folder " or equivalent, so that it can be recovered later.

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In other GUI contexts, the Undo function can often reverse a deletion. As many Apple keyboards lack a dedicated key for the forward delete function, Mac users wishing to have a dedicated forward delete key can reassign the forward-delete function to a different key using various third-party applications, such as DoubleCommand , Karabiner or PowerKey.

Approach 1: using xmodmap

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