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As for the name-brand vs. Another option for longer term after you have determined why the battery is expanding like it is may be to see about getting one of the Newer Tech or other known manufacturer batteries for your MBP, as they have longer life ratings for the charge. Newer Tech is available from Other World Computing www. I do not work for OWC, but have been very pleased with their products and service The NewerTech ones I've checked on are rated at higher mA ratings than the original Apple batteries.

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I've purchased new Macbook Pro batteries twice from Ebay Powersellers. Both had the same capacity or slightly higher. My MBP is has the model identifier 3,1.

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After a few weeks of usage I gave good feedback as there were not problems with the battery The first battery expanded too much. I would go to your local Apple Store right away as a past Apple Genius that would be replaced in most cases your battery should never do that. Actually, that's pretty normal for an old battery or a battery that's been used heavily.

AppleCare may replaced your battery under a Customer Satisfaction Code, but that depends on the mood of the AppleCare representative that you talk to at the time. If your MacBook Pro is still in warranty and you take it to an Apple Store with a third-party battery I highly doubt they'll do any repairs under warranty - Apple is pretty tight regarding third-party components. I'd avoid getting a third-party battery and just stick with one you buy from an Apple Store or an Apple Authorised Reseller.

Old question, but since other people may stumble here: I suggest buying on amazon. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Check out their site every now and then. Was the same price either way. I could swear I checked into that before. I have bad luck with rebates anyway. Nov 1, PM in response to lundejd In response to lundejd what is that Bing cash back i keep hearing about? Bing is an MS thing, no? They give discounts on MS products? User profile for user: flipside99 flipside Nov 1, PM in response to lundejd In response to lundejd I've bought more then a dozen macbook pro's on ebay in the last 6 months for friends and family. That comes to at least saving on the higher end models. I've only purchased from high feedback sellers with lots of previous macbook sales in their feedback and have not had any issues.

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I would like to know where they're getting them from too! User profile for user: JE13 JE Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: 0. Nov 1, PM in response to lundejd In response to lundejd how people can offer these deals. Off the back of a truck or straight from a contact in China, perhaps? Obviously not from the Apple Store. In fact, I wonder if any of the money you're giving them finds its way back to Apple for this product. User profile for user: frocco frocco.

I recently sold my MBP 2. I never tried to sell before, so I had zero feedback. I'm hoping things go smoothly as it was in new condition, no marks or problems.

Wanted to get the new imac 27", but now I hear lots of problems. Oh, well User profile for user: kostby kostby. Nov 1, PM in response to lundejd In response to lundejd I don't know the market conditions today. I worked for several authorized retailers of name-brand 'Personal Computers' in the 's and 's. Back then, authorized computer resellers had to meet rigid sales quotas in dollars or units, or both, to keep their 'authorized dealer' status. Many dealers also used to 'floorplan' inventory. The dealer would finance the inventory via a firm, such as General Electric Capital.

Instead of tying up money in inventory, a dealer could pay a small percentage of the dealer cost to GE Capital for several months, in anticipation of selling the unit before the full amount was due, in 60 or 90 days. Some manufacturers offered dealers 'free' floorplan for 60 to 90 days, so the authorized dealer would have demo units of the latest models in the showroom at no cost.

Safari Speciality level out of ten: 1. It was a pretty good bargain. I have no doubt that it was a brand new factory sealed unit. When I checked to see if I actually had the promised 1 year warrantee on Apples website I was surprised to find that I had 3 years of Applecare. Looking for a custom configuration? Feel free to email us the specs and we can find one for you. Check it out for yourself at stores.

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