I have a cd stuck in my mac laptop

Tilt-and-shake probably isn't a good idea with an iMac and you've tried holding the mouse button on reboot, but the rest seem worth a shot. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. I am asking this question on behalf of my sister. She found the answer. Indrek Indrek 21k 11 11 gold badges 75 75 silver badges 84 84 bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Medical School or Games Industry? Featured on Meta. Custom Filters release announcement. Related 1. Thanks much. The credit card pressing down on the disc would allow the computer to read the disc, although it would stop frequently. I held my breath and hoped that at the end of the download I could eject the disc, and I could! The disc was warped; in the future I will check all discs for warp before inserting into the drive.

Hope this helps someone else. It worked! Thanks, I was gonna have to paid a few quid for that. But decided to go and get first the newest tool: the magic battery pack cardboard! I used a firewire cable to hook it to my other macbook and turned on the problem computer holding down the T key. Was able to drag the disk to the trash from the remote computer and out it popped.

That problem solved. Can these thing overheat when watching a movie? Life saver. I owe you my life. I was seconds away from total macbook freak out destruction. I actually was dumb enough to have gotten the disk out the first time, clean it off and put it back in…then it got stuck again! I was picturing the guys at the apple store laughing at me when I told them what I had done.

You saved me face and money. Your idea was the only one that worked for my macbook. I was so scared that my investment was gone for something as preventable as getting a CD stuck in the machine. I owe you!

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Thought I had the same problem, was all set with my business card, when I realized mine was simpler. I was running a virtual machine in the background and it and the real machine were fighting for control of the dvd. Rebooting twice did the trick the first killed the vm, but left the disk in a funny state, the second worked. Thanks for hosting this Blog. But Mike above me noted a virtual machine and that was my problem.

I uses my spaces for a VM and totally forgot i had it running. Thanks everyone! I have tried doing all the steps to get my Cd out, I put a dvd a freebie from a TG tips about some monkey, but anyway the Cd wont come out. The drive makes all the sounds like its going to eject the disk but actually never does anything more then that. I think it has some glue on it. Please help.

I tried ripping several CDs, most of which only had songs on them. These were fine, but the longer ones eventually got hung up during the rip. I then had all the eject problems mentioned above, and both of the CD culprits were concave when they came out. These were also the only ones which had an adhesive paper face label, so perhaps it was some combination of heat and adhesive weirdness that caused the concave warping…. I had no disc icon and the drive continuously went through all the stages of ejecting the disc, but didnt eject.

MAC OS X Fix - How to eject stuck cd or DVD

I later discoverd the paper cover from the box of discs had stuck to the underside of the disc. Thus the disc wouldnt eject. I finally inserted a credit card and another thin plastic card above and below the disc, squeezed tight and pulled. Out she came. Now I can insert a disc, but no disc icon is present on the screen. After about 20 seconds the disc ejects. What can I do? This was happening prior to the disc not ejecting.

I have the same problem like redsquah. I forced the disk eject with a hotel roomcard that is a little bit thinner than credit card. I tried everything for two days, and then got onto this site and it worked!!!!!! I went through credit cards, business cards and finally used the back of a catalogue. You rock!!!!!!! Thanks for all of the advice, I just wanted to say that the sticky note trick worked for me. I tried the business card, the credit card, the cardboard and even another CD but it was the sticky note that card the mini dvd out for me. Plus it was less invasive. Great tip!

Wish I had found this a while ago when I was having the same problem! The paper may have somehow knocked out the laser, or perhaps a bit of the paper is now stuck to it. You probably have to have it repaired. Thanks for the great advice everybody! We struggled all day to get a stuck DVD out of my mac…after reading this.. Saved me a trip to the Apple.

You are a genius. After fiddling with bootcamp my system would not turn on but this worked perfectly. Thank you so very much. Anyways the business card thing worked. Thanks sooo much! Very odd. This command manually forces the mechanical latch the same way all you guys are shoving in your business cards and credit cards. Tried everything on this website to no avail.

Finally picked up my macbook pro tilted it at a 45 degree angle, pressed the eject key and shook my computer gently and it popped out. Grrrrr Took over 2 hours to do that! You deserve more than that! I am boarding a plane in 20 hours and you are a hero and a champion, best of the best, you belong in the games! These are the kinds of solutions that make my industry incredible, you rock.

Dude, you totally just saved my butt! I was afraid of being murdered in my sleep. You are my hero, no joke!! I hope you realize that you may have just prevented a murder-suicide type deal. So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. This works on iMacs as well! I just slotted in the cardboard and gently nudged it up while rebooting and, whoosh! Go figure. Thank you — thank you — thank you. Then did this — worked first time on boot up!!! I am a bit more circumspect with home-made discs now! I did manage to get it out in the end…. One note of caution….

Great Tip, but because you bent the battery packaging, the battery company will not honor your packaging warranty. Great tip!!! I also tilted mine 45 degrees to stop it from spinning which worked, and you can also put very slight pressure on the top of the palm rest, although this COULD damage the disk and maybe the drive if you push too hard so be careful on this one, takes VERY little pressure..

Unfortunately this does not work at all if keys and mouse pad are not responding. Anyway, swipe some wide label tape from your label printer get a tongue depressor popsicle stick and 2 gift cards or the like and do following: 1. Slide depressor out now firmly pull card label and disc OUT! Thanks so much. After 2 hours of a lot of frustration I finally came across this solution. The most common suggestion for fixing a stuck DVD in a mac mini was the open firmware solution and this will not work on an intel mac mini. The mini would not even boot up properly. It got lost inside my Macbook Pro.

And there it was peeping out. Thanks a lot!!! Man, it saved my trip to the stupid apple store and talk to those so-called genius… Awesome! I used a GNC member card inserted it in the left side of the drive, pushed it down with a twist, rebooted and pressed trackpad button, and BAM! MacBook Pro not under warranty. And the thanks keep rolling in. Saved my life. Wow, thanks a lot! I had the gray screen of death…and the install disc 1 stuck in the DVD drive….

How to Eject CDs or DVDs From Your Mac

I tried replacing the hard drive directly with a bootable os x on it to no avail. The optical drive kept trying to boot. I was just trying to run Disk Utility from the CD and grabbed the wrong one. That was beautiful, thank you so much!! Works on my Macbook. I started to think about reboot, cardboard, etc.

After I had exited iTunes not simply close it, but really command-Q!! Like many others — spent about 90 mins trying to resolve similar problem today, all sorts of failed attempts involving various contortions and key board combinations. Growing panic until I found your blog. Most sceptical about your advice at first me of little faith. BUT — The disk is out! The mac is back! There will be Christmas in our house! My MacBook Pro would not eject the CD— it would whirrr and clunk several times but the disk would not come out but instead would mount all over again. Repeated tries failed, although a couple of times just a tiny bit of the disc would protrude from the drive, but quickly get sucked back in again.

Holding the trackpad button down during reboot did not work either… whirrr clunk clunk — but the disc was still stuck. For the me the problem was not that the computer was trying to boot from the disc. So the OS would start as usual. It seemed to me this was a mechanical problem. Some people here mentioned warped discs and that seemed like it might be possible.

Then, when I looked closely at the disc drive slot at eye level, I noticed something interesting… the drive slot is very slightly warped. Running my fingertips allong the top surface of the computer, I discovered that there is a slight dip or depression just to the right of the touch pad, above the disc slot. I pried the depression up… and believe me I used the absolute minimum of pressure required… and then I tried to eject the disk again.

So I tried one more time… prying up with the blade with the slightest bit more pressure this time. I hit the eject button a second time and the disc slipped out just like it should! The disc slot sits right under where my right wrist is resting on the computer. Or, it is also possible that the depression was there from the beginning and I never noticed it. Bu if it was there all along it was not preventing the disc from ejecting until today.

So again I suspect that the pressure of my hand on the computer warped it further until it became a problem. I am, as a rule, quite careful and have never set anything heavy on the computer and certainly have never dropped anything on it. So this leads me to believe that the warp in the case is the result of normal use, and that, in my humble opinion, makes this a design flaw. Normally I would not try this sort of thing..

I would take the computer back and show them what I discovered and insist that they repair or replace it. But, where I live, there is very few places to get a Mac serviced.

8 Ways to Force Eject a Disc from Your Mac's Optical Drive

And my experiences with the local service place have been very frustrating. It[s a long story…. So, in my desperation not to head out on this stormy, Canadian winter day, I resorted to minor Mac surgery with a cream cheese knife! I do not recommend this method.. Just another addition to my comment above…. I noticed in the photo of your MacBook that the disc drive slot is different from mine. How to describe this… On mine, the slot is positioned higher on the front edge. Well on mine there is NO space between the trim and the opening. In fact, that gray plastic trim drops down and completely encircles the entire slot.

I wish I could post a photo so you could see what I mean. Anyway, they obviously changed the slot position on the later MacBook Models for some reason. My 4 year old stuck one of those clear fake CDs that comes on top of a spindle of blank CDS in my drive, on top of my other DVD that was already in there. I tried all of the tips that I could find in the Help utility and on other posts and this worked brilliantly.

Simple, effective, and prevents me from pulling all of my hair out. Thanks a ton!!!!! Still need to send the macbook away to get the drive repaired as it is not accepting disks but at least I can backup the work now! I have been trying to get this stupid disc out for several days and your trick worked like a charm! I put a movie in my MacBook Pro and it would not read it. Then I googled for a solution and found yours. I did exactly as you suggested and it did exactly as you stated.

It rumbled twice then spit out the DVD!!!!! Thank you, you just saved my life. This time it worked like a charm! I tried all the stuff you did, then finally googled. Your solution was first on the list and worked like a charm! Thank you for figuring this out. I had to finagle a bit and try it about 10 times. I inserted a doubled over postcard and inserted a credit card between the postcard folds.

Any engineers that could explain what was going on inside the drive while we were doing all this? Started the card at the bottom of the slot and sliding it in deep and then up to the middle seemed to depress the latch. I wrestled with it and tried the business card it kept tearing up my card!

I jumped matrix style and caught it as it was going back in and yanked it out. Thanks for the tip! I have tried every method I could find to remove disk from my blackbook. I found the post-it note to be the only successful method. Connect system via Firewire to another booted system. Select the disc to eject and there it comes. Amazing, I like many others put a mini DVD in and went oh dear…. I tried a business card to no avail but then folded it in half tried again and whaddaya know the little devil popped right out!

Oh wow!!! Thank a lot!!!!! The CD looked fine so I stuck it back in… Worst idea ever! I kept pressing the eject button hoping it would get it out… to no avail. So I stumbled on this site and stuck my drivers license in there to get it out. I battled for 15 minutes and it kept attempting to eject. I gave up, but my computer kept running the eject cycle. It finally got it out by itself. The disc was warped… Lesson learned. Surprisingly common! I was using a really thin piece of cardboard though, so I folded it in 2 and stuck the open end in the slot while powered down.

It actually worked like a pair of tweezers and I pulled the disc out that way. I never would have tried this without it. You have saved me big time. Teh reboot technique with the cardboard at an angle worked for me. Thank you sooooo much!!!! The reboot technique using a credit card instead of cardboard worked for me…. I have tried different things to get my empty dvd out from my iMac. I am now sick and tired of this. For the last 2h I have tried this tutorial but I cant get it to work. Culd some kind person please do a videotutorial a share it on youtube? Please, I really need as much help I can get right now!

And the sound is spinning, rest, spinning, rest then he tries to put the DVD out but it get stuck and back in again. But I will remember this for next time. I tried a R b shift c command shift R P … but these didnt work. But I still doenst boot my machine…. I had the same problem and took it to the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store. They told me it was my hard drive!

Then the IT people at school took a look and told me it was either my logic board or graphic card and to get a new computer!! I left the dvd in my mbp for a day so the computer would cool down, started the computer back up with a piece of cardboard in it and the dvd came right out!

I accidentally put my camera chip in the cd slot of my IMAC, and tried to get it out with a twist tie, but it only sunk in further until I could not even see it. I will never do that again, I had a couple thousand photos on the chip, but they were all OK. Folded a piece of cardboard over, jammed it in the drive, and out came the disc. Thank you!! Haha just kidding. Thanks soooooo much. I have been trying to sort this all morning and the business card trick sorted it.

Thank you so much. Your solution worked perfectly with my own business card. Dude deserves it for being a genius…. This trick worked great…. Just hold the cardboard in there for a bit and it works…. As soon that DVD came out I threw it against the wall so that it will never contaminate my Mac again….. After try all ways the credit card with tape was the true winner — it is the number one like Mourinho…. It work smoothly at my first attempt…..

Thanks bro. The idea is just to stop the cd from spin…and just push the eject button… i used my name card. I solved this problem by buying a Lenovo laptop. Amazing, it actually worked. Rebooted with a twisted credit card holding it down, turned on power while continuously pressing keypad mouse. Heard about four attempted optical spin sounds, then it ejected it. Great advice. DVD is finally out. Thanks a heap….. I bent it up and down as if to grab whatever was in there and then I could see the edge of a dvd, I slid the dvd out with my fingertip while leaving the cardboard in and saw there was another dvd under it too and I slid that one out too.

It took us an hour of trying to figure out this problem and reading these boards.

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Very frustrating but thanks to lots of prayer we got the dvds out!! WOW same problem, just a small touch of the dvd with the tip of the credit card made the drive think that the disc was blank. Worked perfect. For me it was a netflix dvd how to train your dragon which got stuck in my macbook pro. It would attempt to come out based on the sound being emitted by the drive but it would just get sucked back in and the movie would start again. Stopping the spinning using a credit card would also result in the same thing, i. Obviously, not a recommended solution but when all else fails this method should work.

Just make sure that the scotch tape is attached to the credit card firmly through the length of the credit card so that you can hold onto one end of the tape or else you will lose the tape inside the optical drive and then you will have no choice than to open up the macbook. I just used a folded-over piece of paper and presto! Many thanks to all! After a very long day of trying to get this bloody DVD out of my machine, I finally found your site, and did what you suggested.

All I can say is thank you so much. They should rewrite it and include it. Thanks again. I have been trying to get this stupid CD out of my computer since October! Finally worked with an old gift card! Thanks a lot for sharing this simple and elegant solution that actually works! It did work like a charm for me.

I used a folded business card. Cheers from Moscow, Russia. Thank you soooooooo much! I had this old cd stuck in it for two days and my Mac was freaking out! I tried everything to get it to eject, to no avail. Your trick worked first try. It took me a while to get it.. You have to hold the card in the slot, stop the DVD from spinning.. It will make funny noises and such, BUT you have to hold it in there for almost a minute while your pushing the eject button.. So the key is to wait.. And it works!

Thanks for saving my sanity! I am a teacher and this was my school computer. I tried everything! This was the only thing that worked. This worked perfectly — disc was stuck for over 6 months — had tried all methods including doubled sided tape etc. It saved me from wasting precious hours of figuring out what to do with the stuck cd inside the drive. Many thanks again! Thanks a million for the tip. That was a life saving if I could say. Because of the piece of paper I used was thick when ejecting sound came the cd could not come out. So I pulled the paper out as soon as the ejecting sound started.

Thanks a billion for the tip…. However, I kept holding the eject button on startup instead of the command options. Nevertheless, my thanks to you for ending my frustration. You saved me so much time and aggravation. U just saved me from having a panic attack and from spending three hours doing the same thing twice right before a holiday weekend! This post saved my life as well. But the computer will still not start up…is that a fried hard drive, or should I take the chance and insert Snow Leopard in again? Thank you for this effective solution!

We two had tried various tricks including command-option-O-F to no avail. TIP: take the time to listen and wait for the drive sounds to change, You have to stop the disc from turinig, then listen to the drive doing its read check, read, check, read check… drive give up eject war dance. Worked like a charm with the battery cardboard, thanks! This tip worked like a charm. I used a credit card and applied pressure in a downward motion then turned on the mac, waited for the start-up screen to appear and the disc ejected.

Great, great tip! I still have no idea what caused the problem. Will try a different disc and see if the same thing happens. I had a playable DVD movie stuck in the drive. Problem solved. IT worked! I tried this once and then went back to retry three or four other things. I finally came back to give your suggestion a second go and it worked in less than 10 seconds. Thanks to you I can return disk two of The Essential Dolly Parton collection back to my local library.

Pure genius. So…you married? No, really. Offering the reason for the problem optical v. Thank you very much. Holding the trackpad button down Worked,the dvd is finaly out,Thanx.. I just tried this trick and it worked perfectly! I had a dvd jammed in my macbook and finally got it but how do I know if the dvd is usable of is every disk going to get stuck…Thaks …Diane. I meant to say if the drive is usable or if every dvd is going to get stuck…kind of hesitant to put another dvd into the mac drive. OMG Thank you sooooo much! I was going crazy thinking about how much this would cost me to get fixed!

This is an old trick. I use a paper cd cover to do the same thing, it also works in your car cd player when the same thing happens. Finally it works. I got this inside for a lot of months. This is the only thing I tried that actually worked — I was on the verge or manually dismantling my macbook and removing the superdrive. You saved me a night of distressed sleep waiting to hot-foot it over to the Apple Store in the morning. Thank you very much genius!!! This was the only thing that worked and it worked on the first try!!!

Thanks for this. After reading different comments from other websites as well, I decided to use a business card with a long piece of cellotape hooked around it. It worked like a champ. I mean, i am still amazed on how easy and fast, and neat it was. I was upgrading my iBook G4 to Leopard and the disk kept spinning for hours with just screensaver background and that irksome colorful spinning circle. Thank you so much — on holiday in the States and it may have been the putting in of my South African disc while here although it plays fine at home on the same computer that did it but after scouring the forums and trying everything else this tip was the only one that works.

Wow this really worked! I had tried eveything, until I randomly hit on this. Thanks alot! Remember you are loved! I was in a place without wifi the horror so had taken a DVD along which just kept starting up every single time I tried to eject. Tried bloody everything but nothing worked until I stumbled over this.

The business card trick worked. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. December 26, April 17, Wacom tablet driver issue. Sony A7 II — first impressions. Man, I just found your blog…. Best regards Leo. I had the same problem, so thanks for the advise, it really worked!

Thanks a lot man! Thanks for your tip, Same problem here, also solved by your tip. Thank you so much!!! Clever trick. This worked perfectly. Worked like a charm with my student ID! I love you! Now — if someone could tell me how to get passed the grey screen…. It worked it finaly worked. Top Tip! Cheers Man. This did the trick…!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I tried your tip on Mac Mini and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you. Please, help? Good job and thanks! Greetings from Mannheim, germany. Does Apple know about the defective Superdrive units? Anyway, this tip worked great, thanks for the tip. Saved my bacon! I was freaking out, tried your solution — it worked perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!

You will have great karma for many, many lives! Finally after about 2 and a half hours my cd is out he drive thanks to this tip. OK, I love the internet. Is my disk drive broken? Is there something I can doto fix it? Thanks for your time. That did the trick. Thanks much! My daughter stuck a mini-cd in the drive and none of the options kicked it out. Been stuck in there for several weeks and just never got around to taking it to the Apple store. Great fix! Thank you thank you thank you! This was driving me nuts, i was planning the long wait at the store! Seems like this is a big problem with the new macbooks.

Thank the freaking lord! Looks like a lot of us have had this problem. You are a genius and thank you for the solution. I used my business card. First time the bloody things have come in useful. Wow, what a great trick! I used a business card, this was the final resort that got my disk out. I used tweezers… cos there was a small part of the CD protruding out…. Great tip, saved me from a trip to the mac store.

You should set it up so we can Digg this…. Life saver! Thanks anyway. It worked for me perfect. On behalf of myself and Ustream. Help… things are worse…. It works!!! Hope this helps someone. Dude, your trick even worked in France!!!! Merci beaucoup! Thanks again man.

More bisous from the UK. Business card did the trick. Brilliant and resourceful! Well done. These instructions are a little more specific and worked for me. Then… I noticed a CD under my monitor. One more saved!!! I tried everything. But this was the only solution for my iMAC! Hey, I have tried doing all the steps to get my Cd out, I put a dvd a freebie from a TG tips about some monkey, but anyway the Cd wont come out. If someone has any ideas because I am freaking, Please help Craig. Thanks a lot, i was about to send it to service centre.

How to Eject CDs or DVDs From Your Mac

I thought the drive was screwed. Mate, You are a genius. Keep up the good work. Holy crap, it worked. Took us a few tries, but… it did. Thank you so so so much!!! You save my day! Cheers Keith. It was the only thing that worked! I have a macbook pro. I tried ALL of your fixes and nothing…. Thanks mate worked perfectly — when nothing else helped…. Cheeeee thank you. Lekker dankie. I was allmost crazy. Your sugestion helped! I never would have thought of that! Thank you Thank you. Christ, you people are morons. Wow… so many people who just want to get the discs out of their drives! I put the disc back in and ejected it again three or four times.

No problems. So here is my theory of why my particular version of the problem happened in the first place. Thanks for the post. A lot of people in a lot of places owe you a beer. Bloody genious! Chris G Champaign, IL. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing though is that my wife is afraid of putting the same CD in. Thank You. Worked for me too.

Stuck disk was a brand new MS Office disk just out of the box. Pause between reboots as the drive must stop spinning. I am now using our external drive with a tray that I use on the Windows machines. LOL… kinda ironic… I was reading your post and I was going to do what you said but with my ID card… Ive been maybe and hour trying to get it out… and suddenly… you magic post lol … it just came out.

Hi, I have tried different things to get my empty dvd out from my iMac. Thank you!!!!!!! But I still doenst boot my machine… is there any succestion. Just used normal A4 Paper, doubled it and stuffed it in their tight!! Had exactly your same problem and solved it exactly like you did. Finally got the damned thing out using a credit card. Apple design. Easy, simple and evident, thank you very much! For information, the stuck dvd was the install dvd for Snow Leopard ;-. Sorry to anyone else having these problems. Good luck getting this fixed!!

I used the twisted credit card trick, it worked perfectly!!! Worked for me and save me a trip to the Apple Store. OMG u are a life saver!! It worked the first time!!