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It took me about a week to complete the career mode in my spare time. During what you would expect to be high-traffic times evenings and weekends , I can get into a race without much issue.

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Any other time of day and it could take more work to get into a race than to beat everyone in it. As with any online game, there are obviously people who have spent the majority of their in-game time online and others who have barely touched it.

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After completing the career mode with five stars, I found that I was dominating most of the online races… but there are always people who will surprise you. Ultimately, this game is pure racing.

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No distracting shift mechanism, no weird steering technique — just drive and enjoy the beautiful graphics. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD for iPad. View Larger Image.

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Normal Race — This is exactly what it sounds like. You have to be first to win. If you want to advance to the next race, you have to finish in the top three positions. Most of the time, the extra bonuses are based on drift points how long you drift during the race , takedowns the number of cars you knock out of the race or money collection a dollar amount related to the money signs collected during the race.

To win this race, you have to takedown the required number of cars before the time runs out. We found a couple strategies that worked well: drifting to fill you adrenaline bar or slamming the opponents into the wall. Once you get good at drifting, adrenaline will become your best friend for these races.

Elimination — A clock counts down the seconds and every time it hits zero the person in last place is kicked from the race.

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline MAC Game Free Download

The more you collect, the less money your opponents will be able to make. You get a few minutes to obtain the pick-up goal.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline Mac App Review & Gameplay

If you think no one will defeat you then race with the multiplayer mode up to six players. You can share your results with your friends or post the result on the board of honor. Incredible HD graphics will please with its saturation, and the mind blowing sounds of the engine will make you scream with delight. The glare of the sun has become visible and the machines are simply drawn perfectly.

The controlling options are steering wheel, an accelerometer and keys, but only if your device has a touch screen.

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You can download Gameloft Asphalt 6 Adrenaline easily from the link provided below and install on any Nokia Symbian, Samsung, LG and Motorola Java mobile phones which supports jar and jad format. Achieve the knock-down goal within the time limit and the crowd will love you. Drift: In a drift race, achieve drift distance objective within the time limit. Make sure to take all your turns wide, and these races should be a breeze. Normal Race: Place in the top three to advance in this classic race scenario.

Remember to use your nitro boosts on straight routes and drift through those ugly turns.

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Its just your car, the pavement, and the rubber you will burn while setting new lap records. Collector: In collector mode, greed is the ultimate strategy. Get the most pick-ups during the time limit to leave the competition penniless. Duel: Since you have only one opponent in a duel, either you place first or you come in last.

Shortcuts will give you the edge you need over your opponent. License: Free.

Excellent racing game for Macs

Device Type: Keypad or Screen touch. Language: English.

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Publisher: Gameloft. Rating: Excellent. Name required.