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By Stephen Started December 12, By Stephen Started September 21, By Stephen Started July 1, There are no registered users currently online. Search In. All Activity Home. Nice review. I love flying this airplane. Cessna Citation Mustang by RWDesigns First impressions are very good and certainly up to the current X-Plane11 high standard, but this aircraft is not in the so called "Ultra" detailed class of deep feel textures and highly almost perfected created fittings, details and many curves have slight points, but it is very good for it's class.

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Another visual aspect is there are also a few marching ants areas worse area is lower rear fuselage , certainly not enough to spoil the simulation, but they do show from certain angles. Tail is very well done, and looks authentic to the aircraft. Undercarriage design is also very good, with a single strut forward and trailing-link main, detail is high, even down to the authentic gear stickers Glass is also very good, with great reflections and curves to the fuselage, window surrounds are not as highly detailed, but fine in context.

The Citation wing is ram-rod straight and quite narrow The leading edges of its wings are swept at only 11 degrees. Pneumatic de-ice boots protect the leading edge.

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You can open the main cabin door by touch externally, and you get a set of metal drop down steps that fold neatly into the main cabin floor, the detail on the steps though are quite basic. Cabin Interior The cabin interior is very modern, even by the last decade's standards, this is the "High Serra" version of the Citation Mustang, that came with the higher quality cabin furnishings and enhanced avionics. The evidence is in here with the dark leather seating in contrast with the lighter corporate greys Seating has really nice and well done folds and creases a la Aerobask to create a realistic feel to the leather but you have to look close, overhead switchable lighting and air vents are also really well done.

There are animated flip out work tables are each side of the four seat club layout, non of the usual wood is used on the tables, as it is replaced by shiny polished more formica laminated material that is more in keeping of this cabin's design, overall this is a very nice modern cabin. Looking forward to the cockpit and you have a nice compartment separator, but no doors.

Instrument panel is dominated by the three display Garmin G avionics system, it is in here a slightly adjusted custom version of the Laminar Research G default package. Most of these we will cover during the rest of the review. Exterior doors include the Main left side door, Left and Right front Baggage compartment doors, Rear left Baggage door and a Emergency Exit right centre cabin window.

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There are no static elements like chocks, flags or engine covers like there was on the Hawker , and the noted GPU is a "Jetgo" 28V is situated under the right engine pod. It is quite simplistic, but works fine in context. Fuel is added to the wings, baggage in Payload is added into the front and rear baggage compartments and there are five adult passengers you can select with their set weights.

There are no actual bags in the cavernous front or rear compartment, but the passengers are very well done and look very, very realistic. The pilot is weighted but not selectable. Checklist is shown like a spiral binder, easy to use and navigate, it can be moved around the screen, but not scaled, so it is quite big in use. Instrument Panel G avionics are the fit-out here, but it is highly customised to suit the Mustang.

Note the lovely "Mustang" startup MFD screen. Nicely created detailed yokes with "Mustang" logos can be hidden per the menu but only together and not individually. The MFD has no surrounding buttons or knobs on the bezels, so you adjust the display via the panel lower centre console arrowed , to use in focus, when you click the display the MFD fills the whole screen with the adjustment panel situated now to the left. G radio button placement changes as well with the pop-out.

The idea is too make a cleaner panel layout to fit the Mustang's fitout, but the Laminar pop-out reverts back to the normal. All Radio and Autopilot AP readouts and data are across the top of the panel. Centre lower panel is the external and internal lighting switches and knobs. Lower console is again a very modern compact design. There are just two levers for throttles, and Flap selector, there are no thrust reverse levers The pitch trim wheel is left and very nicely modeled, lower console is the MFD panel.

On the side of the throttle handle is the speedbrake switch, which notes the extension on the MFD arrowed but to note if you have your speedbrake selected like I do on my Saitek throttles, it doesn't work with the X-Plane key selection? Left and right sidewall panels have circuit breaker panels that don't work. Internal Lighting The cabin's lighting is absolutely terrific Under glareshield lighting is again really well done, and lights up the three backup instruments.

X-Plane 11 Review

Adjustments cover the text and display brightness. Rain Effects The Citation Mustang comes with the Librain effects which work very well download and install the LIbrain plugin into the Mustang's plugin folder if it is missing. You can turn them off if you wish via the menu option. Flying the Mustang As startups go the Mustang is extremely easy. One switch is important on the lower panel and that is on the "Avionics" selection and that is the "STBY INST" switch, if not switched on the standby instruments don't work.

Startup sounds are fine, even good and directional, but certainly not the best in class, they are FMOD, but feel quite limited in their range. You will get the private jet feel, and the cabin is more higher volume wise than the cockpit, they are overall not bad for this category. You will need a bit of a push with the throttles to get the Mustang moving, depending on the weight? Full up at kg, just under MTOW Maximum Takeoff Weight and you really feel a heavy aircraft, and you also currently have to make a decision before takeoff, if range is required nmi at max.

You feel the MTOW weight again at throttle up, as the Mustang is slow on moving, and you will need a firm hand on the tiller to keep it central and tight to the centre line, lose it and you will be waving badly all the way down the runway, so you will need skill here. Many users noted earlier the Mustang felt over powered, after the update it feels like it has now gone slightly the other way. Rate of climb is high at 3, fpm mpm , but I kept around the fpm mark as to not hinder the speed building. I was not particularly thrilled of looking up the empty engine nacelles into a void, and I can't see any particle effects either to hide the blank holes.

With that fpm climb rate you can soon be up to altitude, in my case here 18,ft. Service ceiling is a whopping 41, ft m impressed! I actually however like the layout a lot, but would certainly like the MFD control panel as a separate pop-up panel and not joined to the full screen layout, you miss this flexibility as if you want to do the adjustments from the pilot's seat as you have to have both the MFD and the adjustment panel situated on the rear console in the sole view.

Around knts is a nice approach speed to use before the final descent phase. Lighting is a bit unrefined, the main taxi and landing lighting is built into the belly of the aircraft, so are not very effective, the wing Ice lighting is fine in some view angles but larger in others and shines through the fuselage, the rest Nav, Beacon and Strobe are okayish. Full Flap Land and 94knts is a good final speed, stall is 82knts, but they say the wing is very stable at low speeds Finals and the Citation is very stable, you can place it and control your descent with authority It is just too hard to get to the throttle button to activate the spoilers as your focus is on keeping the aircraft straight on the centre line, no reverse thrust either, so you are dependent on just the friction overcoming the gravity roll.

The Mustang looks nice on the flightline. Liveries There are six liveries Paintkit available with NCM being the launch livery, all are great in quality and detail no HDR however , but you really want a few more. So to expect the full range of features including extreme ultra details and features here is not going to give you a fair estimation of the Mustang, as it simply isn't in that category. However for what you pay you do get an extremely nice Private Jet.

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There are some really nice details here, a lovely cabin with nice looking for a change passengers, great details and a well set up cockpit, the aircraft looks really nice as well, and in areas it excels like with the cabin and cockpit lighting, but over all currently there is a slight uneveness about it all.

More annoying is the fact that the Mustang has all the aspects in the basics to actually be the best of this class, but it overall feels slightly unrefined. The Custom G feels buggy just installing the standard Laminar G fit-out may have been a better idea Missing inner engine detail and empty nacelles are a bit of a head-scratcher at this level, and no particle effects are in there either to hide it, missing chocks and static elements are also a mystery, menus however are simple but very nice to use and are acccessible.

I'm not going there with the STMA updater, handy but seriously annoying. Performance does not seem right either, in power, speed and fuel consumption, there was no way I could even get close to the cruise speed and the fuel ran out mid-flight and it was well within the correct range?

MTOW with fuel and a full load of passengers felt way off as well. Handling is improved from the release version, but still unstable at high speeds of which these Citations are not as they run well under the limits of the straight wing configuration. So how do we sum up this Citation Mustang, in a pragmatic way.

For the price it is excellent, and a great overall design with some great and nice features, lovely to be in and to use and this is a very nice little private jet aircraft Org - free. While you're calling up your inner Sonny Crockett I'll call up my inner Dexter Morgan!

One month ahead and here comes the first update in v1. ERJ Series v1.

And that thankfully this has had a lot of attention in this update. Working in the cockpit was a quite dark affair and the cabin felt dull as well. Now even from the external view the ERJ looks far more well lit The cabin is certainly a more nicer place to be, and not so murky or even dull anymore The only other button that now works on the FA lighting panel is the door button, you still use the red lever to lower the door manually, but press the button now to close it The Legacy private jet variant was the darkest inside with the dark brown outfitting In the cockpit originally you needed the flashlight to start up the aircraft as it was so dull in here.

All lighting off and it is still quite dark, all on and it is now a workable area, again you feel in the daytime like you would still need more The contrast of lighting the between the daylight and nightime is still not really balanced, but it is a major step forward on all the lighting in the aircraft, the external taxi and landing lighting however still needs refinement, but X-Crafts have noted that is on the list.

I didn't think the engine sounds were that bad, as I have heard a lot worse, but anyway most of all the sounds have been redone. Startup sequence is now far more realistic and the process takes a fair while to full idle. First the full set of sounds are now encoded in 5. Another addition that was urged for was the "Landing Call" outs, that has been done with the ft, ft, 50ft, 10ft. So the sounds have had a pretty comprehensive upgrade all round both on the ground and in flight, and yes I like them a lot.

There was no doubt the release version of the ERJ was not totally right performance and handling wise, I had a few routes with the aircraft and in fact really enjoyed it, but if you are looking for some perfection in simulation then it would have needed some more fine tuning. As noted there already has been the modified fuel consumption, but one of the first things you notice is the engine response to throttle inputs are a lot slower, so you have to judge those speeds more in your throttle movements.

Gear down wind sounds are greatly improved, you feel the wind pressure from the cockpit. A lot of attention has been put on to spoilers. Speedbrake automation however will be disabled if the user has the speedbrakes assigned to a joystick axis. Like on takeoff, with the landing rollout you have watch that extra less friction gear lightness, it will catch you out And finally there has been a magnitude of small fixes and adjustments which are all listed in the v1. A great updated that covers a lot of ground and fixes a lot of areas, including a big update to the internal lighting and sounds to 5.

Or you could say that this is what the release version should have been in the first place? But that is X-Plane today, in release and fix later, more than have the aircraft almost gold standard before releasing, either way it is a great update. The update log is quite comprehensive, so it makes this ERJ now quite a capable simulation, and no doubt is that this aircraft series is hugely popular with the X-Plane community and you can see easily why.

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If you want to nitpick then there is still a few areas that need another update or so, and the developers note that, but in this current state this ERJ is now already very comprehensive and well done. A final note in that you have to adjust to a point to the aircraft and not expect it to come to you, so time on the ERJ and you have plenty of choice with the full series will pay off the more you fly it and practice it's slightly quirky behaviour, but that is all too the good.

It literally takes 3 clicks of a button! Although I am limited by the XP rendering capabilities and your hardware, I tried to make it look and perform as good as I could EXTERIOR 4K High resolution textures more important is the resolution of the actual fuselage which is pixels per on meter squared Highly detailed landing gears, Flaps, lights, gauges, antennas Main and service doors can also be opened by clicking on the levers. INTERIOR: You'll find that there is an amazing level of detail, for example dust particles on the screens visible when light shines on them, finger prints on buttons, and if you zoom in really close to the screens you will even see individual pixels on the actual screens.

I tried to make sure that the cockpit looks realistically worn out and used as it would based on how much these jets are used! The FMS also has a 2D pop up window mode that stays on the screen and you can move it around, so you can simply choose which one you want to be using based on your preference. They all cast light on the surroundings. Audible Alert System Awesome 3D sounds, many of which have been recorded on the real jets! There are dozens of other liveries available on the forums. Everything from different knob sounds, door sounds to realistic engine sounds.

Many of the sounds have been recorder on the real jets which makes the experience extra immersive! Requirements X-Plane You just are. And that is surprisingly in the case that the actual scenery chosen doesn't have all the features and dynamics that it really should have. More interesting is the fact that JustSim's version of LEBL - Barcelona although good out of the box, still had a lot of areas that I would usually rally hard against as not being up to standard, truth be told then LEBL should not have even come close to being listed on my main usage list, but I was willing why to use it despite these in some cases high limitations, so there must be something good going on here, and when this new upgraded XP11 version popped up I was really quite excited and hoped that many of the earlier areas of missed features and dynamics had been rectified.

I noted at the time "you get the feeling the scenery has been released quickly and before it is finished" as the Christmas holiday season was the point of the original release. JustSim note the terminal has been remodelled here, I think it has had improvements, but more to the finishing off stage than any major structure changes, the only physical change as I can see is on Ramp R, the covered walkways have been removed and the stands have been rearranged, the ground signage in front of R is now different as well, your old WT3 parking is now out of alignment as well with the new layout.

When you arrived at your assigned gate originally it was simply not a great experience, it was then very bland, empty and inactive below. The XP11 version has fixed pretty well everything in this aspect I particularly like the variations of different ground equipment, like all the neoplans buses that are different. There are animations now also present as well, it is noted as still a WIP, but there is enough animated vehicle activity to satisfy into bringing in some movements into the work areas.

This is the older Marginal version and not the more recent SAM plugin, and for some reason JustSim is not embracing the SAM system over the Marginal version, weird because JustSim usually use the latest ideas and features with their sceneries One of the biggest LEBL drawbacks has thankfully now been fixed as it was very odd boring with those fixed old fashioned airbridges. The feature is very well intergrated into the terminal as well with a similar design and the correct see through glass.

Even if they are the older system, these VDGS airbridges are very nice, but some of the pole navigation electronic displays are a little tall, I had to crouch down low in the MD88 to see the display. Using it is more difficult than playing any flight game, and also more rewarding. No system requirements: While most programs post their minimum and recommended system requirements, this one does not, giving at first the impression that it may run on just about any Mac.

Large disk space requirement: The demo program alone requires close to 5GB of free space. Judging from our experiences, the download servers are annoyingly slow, so that it took us many hours to grab the demo. The add-ons, including additional planes and design tools, are stored by third-party servers and can usually be downloaded faster.

Joystick needed: You must have your own joystick and rudder installed prior to running the program. Steep learning curve: Even seasoned users will be challenged by this flight simulator.

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Because X-Plane for Mac requires a powerful machine, a joystick and rudder, and many hours of intense concentration, it appeals only to aspiring pilots or flight enthusiasts. Those of you who have the skill and patience to learn it, however, will discover a wonderful flight simulator -- probably the most realistic one available for Mac. Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of X-Plane for Mac