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Tap the Input icon to bring up the remote keyboard, which lets you easily add symbols and use arrows and shortcuts like the Command key from your iOS device. You can also use Remote Control for Mac to schedule certain system-level tasks to occur. Need to restart your computer to install an update?

How to mirror iPhone display To MacBook iOS 12 & MacOS Mojave

With that Touchbar making simple tasks like adjusting volume or brightness a bit more complicated, Remote Control gives you access to all those controls in the System tab of the app. The A.


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How to use an iPhone or iPad as a remote control for your Mac

That way, even when you're not actually in front of your Mac, you can see if a download has completed or to open or quit an app, for example. Well, you can indeed do this from your iPad or iPhone. This performs most quickly over your local network, but can also be used in conjunction with apps such as TeamViewer to keep you connected to your Mac even when you leave the building. Read more: iPad Pro 11 review.

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Being able to see your Mac's screen and control the computer from your iOS device gives you more capabilities than if you were to simply connect to it as a networked drive. VNC is a great way to use computers that are elsewhere in your home or office without having to be physically present. On your Mac, open System Prefs and click Sharing. Tick next Screen Sharing. Click that item, then click Computer Settings.

In the pane that opens, tick 'VNC viewers may control screen with password', then click in the adjacent box and enter a password. This ensures nobody else can control your Mac. If you plan to give this password to someone else, make sure it's different to the one you use to log in to your user account. You should see your Mac appear, using the name that's set at the top of its Sharing preferences pane — make sure it's the one with the VNC icon.

How to turn your iPhone into a keyboard and mouse

Move down to username and password, which are necessary to connect to the Mac. Tap Save. You will return to the main screen. The app will connect over your Wi-Fi network and give you remote control of the Mac.

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You can spread two fingers apart on the iPad screen to zoom into the Mac desktop, and pinch them together to zoom out. Tapping the iPad's screen moves the Mac's pointer to wherever you tapped. Tapping items on the screen has the same effect as clicking on them with a mouse or trackpad. There's a fullscreen mode icon at the top-left corner.