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The first Family Tree Maker edition under our own steam is here! FTM brings home a year of work on a state-of-the-art syncing technology built together with Ancestry, plus integration with FamilySearch, color coding, a photo repair tool and much more! Helpful hints — just click the green-leaf or blue icons. I asked Mackiev customer service whether or not I need to repurchase the Mac version. Of course, this requires payment at the upgrade price. I sent one final eMail asking for clarification and more specifically if this situation changing platforms from Windows to Mac or vice versa is excluded from the free upgrade offer.

Simple answer is no, you would only be eligible if you have the FTM version of your old Win platform.

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A Mac version is entirely different and from what I read, not as good as the Win version. You will pay for your Mac version because it is a completely different program. I cannot recommend any particular software but do some google searching before you invest in a new software program. Anyone know why and what is going on with them? One of them emailed MacKiev with no reply since almost 2 weeks. I agree absolutely with what Kev has decided to do. The lack of updates is the main problem for me as it gives the impression that the software has been put aside somewhat.

The promise of a free update has not materialized so this has made the decision for me. About a month ago, I posted that you cannot trust this MacKieve software company. A month has gone by and anxious people are waiting for their updates, which have not materialized. Also, notice the absence of the moderator to inform people what is going on. The bottom line is to get an another genealogical software and just forget about FTM.

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However, there are other manufactures of other software that might be suitable for your purposes. Forget about FTM as, at this point, it is ancient history. As they said above; updates a programmed into the old Ancestry Family Tree Maker to be delivered from a specific website. Ancestry need to transfer over the website to Software Mackiev before Software Mackiev can upload it to that website to make the download link live. They cant change the download link in the updater before they give you the update! That takes time to transfer from provider and then re-update the website.

Be patient! I would like to use FTM 3 again but am concerned that all the photos and documents I have posted on Ancestry. Should I have any concerns about syncing the two? I was going to get a new FTM 3. It was supposed to be released way back a month ago and here it is April 1.

One of my smaller trees at Ancestry synced with no problem but a larger one was taking too much time. I was also able to find downloads for both Windows and Mac on the MacKiev website so I think you may need to update your browser or use a different one.

I have no stake in this at all other than what I know about purchasing it! You can update your present Mac version, as you said. Mary, here are some reviews on the Mac version and I would think twice before investing in it or you could do a download copy of the product. Of course, it is up to you to decide what you want to do.

If you already have a previous version, then you can do an update as R H says. Here is the web-site for FTM 3. Exactly where is the free Mackiev 3. I looked all over and did not find it. The free updates to the new FTM When I did that on March 16, I got a reply that included:. FREE updates are coming soon. Since you have signed up for our mailing list, we will send you an email to let you know as soon as they are available.

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  • I have been on the mailing list at MacKiev since March 2nd. They do not reply to my messages. They need to update their site and send an update to Ancestry. Like Ancestry….. Still waiting for the upgrade to my FTM version………….

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    • You stated it would be in March — It is now April….. Can you tell us when????????????????????????????? I received another response. April 3rd response: Hang in there!

      Family Tree Maker for Mac 2

      FREE updates are coming. We will send you an email to let you know as soon as they are available. We still have fixes to make on it based on what those who have purchased it as upgrades have told us. Rosanne: Older versions of FTM are eligible for discounted upgrade to the new version. This is independent of whether or not you have a current subscription to the Ancestry web-site. Does family tree marker work best with ancestry. Thanks for your reply in advance. We all have our own preference of software so I suggest you download free trial versions of each from their websites and just try them out to see which is best for you.

      I decided years ago to keep my family tree on MY computer where I have control of it. Sorry this rambled on a bit, good luck with your tree, and have fun! I am still using Win 7 and FTM Will the new upgrade work?

      Family Tree Maker User: Family Tree Maker - GETTING TECHNICAL SUPPORT

      I have been having trouble with my FTM ever since Ancestry stopped supporting it. There are still a lot of Win 7 users out there. I could upgrade to FTM but not Win The version number will be displayed. Users of Family Tree Maker and Mac 3: Free updates will be available through the built-in update mechanism in the Mac and Windows editions. March 2, at pm. I want to join the mailing list and receive the updated family tree maker free upgrade. I have Mac3 FTM.

      When I go to updates, it says I have the current version. I have the Mac 3 version. When I check for an update it says I have the latest version. March 3, at am. I have Windows and get the same message as Luther Strasburg. March 3, at pm. I cannot get my FamilyTreeMaker to open, so now what can I do to get the update. I would like to know if I am going to get a free copy? March 4, at am. March 4, at pm. March 5, at am. March 5, at pm. March 6, at pm. March 7, at am. On a positive note, my ghost hints have finally disappeared!!! Whatever caused that, YEA! March 7, at pm. March 8, at am. March 8, at pm.

      March 9, at am. March 9, at pm. March 10, at am. March 13, at am. March 13, at pm. March 14, at am. Thank you Fred Schenker. March 14, at pm.