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I got this same setup and when I have the raid card plugged in to the backplane…it will not see the drives connected to it…. I installed everything just the way the article is written…. Thanks in advance.

SATA Interface: What It Is and Which Macs Use It

If this is PCIe 2. I need help and not sure where to go for it. I purchased a new wifi card for my Mac Pro 5,1 12 core 3. I got it off eBay I can give you more specific info if your willing to assist. I will pass on this. PCIe is backward compatible by design. So if you stick a 8x card in a 4x slot, it will run with 4x.

Since we purchased quite a lot from this vendor, the GM exchanged the device for another card, while he continued to fight with these people. At one point, we were almost tempted to drive miles up the road and knock on their door just to show we were serious. Since that time, we have avoided Highpoint at any cost. We suggest that prospective buyers first reach out to these people asking them simply what their procedures are for submitting an RMA including all steps, time frames, etc.

Newer Technology on the other hand, was the exact opposite, for pre-sales feedback as well as after-sales support. Customer service and support has been excellent. Is there any other card? Hi, Shawn.

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Feel free to contact our customer support team if you have any other questions! In order to do that, I wanted to buy four drives of 4TB each and probably raid 10 them. Is it worth doing that? If so, would the raid card discussed in that article help me achieve that? Or am I just wasting time and money with that machine? I would recommend contacting our Technical Support Team so we can further assist you.

Hi, I am currently running OS X Or is it a requirement that the bootable drive be attached to an extra SATA 2. Oh and BTW, do you guys ship to Australia? If you have any further questions please contact our Technical Support Team! If you have any further questions, please contact our Technical Support Team! Also, take note about the fact that you cannot boot from drives connected to this controller. If you need details about my set up, let me know. It would be great if you could post a shopping list for parts, particularly the connector cables and mounts between the motherboard and drive bays.

What I have done on my MacPro 3. You can either use the power feeds from the DVD bay, or power them externally. I did this in the summer of and there may be better solutions available now. I also did most of my shopping at OWC www. Obviously, you will need the MAXPower card.

Install SSD Disk on Mac Pro Early end 2009

There are probably other better choices available, but this is the one OWC promotes. The one I found is sold by MaxUpgrades www. In order to be able to boot up on an internal hard drive you cannot directly boot up from any drive connected to the MAXPower card , you will need to have your boot drive use one of the SATA connectors for the DVD drive i. Again, there are many out there, but I bought the OWC one.

OWC Multi-Mount: 3. Install any 3. Since I wanted to be able to boot off an SSD drive but still also boot off of a regular 3. The 3. OWC 2. Securely and easily install a 2. I already had the 2. OWC Multi-Mount: 2. Install one 3. Charles, this is fantastic! Thanks for the super-detailed explanation and product links, will save me days of work trying to figure it all out and find the pieces.

I was unable to install 2 controllers in my Mac Pro 1,1. The Mac would not boot up and get stuck on a blue screen. Both drivers have been installed. However, they work when installed alone. What seems to be the problem? We are sorry to hear about your troubles installing 2 controllers. This appears to be a problem with the web utility. I would recommend installing this updated driver. If you are still experiencing this issue after the new driver installation, please contact us.

I was able to get this setup installed as described. All seems fine except that testing with the Blackmagic drive speed test indicated no speed increase same results before and after. These drives are SATA3 drives. Any thoughts on why there is no speed increase? Depending on what RAID you are using will determine the speed change if any. We would love to help you further with this. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions. So do I understand correctly that the drive itself in independent mode is the limiting factor?

Thanks for the reply. That is correct. To achieve max speeds, use SSDs and be sure to place your card on a 2. Good luck. One last question. Got it all running and using some SSDs. Speed is there! Question is — for the SSDs is trim support enabled by this card? Please advise. You will need to research the Apple OS documentation.

I use 2 Raid arrays to avoid potential slowdowns; one for reading files and another for writing them. Once a projected is done and backed up on regular drives, I can then erase the entire array used for writing and start a new project with a clean slate. Let us know what your learn. I have done a bunch of things in these units but not new connections.

Anything you have would be helpful. There are many different options depending on what type of work you are doing. Please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to further assist you. Will I be able to use Boot Camp with this setup? However this solution is not available for the models. You can get one separate internal miniSAS and one ext. You can then power your disk externally or take out the DVD drives to use that power.

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You can also use that space to house extra drives. Any of you folks tried this board on a Windows 7 64 bit PC? Just wondering if this board will allow my currently throttled SSD to sing and give me the option later to add lots more SSDs to allow it to really sing. You pop a few screws on the underside, disconnect the battery optional, but sensible , and then remove the drive interface cable and a few mounting and locking screws. No biggie, right?

But the minute I popped the new 1TB drive into the laptop and restarted, things went haywire. Sometimes, not right away; others times, immediately at boot. If it were a drive controller or cable problem, we should have seen this happen before, or at least after I returned the original drive into its slot. I tried with three drives from two manufacturers, and only her Apple-supplied drive would work.

I tweeted about this frustration on my latest failure, and my friend Alanna asked: are you sure this laptop model can accept a 1TB drive? I was sure! Or so I thought. First, the card is not bootable, so a valid boot drive would need to be setup in the optical bay.

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I installed one in my Mac Pro 1. Should work on the MP 5. The card comes with two mini SAS connectors: one internal and one external. You do not have to connect it to the existing drive bays in the Mac Pro to it. The additional Sata connector below the fan assembly can take a boot drive.

I removed the CD drive and found plenty of room there to stash additional drives. By removing the CD drive you will also have 2 additional Molex power connectors. I power the external drives with an external power source. Hope this helps. I recently purchased this for my Mac Pro MacPro5,1 because I saw that it was compatible with this computer. But as I went to install it, I realized that I still needed some kind of cable. Coming back to this article and reading the other comments, I realized that the Mac Pro would need a special cable that you have not yet made back in February It is now July Has the necessary cable been made?

Is it even possible if the SATA connectors are directly on the motherboard? If not, then I may have to just do what the reply from Carlo Tanne states and that is to simply give up trying to connect the internal drive bays to this card and just find other work arounds to use the internal SAS port. I have a mac pro early 3. This configuration is on x16 PCIe slot and the rest are x4. My graphics cards needs the x If the answer is in the x4, how will that effect performance? Aslo I had a few questions. Will this help? Does the storage size have any effect on performance? Lastly, does OWC plan on releasing a new model with boot capabilities in a few months rendering this one inferior?

Hi guys, Tonite I finished to install the Max Power in my I was dreaming with a bigger number. I though Max Power would give me more speed than the Esata.. My last reading before Power max instalation was Mbs.

Which SATA Interface Do Macs Use?

Software Raid from Disk Utility. So for this last one, How is going to decrease the performance if I move out to a X4 Slot? Plenty fast for ProRes Good luck :. Hi guys from owc, I have a 3,1, so here the questions: First : do you have some illustrated photo instructions on how to modify the mac and install the raid card with the sas cable? At least a picture where to locate the sas connection in the logic board and to put the cable?

Third: some people says SSDS are not quite good for build a raid, due to the decreasing performance to handle video for long period of playback. And HDs still are best for this. Do you have knowledge on this matter? Best regards and thanks for this wonderful solution. Ok but is it possible to get this little help pointing the spot where the mini sas connector most be hook up in the logical board? I sent an email , asking for a comment about a situation in wich the RAID 5 configuration with the Power Max crashed the machine when I performed an Aja test as well a Blackmagic test Speed in the read stage….

The SATA story

My Computer: MAc pro 3,1 2x 2. If you contacted our tech support staff , you should be hearing from them soon. I am currently getting about mbps read and write with a sata ii controller. We tested it out here and got an average of around However, for sake of measurement, we also tried it in a MacPro5,1 and got read speeds of Thank you Chris! Thanks for test of the MaxPower Raid and results. I will save my nickels and purchase it as soon as I can. This will make it feel like I have a PCIe 2. I have placed an order for your MiniSata, Raid Card.

I am looking forward to putting it to work in my MacPro 1. I have SMC 1. I currently have 16 GB total. Any clues as to why my machine is not able to read the 4GB memory sticks? Thanks again, and happy holidays. Hi Chris, in October you said there was no solution for using this in a MacPro 4,1 early yet. I really want to use something to upgrade the internal drive controllers of my workstation. Great News The rocket raid 6g cards are now natively supported in Mountain Lion. It looks like the company is so happy that they achieved this, it is the first thing you see on their home page.

The company claims that there cards are bootable out of the box, as their drivers have been included in the new version of osx M.. Did you give one of the cards a test? I have 4 drives in Raid 0. I also keep 4 ssds in the internal slots. The 1e1i has 2 connectors. Further to my previous question about bootability, I found that rob-ART had already checked this:. He concludes however that striping two drives for a boot volume does not give a great speed increase. A single SSD booted the system in 17 secs and ther was just a second or so if I booted from the stripe.

I am wondering what alternatives there if one would want to be able to boot from the drives? Are there any at all? While the card itself could certainly handle it, the issue with the units is getting the correct cabling. In the models the drive connections are separated and we do have the correct cabling to complete that connection.

In the models Apple moved to an integrated backplane and we currently do not carry the correct cabling to connect the hard drive bays to the card.

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  5. I also have a single internal drive as not part of the RAID set. If the 3 Hitachi drives are set up as a RAID 0 stripe using Disk Utility, you should be able to install the card and the mini-SAS extender cable and the drives would still show up as is. Your boot drive would need to be connected to something other than the 4 drive bays. What kind of, non SSD, disks would you recommend using? Any of the 3. We have been impressed with the 3TB Hitachi…. Grant thanks for the swift response. Talking about RAID is akin to politics and religion…. This topic is quite timely considering some thoughts Ive been having lately… I have a MacPro 3.

    I run ProTools 9 for audio recording, an Apogee Duet as the audio interface on the firewire buss and an application called BFD for programming drums, as well as numerous other native plugins for EQ, compression, reverb and the like. Strangely I do find that the MacPro does struggle at times with what appears to be processor load at least thats what the CPU meter in ProTools shows when Im running even a fairly light session say 8 audio tracks with a couple of plugins and an instance of BFD and have been thinking lately that when the next MacPro comes out Ill bite the bullet and upgrade..

    To the point where I can run 3 or 4 virtual machines as well as my usual OSX tasks and it doesnt seem to break a sweat.. Sorry for it being a bit long winded.. Unfortunately, this not the best place to try and spec out individual machines. That said, adding more RAM and faster drives esp.

    Getting to the MacPro (Early 2008) Sata Ports

    SSDs do generally tend to improve performance. Fortunately, many of our sales staff interact with audio professionals on a daily basis and are quite familiar with the specific demands that various audio systems require, so a quick call to one of our phone reps should be able to help you make a decision. To really take advantage of the card, you would need some SATA 3. Great stuff!

    I found the info via the netkas website.