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Stop motion provides an appealing and simple method that any video editor could blend it into their videos regardless of what type of videos they are making. What is the best stop motion software on the market? Find out below from free ones such as qStopMotion to the ones used by the experts like Dragonframe. The stop-motion techniques used for producing animation will be dependent on your purpose and level of skill.

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If you are a stop-motion newbie or simply want to add a clip of stop-motion to your video project, the best way is to take a number of individual images at specific intervals. After that, import the images into one file in a photo slide maker or video editing software.

Free 2D Animation Programs for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Similar to a regular video clip, edit the stop motion. Note: Rather than shooting every image in real time, in stop-motion photography, you take a single photo, then the subject is moved and another shot is taken, then moving the subject again etc. Movavi Video Editor is the best software for this kind of video editing.

Produce professional-looking movies and slideshows on your PC with this all-inclusive video making software, even if you are a newbie. Besides the video making tool in Movavi Video Editor, which includes a really handy Slideshow Wizard mode that lets you load a full folder of photos and efficiently produce a stop-motion video from many images. You have the option to add background music from the royalty-free music included or add music of your own.

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Learn more in the step-by-step video tutorial below on ways to use Movavi Video Editor to create a Stop Motion video:. Special stop-motion software is vital if you would like to create a full professional stop motion movie similar to King Kong. You will find a list below of the best stop-motion software available. Stop Motion Pro Eclipse was made for expert and beginner animators and is ideal for those who want to make an animation with the best available tools.

This program is full of features and includes high-resolution stop motion, which allows you to get the animation right, and there is a short learning curve and no overwhelming tech stuff. Quickly linked to your webcam or camera, it is possible to use Stop Motion Pro to record and paste pictures and show captivating stories via your animated figures. Utilize markers to track and plan the movement of your characters. The tool plays as fast as 30 fps and lets you record audio while the animation is playing back.

Also included is lip-sync support. Dozens of cameras are compatible with the software and it includes tools for advanced project management that come in handy for managing animation projects that are long-term. One of the leading frame-grabbing software is Dragonframe, which is ideal for stop motion animation as well as time-lapse photography.

Dragonframe is a great frame-grabber that includes tools like step-to-live, auto-toggling, drawing with a virtual grease pencil and onion skinning.


Dragonframe has created innovations in stop-motion software by pushing the performance beyond frame grabbing to offer a complete range of production features. If you are working on a commercial with a small crew, an independent filmmaker editing your project in your garage, or a big studio creating a feature film, Dragonframe possesses all the tools you require to produce spectacular stop-motion animation. If you want to create stop-motion animated movies, qStopMotion is an ideal free platform.

Once you have your perfect idea and storyline, qStopMotion will help you create an ideal stop-motion animation movie. The newest version of qStopMotion has a number of improvements, which include a negative grabber and a superior camera control system etc. These tools help you to create stop motions from pictures imported from your computer or straight from your camera.

iStopMotion for Mac

They can then be exported in animation style to a variety of video formats. The amazing thing about qStopMotion is that it has combined all the features and tool that will minimize your reliance on outside tools since it has changed them all with Qt features. This is a perfect solution for experienced animators who want to record animation directly to their computer without having to rely on film, and the Bonix software is even more useful due to the cool and very useful features, which include:. You have the choice to edit a recorded frame with outside software like Photoshop.

You also have control of your camera with iStopMotion, including the picture color balance, focus as well as hue and saturation. Produce animation quickly and easily using the photo and video tool Stop Motion Studio. Canon ZR40 video camera.

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    Would be good if it didn't crash every five minutes.. Burn it to the digital metaphorical ground and erase all memory of its existence. Okay, but in all seriousness, this program needs a severe overhaul. The program itself is easy, simple, and the various functions put into the program, such as the ability to layer the camera's view and the previous image you took. It should, by all logical means, make the creation of stop-motion animation videos easier. This is where the trouble starts.

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    It does not. It is plagued by bad optimization, glitches, incompatibility, frequent crashes, and abrupt erasing of entire sections of video this last one is particularly irritating. The problem is not unique to me, as one might think. Just about every single person i know who has used this program has enjoyed it's good functions but has ended up loathing it with a fiery passion, as i have, because it doesn't work. This program does not fully complete its function. Pros: Design. Cons: Compatibility. Functionality More. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more.

    It takes no configuration from your part, just press the little camera button to take shots and make sure View full description. Softonic review FramebyFrame is a basic application to create stopmotion with your webcam. VLC media player Simply the best multi-format media player. Soundflower Allow different applications to access your soundcard. Audacity Comprehensive audio recorder and editing suite. Adobe Flash Player Essential web browser plugin for multimedia content.

    Download FrameByFrame 1. Free Download for Mac. User reviews about FrameByFrame. Can't save More reviewed onJanuary 9,