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Key Features Access your shortcuts and applications from an animated dock Add as many docks as you wish Drag and drop application launching Robust dock customization options. Access Multiple docks Create as many docks as you wish to organize your shortcuts and applications into logical groups. Tabbed docks Categorize your desktop items even further with tabbed docks for your programs, documents, links and other items.

Drag and drop application launching Drag a text file, for example, to your docked word processing application to quickly open the file right from your dock. Customize Size, position and number of icons DeskScapes capabilities give you the option to have different wallpaper on each of your monitors or stretch video and static wallpapers over multiple monitors. Special effects Personalize your docks with unique animated effects that occur when you mouse-over docked items.

No control panel was provided by Apple to access this functionality, but third-party developers quickly wrote applications that allowed users unfamiliar with AppleScript to customize their application palettes.

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Third party taskbars such as DragThing were a popular category of shareware on these systems. The scripts available often had issues. The macOS Dock is application-oriented instead of window-oriented.

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Each running application is represented by one icon in the Dock regardless of how many windows it has on screen. A textual menu can be opened by right-clicking on the dock icon that gives access to an application's windows. Mac OS X Minimized windows also appear in the dock, in the rightmost section, represented by a real-time graphical thumbnail of the window's contents.

The trash can is also represented in the Dock, as a universal metaphor for deletion.

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For example, dragging selected text to the trash should remove the text from the document and create a clipping file in the trash. The right side of macOS's Menu bar also typically contains several notification widgets and quick access functions, called Menu extras. GNOME 2 used its own type of taskbar, known as panels the program responsible for them is therefore called gnome-panel. The top panel usually contains navigation menus labeled Applications , Places , and System in that order. These menus hold links to common applications, areas of the file system, and system preferences and administration utilities, respectively.

The top panel usually contains a clock and notification area, while the bottom panel contains buttons for navigating between virtual desktops , the window list proper, and a button which minimizes all windows similarly to Windows' Show desktop button. The contents of panels are handled by widgets called panel applets, which can consist of application shortcuts, search tools, or other tools.

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The contents of the panels can be moved, removed, or configured in other ways. GNOME Shell does not contain a traditional taskbar; users can manage windows, virtual desktops, and launch applications from either a "Dash" on the side of the screen, or by searching from Activities Overview, which is displayed by clicking on the Activities button. GNOME 3. These desktop environments provide their own implementation of a taskbar:.

Standalone window managers that provide an integrated taskbar include:. Programs that offer standalone taskbars for desktop environments or window managers without one include Avant Window Navigator , pypanel, fbpanel, perlpanel, tint2, and others.

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