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Instead, this laser focus on traditional design and its release timing has allowed Apple to focus on pure power — to a point. Apple has been rightly praised for its computer, phone and laptop displays with its Retina and now True Tone technology, but Microsoft has largely closed the gap in recent years with its PixelSense displays that are focused on resolution, color and touch response.

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The Both displays are rated for nits of brightness. The MacBook Pro screen supports wider color profiles and adaptive tone technology where the Surface Book 2 is sharper and is detachable with touch support. Which screen you go with entirely depends on your needs as a creator professional or otherwise.

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Performance and price. That starting price gets you a 2. Finally, the offering of four Thunderbolt 3 ports remains unchanged, not to mention the 10 hours of claimed battery life. Here, only the storage is further upgradeable — up to 1TB.

Apple's MacBook Air vs. Microsoft's Surface Laptop 2

On paper, the MacBook Pro clearly beats the Surface Book 2 in several key areas, namely more processor power, faster and more memory and higher SSD capacity as well as Thunderbolt 3 connectivity speeds. However, the Surface Book 2 has arguably stronger graphics with 6GB of video memory and far longer battery life when in laptop orientation. The inch MacBook Pro remains unchanged in its resolution and size, so 2, x 1, at ppi compared to the At that point, and with both displays rated for nits of brightness, your decision comes down to your priorities.

Will you go for more sharpness, size and versatility with the Surface Book 2, or will the stronger color reproduction and adaptive tone tech in a smaller, more pixel-light display tempt you into buying the MacBook Pro ? This nets you a 2. As for graphics, the MacBook Pro comes with integrated Intel Iris Plus on the processor — there are no discrete graphics options for this model. Meanwhile, the four Thunderbolt 3 ports return, as does the claim of 10 hours of battery life.

Does that extra. It might to you, but it doesn't to me. So I'll call it a tie. The Macbook Air has a physical keyboard, and a good one despite its small size. The Surface Pro 2 doesn't.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 6 is the best laptop replacement — no ifs, ands, or buts

You can buy a inch Macbook Air for that total price. So the Macbook Air wins here. Windows 8. However, the vast majority of those applications are written for the desktop, not the Windows 8. So many of those applications aren't particularly useful on the Surface Pro 2.

As for the Windows 8. So even though Windows beats Mac OS X when it comes to total number of available applications, the Macbook Air wins because it has more useful apps -- those that can be used with a keyboard. Here the Surface Pro 2 wins. Its higher-resolution screen really shines when watching movies and videos.

Microsoft's latest Surface Laptop 2 runs past the updated MacBook Air

And its stereo speakers are truly spectacular. Mac OS X is simple and elegant and perfectly matches the device on which it rides. Half touch-based, half traditional operating system, it's an uneasy compromise. Even though the latest Windows 8. Is a touchscreen important to you? Then clearly you want the Surface Pro 2, because the Macbook Air doesn't have one. So which is better? It's got more storage, a superior operating system, and a keyboard, and so is a better all-around machine.

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