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These upgrade discs work with a wider range of Power Macs, but they require an existing Panther install to be present on the system before use. Apple never sold a Full Installer for Tiger that was Intel-compatible. This makes sense — until you need to reinstall Tiger on an Intel-based Mac. Most systems require their own discs, again hit-or-miss will apply.

I have had luck using the Apple did make CD copies of the Tiger installer available on a trade-in basis for a short time, but these are now very hard to find. He then restored this image across the network onto a small hard disk partition on the target Mac, selected this Installer Partition as the startup disk, and rebooted. The speed differences were so noticeable, it was astounding!

This is a clever solution. Restoring to an external FireWire drive would also work, from which you could boot up and install. Once Tiger is installed onto the Mac, boot off the hard drive and then use Software Update under the Apple Menu or the Apple Software Downloads page to grab the remaining updates to get your system as current as possible. The last release is Typically I just get everything available.

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As usual, all the extras need to be unticked before attempting to install. I have myself verified the upload from fogWraith. May be that's why he has uploaded it. I have also the Unless it is really requested Do you have this already on your page? Depending on the size of the DMG, No need to "burn" an expensive dual-layer disc.

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When restoring the disc image use the image you "mounted" and not the DMG file itself just seems to work better and not fail the "checksum" part of the restore. It will take quite a while but if it completes it successfully you should be ready to rock. Which includes vintage Macs from G3's, G4's and G5s.

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After a lot of kernel panics trying to run the installer Went ahead and burned it, then it worked!! Succesfully installed Tiger now.. Are you sure your target computer can read and boot burnt DL discs?

System Requirements

Not all Apple computers can. Most G4 Powerbooks cannot. The others OSs work perfectly fine. Except that is Ctrl-Click instead of Command-Click Good luck! Thanks for the reply. I am not exactly sure what was up but I just went for the CD install and it worked perfectly. Now I have Tiger on my clamshell iBook! Download the. Check to make sure the.

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Double click to unzip. Resulting file should be 2,,, bytes. Right click or option click on the.

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  6. Select "Burn Disk Image Tiger Choose "Image File" of the three options. Click select and choose the. Do not double click the. Insert DVD-R blank. Click the red Copy button. In Mac Help: To burn a disc image. How are you extracting from. You must use Apple's built in compress utility.

    What happened?

    If you've set up a third party app as the default unzip app you'll have to change back to Apple's built in utility. I have seen to run into an issue though. I download it, extract it from zip, and then burn in disk utility. When inserting into my iBook, the optical drive never even spins long enough to tell me it is bootable or that a disc is inserted, it just ejects.

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    The optical drive plays normal DVDs just fine though. You MUST burn physical copies of the disk images. You can't just copy the. Double click once in OSX to unzip. Do not use third party utilities. In older versions of Disk Utility drag the. Click once on it to select. Insert blank CDR. Click the BURN button. Disk Utility the new one says that both sets of images aren't bootable.

    And I've tried the discs on my iMac G3 and it doesn't restart. Any help would be appreciated! It's a I did get it running again; there was some sort of power problem that I still don't understand but was able to fix appeared to be some sort of contact short. Same result with Tiger. I'll try what you said! Firewire must be built in. If you get the machine running again I would start with an earlier OSX ie I would not run Tiger on anything less than a MHz machine. I just replace the entire motherboard. I have no idea why all of a sudden the power stopped working, I was just using it last night.

    I edited my last msg so hope your getting all this Sounds like maybe you need a pram battery, pram reset, or pmu reset. My Mirror Door G4 runs without any battery, has no clock set on powerup, whereas a weak low voltage battery might choke the system. Your G3 may or may not require a charged battery Very frustrating. Another nagging possibility is the various disc "drivers" were dropped from the disc image, I haven't checked the download. I would use OSX Terminal with the disc mounted then type "diskutil list". My computer G4 can install from discs missing the driver set, but your G3 is so much older that maybe yours needs these drivers.

    I wouldn't use driverless discs anyway on my G4 because it could let the OS appear to run but have minor detail misbehaviours due to missing disc drivers when installed. It happens a lot that people share copies not containing the driver partitions. I'm not sure how. Check for them. That is all correct. I do have a hub and an extension due to logistics on my tower. I'll try with those things directly plugged in and see if that changes anything.

    Yeah, it works on OS9 and I just want to have x as a supplement. The apple logo grey on white means booting has successfully left the firmware mode and the media bootloader has begun.