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Mac mini 2009 Data Doubler 2nd Hard Drive/SSD Installation Video

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Processor upgrades. What's New? Shopping Cart. Sign in. My Account. Contact Us. As with any benchmark, scores can vary a bit from run to run. The BlackMagic benchmark uses incompressible data which limits SandForce SSD write speeds to much less than would be seen with compressible data.

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The majority of my actual use will be compressible files, but regardless I have no complaints. Sandforce's compression also means lower write amplification. Unless I've missed a setting for that.

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Especially as a no-cost swap. If you have a Time Machine backup, you can also select to restore from that as well. Their article on installing OS X on an external drive was changed to one on selecting a startup disk. The only thing I did differently was on step 11 removing the airport antenna wire from the board. This could not be done due to the fact that a new plastic tab has been installed over the wire and it could not be disconnected.

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You are better off leaving the antennae connected. It is very easy to carefully pull it out of the case when you remove the main motherboard. Make sure you read the notes below each step before performing them and you should be good to go. Add to cart.


Price, Quality and Performance Wise! Test Platform I7 X 4. Maybe for some people will be nice to include the 3. See All Buying Options. Mac Mini Dual Drive Kit. Currently unavailable.

Using the online instructions with this kit made adding a second drive a snap. Here's a tip.

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Take a sheet of paper and some scotch tape, then tape your screws down and label them based on each step from the directions. This makes reassembly much easier. Do not bother pre-numbering the paper, as not all steps require the removal of screws. In Stock. Great product and the best price I could find! It came with everything I needed to install the second hard drive and fit like a glove.