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Top Ads. Label Links. Break forums. Pham Chi Dung. No Achievements. Virginia Bennett informed hopefully and excitedly the outcomes of the annual Dialogue. In the meanwhile, more than 20 police officers prevented Dr. Nguyen Dan Que, the founder of a pro-democracy group called the High Tide of Humanism Movement and former political prisoner who was imprisoned 20 years, from leaving his house to meet the U. Virginia Bennett was new to the position and likely not familiar with the tricks of Vietnamese's leadership. And since then there were few achievements in Vietnam's poor human rights records.

After that, around 30 activists were arrested, convicted, and received heavy sentences. Vietnam allegedly was was no longer the country that could gain the most benefits from the deal. Here are a few ways Hanoians take advantage of them. Words by Kaitlin Rees. The benefits of living in a packed city are in the palpable energy radiating from large groups of people who gather together.

Say what you will about the difficulty with forming lines, Hanoians know how to use space. And it would seem that no matter how many shops open that sell products starting with the letter i, the collective we in Hanoi is as strong as ever, particularly in the use of public space. How public space in Hanoi is used quickly translates to community. There are too many of these spaces to provide an exhaustive list of where people gather together to exercise. But whether you are a native Hanoian or a first-week-in-the-city neophyte, you know what these spaces are.

The public displays of fitness do something to the city. The tough looking teenagers in a black robe punching the air on the steps of the Russian Friendship Palace, the older men in white tank tops doing dips on monkey bars in Lenin Park, the diehard women at 6am around Hoan Kiem Lake patting each other down for massage yoga. These iconic groups have a powerful presence in the city precisely because they are not enclosed by four walls. They engage in their activity and by doing so, engage the public in watching them. Though closely related to gyms, dance deserves a category of its own for the sheer variety of genre, age, and intention.

The elegant set of ballroom dancers who meet every night at the park between Thuy Khue and Thanh Nien gets the class award. The smooth collection of backwards hat and Converse wearing hip hop crews under the Lenin Statue and on the Russian Friendship palace steps get the style award. The early morning hip-shaking salsa groups around the lakes get the accidentally erotic award. And the recent Gangnam groups breaking out by the dozen get the ubiquitous award.

The famous philosophical quandary posed by rock group The Killers could have one case study here: are we human, or are we dancers? Listening to and playing music may be a personal hobby for many, and perhaps should be for some, but there are quite a few healthy crowds who gather around this activity. Under the Ly Thai To statue, a group of guitar players meet Sunday afternoons to jam. Anywhere where strolling happens, spontaneous singing of ditties often accompanies. There are daily and nightly beloved techno concerts outside the electronics shops on Hai Ba Trung.

There are one-man concerts on wheels past various street food stands. Hanoi is a place where if you play it, someone will listen. Or run away…. Inside West Lake, around sunrise and sunset, one may spot men sanding atop Styrofoam containers fashioned together, long sticks in hand. The men may alternatively be standing on rocks, or on small docks, or just wading in the water. Everywhere in the world there are those who speak about the art of fishing: the perfect cast, the precise timing of a pull, the dance between man and fish and nature.

In Hanoi, the art of fishing takes on a slightly more literal meaning given that the poles are straight cuts of bamboo, the lines self strung, the bait nothing that can be purchased. Even the place where one stands is built by hand. If you have a camera and an attractive friend, it is very possible that you are a DIY photographer and your friend is a DIY model. Every day, all over the city, in parks, cafes, on steps of buildings, by railroad tracks, bridges, storefront windows and Nicolas Cage advertisements, photographers are born.

Happiness, it seems, has got nothing to do with the buzz of spending hard-earned or not so hard-earned cash. So time to get off your backside and do something less boring instead. Words by Rose Arnold. Photo by Aaron Joel Santos. Baked bread? Or what about the last time you played a musical instrument, did some painting, or maybe fixed your own motorbike? Doing it for yourself — using your hands, creating or fixing something — might be good for you.

It could even make you happier. As a society we have come to value expertise, specialism and white-collar work over manual labour and making things. We work for the money to buy the things we need and to pay other people to do the things that we don't want to do ourselves — to clean our houses, make our clothes, mend our cars, look-after our children. We work harder and for longer hours. We are richer, we have more than we have ever had before and yet we are not happier. Evidence shows that, in the west, we are 10 times as likely as our grandparents to suffer from depression.

Behavioural neuroscientist Dr Kelly Lambert has carried out extensive research into how the brains of mammals, including humans, function. She claims to have identified a circuit which connects movement, feeling and cognition with feelings of well-being and of depression. Of course, research also shows we are rewarded in this way for a whole range of human activities, some more risky — such as gambling and drug taking — but making a lamp or baking a cake could be a way to get your fix without the negative side effects.

And perhaps we are mistaken in what we value as a society, or what we think will make us happy. The Happy Planet Index results were surprising to many. It ranked Costa Rica, Vietnam and Columbia as being the top three happiest countries. Much more affluent countries appeared far lower down the list: the UK was ranked at number 41, Australia at 76 while the US languished at number By contrast, when we make something or fix something we gain more than the finished product. Experimenting or playing is an essential part of human development, genetically hardwired into us.

It is how we learn about the world and it helps us to develop solutions to things. They found that a lifetime practice of hobbies is a habit shared between the greatest scientists and innovators. Furthermore they claim that emulating this habit is a way to increase. One factor that seems to be important in the appeal of DIY is the physical-ness of it, the fact that we are using our hands to do things.

The Root-Bernstein research highlighted the importance of 'body thinking', and 'thinking with the hands' as being necessary stages in learning and creative breakthrough. You might have noticed this yourself. It is certainly a phenomenon noted by many. He argued that the unique structure of the hand and its evolution in co-operation with the brain is why we developed into the smartest animals on the planet.

Making things, fixing things, using your hands and being a creator are all linked to what it means to be human. Creating can increase your ability and skills, not just in one specialist area, but as a person — spilling over into, and enriching, the rest of your life. Buying a new outfit might not keep you happy whereas knitting a scarf or mending a skirt just might.

For those of you obsessed by two-wheeled vehicles with petrol-powered engines, the opportunities for pimping up your beloved vehicles in a country fixated by motorbikes are endless. The more you work away at it — from stripping down the engine and giving the bike a re-spray through to gradually swapping up all those hard-tocome-by parts — the more of an obsession it becomes. First we do a total overhaul of the mechanics, riding [the bike] until we can get all the little bugs right.

Then we strip it down to nothing, do a total re-spray and reassemble. Our next project will be an old Honda It also helps us strengthen our team work. From live music to outdoor exercise classes, to beer making and bicycle building. This is DIY Hanoi. Words by Rose Arnold and Nick Ross. The base ingredients, grains and yeast, come from Goldmalt, although for more varied beers Alex recommends asking visiting friends and family to bring over different hops. One of the most challenging things about brewing in Hanoi, at least during the summer, is keeping the beer cool enough.

One option is to use a French yeast that ferments at a higher temperature resulting in a beer which is fruity but not sweet, with a lingering flavour. Beer in Hanoi might be so cheap that brewing your own might not make sense financially, but there are big pay offs in terms of taste. He is now part of a business that makes speakers used at events around Hanoi, but like many people who make things, Jack has a wide range of interests. He trained as a plumber, has studied double bass, plays in bands, gives yoga classes, is a keen cyclist and rides a beautiful s reconditioned bike that he put together himself.

Jack found the frame — part of an original Czechoslovakian velodrome racer — from a Vietnamese man in his seventies who has a house full of bicycle parts left over from the French occupation. The frame was rusted and needed to be sanded and repainted, as did the parts sourced from all over Hanoi. Convenience is not necessarily a key motivation for DIY. He next plans to make a bicycle out of bamboo. And it needs to be a hands-on thing. It can be difficult for unknown artists to secure funding or to get the support to exhibit their work.

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NAME Art Space was dreamt up to fill that gap and to work with young artists who otherwise would be going it alone. Ngoc, along with Susmita Paul and other volunteers and collaborators, is working on a wide range of projects. One is a bi-lingual multi-media poetry project, another is a photography project Roots about the importance of trees, another, Sketch, a collaboration and exhibition which is planned to lead onto workshops and classes. One more, as yet unnamed photography project, will aim to raise awareness of breast cancer as well as to bring a smile to patients and their families.

Check out www. Some people come and go from this city and are quickly forgotten. Others leave a legacy. One such person is Australian Helen Kindness, the creator of the Hanoi bootcamp community. From short fivemetre runs through to above-the-head tyre lifting, squats, thrusts, push ups and more, the exercisers alternate with quick transitions between the activities.

And you know you should be there, doing it too, and supporting them through all the hard work. Kim, too, takes pride in how the community has developed. You can really see the improvement… When people inspire other people to start out, then I know I have done something right. Word features editor Kaitlin Rees was keen to be part of a poetry community that brought together both Vietnamese and English language poets and poetry. Not finding one ready-made she decided to create it herself and set up Noi Ha Noi, regular spoken word events held around the city.

These have combined open mic sets, readings from more established artists as well as crowd generated poetry. It marks the continuation of a collaboration between writers and poets. It also shows that despite language barriers, the barometer created by powerful performance can make poetry and writing accessible to all "For more information go to www. Writing might be the ultimate in DIY — all you need is something to write with, and on — but that doesn't mean you have to do it alone. Anyone interested in joining is very welcome to go along to a meeting.

Contact andyengelson gmail. Lacquer painting classes are a bit like Christmas craft sessions as a kid, complete with silver and sparkle. Tuan has been painting using lacquer for nearly 20 years and giving classes for the last Classes are VND, for a three-hour session and include all the materials needed. Contact info lacquer-art. Much of the music in Hanoi today is thanks to DIY— people starting events because they didn't exist, filling a gap, making their own music. There was almost no modern live music at venues and very few international artists played here.

The ones that did were organised via the cultural embassies and tended to put on fairly staid seated affairs. Giles first decided to do it himself by helping to set up Puku mark one. The first party was a disaster; the night came to an early close when the hotel switched off the water and power at half nine.

Over the years CAMA has grown through experimentation. Despite this they now regularly bring international acts to the city, not to mention putting on the CAMA Music Festival each year. Starting off as a bedroom DJ he progressed to playing with expat band The Props, but to very small audiences. They have even been involved in trying to help put together new bands. They need to be nurtured. How it is [in Hanoi] is the perfect condition for an amazing underground scene. Nina O'Brien is an illustrator and designer whose clothes for her label, Kindling, are ethically made in Vietnam.

Nina will be running creative workshop sessions and life drawing classes at Hanoi Social Club. These will be a mix of drop-in classes and longer running projects where participants will have the chance to build up a piece of work over a few weeks. She also hopes to offer monthly screen-printing workshops if there is sufficient uptake from Hanoi residents. For more info email nina kindling. Yet, it makes sense. In a city with so many public spaces, especially in the West Lake area, getting on a bicycle is the perfect way to relax, take in the views, and get some exercise to boot. Swapping a motorbike for its engineless or electric-powered cousin also plays a part, no matter how minor, in decreasing air pollution — important in a city with such bad air quality.

His wife forms the other half. On top of that he. To put people on bicycles in the middle of traffic is not easy. Everyone looks around and says what the hell are you doing? Everyone here has been on a bicycle. So, everyone sees you.

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They may pass close by, but they know where you are. They are used to bicycles. Catching up with the Red River Runners on the Song Hong beach at the end of Ngo Au Co, and you get a sense of the community spirit of this casual group of running enthusiasts. It was to be the route that all these.

The group has always consisted of a mixed bunch of running enthusiasts and those looking to share a weekly jog off the beaten track with likeminded individuals. But for this assembly of likeminded individuals, the event of the year,. It's such a fun event, partly because there is something for everyone — we also offer a 10km race, a 5km race and even a kids fun run. That brings about such a satisfaction knowing you have that mindover-matter mentality.

We have an English website and Vietnamese site. Why do you think the online food delivery service has been such a massive hit in Saigon? Raphael: When we came here five months ago there were already a few players. We found that since we set up, the business has grown fast and a number of new competitors have joined up. We found on the operation side it was quite easy to set up this kind of business in Vietnam, as everyone has a motorbike and most restaurants do deliveries. The western market is big at the moment but the end goal is the Vietnamese market, they love treats.

Sit Down and Deliver With the online food delivery business booming in Hanoi, we decided it was time to get the lowdown from the big players. How does it feel to meet your competitors face-to-face? Anders: With business you cannot focus on competing and have to concentrate on your customers. Jochem: I met Anders for first time last year. I am not okay with all the competitors but the ones at the table are okay, yes. Explain the basics of your business. Anders: We run eat.

So we can separate the segments a bit and it gives our customers an option. Customers go to the website and write in their location and a list of. They click their meal on the cart and finish their shopping. Anders: It was something that was really missing here, the convenience and we both saw it, Jochem and I, at pretty much the same time. We set up our first restaurant in but it took us some time to set up this website.

Kinhbac English

In the meantime, Jochem set one up and we were shocked but it turned out quite well as both of us have created the market. It makes it easier that there were two of us doing it instead of just one. Jochem: In Vietnam, locals and expats like convenience and online ordering make their lives easier and there is a lot of choice also. I think there are around eight websites now.

Are you responsible for deliveries arriving on time and quality of food? Anders: Some restaurants deliver themselves but we also have a team of drivers. If we have drivers we can control delivery times. We are the only one of the three big players who offers our own drivers. Jochem: The restaurant does the deliveries and food but we work hard with them to make sure it is delivered on time. Every restaurant is welcome on our site but they have to live up to certain standards.

Does this service put customers at ease, with orders placed online instead of on the phone? Jochem: Our operation is basically the same, choose your restaurant and meal and the restaurant delivers to the customer. Raphael: In Vietnam prices go up all the time at restaurants, so menus are out of date very quickly but online they are updated and you will always have the correct price.

We also accept some calls over the phone. Raphael: We do offer the same service as these two guys but we also give the option of phone orders because some people. Anders: Yes that is very important over here with the address system which can be interpreted differently. Having orders. You can find anything you want online. Raphael: We have the most restaurants in Vietnam. We have in Hanoi and HCMC and our company is in eight different countries, and we have regional expertise. Anders: We are the only one that offers a loyalty system. Customers earn loyalty points and discounts and earn free meals.

Jochem: Our website is very convenient and process is clear. We make it easy for people to order food. Is there enough space in this city for three online food delivery sites? Raphael: Three is okay but for more and more we are not sure. The firms with the most loyal customers and best service will survive. Anders: We are in here for the long-term. We are part of the largest e-commerce company in Vietnam with 1, staff. Jochem: There is enough space for a few players long-term. Small competitors should not waste their time and money. There is no room for them. Who has the bigger database of restaurants?

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What are your numbers? Raphael: Anders: odd. Jochem: Between and Are you keeping an eye on your competitors to see what they're doing? And how are they doing? Raphael: It is not our main focus but of course we know what they are doing. They are doing okay but we are growing faster than them and have the most restaurants. We focus on customer service.

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We have one of the best customer service teams in Vietnam. Ask them how they are doing. Jochem: We are the biggest in Vietnam; you should look at yourself not the competition. Are you planning to expand out of Saigon? If we want we can expand around Vietnam. Jochem: We are in Danang and Hanoi also, as for expanding we will wait and see.

Explain which option you feel is better and more efficient for the customers and overall service. Raphael: It is better not to get involved in the delivery side. Anders: We have a mix. We like to be in control, but most of our restaurant partners are also good. I think a mix is best. We give customers more of a choice with the drivers. An internet company is an internet company, we can also make sandwiches. When it comes to customer complaints when ordering through your sites, do you accept responsibility or pass the buck to the restaurants?

Raphael: Most of the time it is from the restaurant if any mistakes happen. If the restaurant is not reliable we take it off the website. We would offer customers a refund. Anders: It depends what happens, but if it is a clear mistake by the restaurant, we make sure the restaurant delivers the correct dish. Jochem: Our part is to transfer to the restaurant and if there is a mistake after that, we both take responsibility, but it rarely happens.

The restaurant is sometimes late but whatever happens they offer compensation but it is up to them what they do. But what everybody wants to talk about is her travels. When she returned home earlier this year, she was met with both adoration and criticism. According to conservatives, Chip epitomises selfishness. How she could spend two years travelling and enjoying herself, rather than looking after her parents and studying, is beyond some in her homeland.

Yet for Chip, travel has changed her outlook. International isolation and poverty saw to that for many years. Today, however, some of the strongest barriers seem to be tradition and expectation. From Both Sides Criticism is nothing new for Chip. While still a student at the National High School for Gifted Students, she was threatened with expulsion for organising Free Hugs Vietnam, the largest youth movement of the year. Apparently, she should have been concentrating on her studies rather than hugging strangers on the street.

It was perhaps innevitable then that Chip chose a different path from her peers and neglected to go to university. I felt like I could learn more by doing other things. Having been active in a various youth movements and having attended a number of conferences both at home and overseas, she had left an impression on many foreign speakers with her outspoken questions. The same outspoken attitude that was landing her in hot water in Vietnam, was the.

Throughout her travels, Chip mostly visited developing countries. It was while in Africa that she had some of her most poignant experiences. She describes beginning a debate with a group of polygamists. Another tribe have a ritual of wife beating. The men beat the women with sticks till their backs scar.

It means the woman has sacrificed for the man. The more scars a woman has, the higher her status. Do you want to change it? Changing the World One thing Chip does want to change is the worldwide visa system. To her, the fact that entry to a country is decided by something as arbitrary as the country you were born in, is essentially unfair. Why wait for somebody? She is unfazed by barriers of international relations and entirely unafraid to fail. If it fails, then I have some lessons to learn. Words by Kim Megson. Photos by Aaron Joel Santos. Lottery ticket sellers wander through, gently encouraging them to try their luck.

On the water a dragon boat rolls past, and swan boats bob together on the horizon. Welcome to Hue, a city that at times is almost too idyllic to be true. The city has a beauty that it retains even among the traffic jams and often messy streets. It looks resplendent in the sun, and poetic in the rain. The famous Trang Tien Bridge supposedly designed by a certain Gustave Eiffel crosses the river, illuminated at night by changing fluorescent lights.

It should look lurid, but here the result is somehow magical. It has a rich history and culture, welcoming people, amazing food and stunning landscapes.

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As the former imperial capital and home of the Nguyen Dynasty, there is the feeling of national pride and a deep-rooted sense of the past — Hue is both geographically and metaphorically the heart of the country. Shops and cafes are surrounded by the crumbing citadel walls that have guarded the city through its tumultuous and often violent history. High on Caffeine An altogether different kind of place to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, or even nearby Danang, here, tradition and history take precedence over business and modernisation, and life moves at a different pace to the rest of this fast-developing country.

Hue is happy to take things slowly. Very slowly. There is little investment outside of the hospitality sector, and new construction is heavily restricted. In many ways this city exists in a bubble. Taking time to relax is highly valued, and regular coffee breaks are almost compulsory,. And then again for lunch. And then after work. The city runs on caffeine, perhaps accounting for the illusion that time moves unusually slowly. This is great for some, but difficult for the young generation who have a complex relationship with their home. Torn between the comforts of the peaceful lifestyle but frustrated by the lack of development, they are increasingly tempted by the bright lights of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

Roads remain defiantly too narrow for the growing number of cars and the airport is a minute country drive from the centre. As a result it is something of an unknown quantity to many visitors, who rarely linger in the city for long. This is a shame, as travellers will find plenty to see and do if they look under the surface and enjoy the unique way of life. There are many sights to see in Hue, which continues to inspire poets, artists and romantics with its particular charms.

This is a fascinating place for those with an interest in Vietnam, as the tombs and temples and palaces and pagodas show what life was like before our lifetimes. Visitors can learn, too, about more recent. Luckily it has retained its authentic Hue atmosphere, and, more importantly, its delicious and inexpensive meals. An essential visit. Join the crowds who flock here for the best pork in the city. The bakers are all disadvantaged young adults who are being trained to find work in the industry. Teenagers flock to gossip around the indoor cherry blossom tree.

There is even a resident puppy. What more could you want? Inspired by a charming old story about a boy who puts salt instead of sugar in his coffee by mistake on a nervous date, visitors can try the resulting combination. Some love it, others hate it, all should try it. Enjoy a lotus seed snack and sip one of the teas from the extraordinary menu. The tra cam orange tea is highly recommended. The boutique section is also well taken care of, although check out Villa Hue www. The American War has also left its mark with bullet holes from the Tet Offensive still embedded in some of the city walls.

Imperial Taste And then there is the cuisine, justifiably renowned for being the best in Vietnam. The tapas-style portions are often small, spicy and absolutely delicious — a long term result of the fussy Nguyen emperors. Street food specialities leave foodies longingly aching to return and good vegetarian food is abundant due to the large Buddhist population.

International taste buds are catered for with Indian, Korean, Mexican, French, Italian and Japanese restaurants to choose from. It is just a few hours away from the beaches of Hoi An, the. Venture inland and you will come to ethnic minority villages in the A Luoi area and famous battle sites like Hamburger Hill. There is even a mine museum there now.

All this means that now is the time to visit Hue and discover all it has to offer. However reluctantly, it is beginning to adapt to make life easier for tourists. There are more hotels and restaurants than ever before and visitors can enjoy a night out in the backpacker land of Pham Ngu Lao yes, same name as in Saigon where the number of modern bars and clubs is growing.


It is now common to see cars on the roads of Hue, unthinkable even just a couple of years ago, and the number of foreigners coming is increasing, despite. There are also indicators that things are changing with social attitudes, which are traditionally conservative. Hue is becoming more inclusive and accepting, with new possibilities opening in the fields of art, music and fashion.

Groups of young dancers have started organising and coordinating mass flashmobs at weekends. Graffiti artists are being employed to decorate coffee shops and bars as they become trendier. Fashion trends are finally catching up. All of this makes Hue something of an open book as it looks ahead to the near future. The only certainty is that in a country like no other, Hue will remain a city like no other. It has rightfully taken its place at the idyllic heart of Vietnam. Explore the north side of the city and enter the forbidden palace for a look back into the past.

The citadel is particularly atmospheric in the evenings or early morning. Give yourself plenty of time to explore, take a good book and relax amongst the imperial ruins. It boasts serene lakes and forests, ancient statues and well maintained traditional buildings where the longestserving emperor spent his days in luxury. Mu, the iconic symbol of Hue. After that a visit to the nearby Temple of Literature is recommended, with its simple grace a perfect tonic after the crowded pagoda. The ride there only takes 30 minutes or so and provides a perfect illustration of rural life and a picturesque diversion.

Visit the temple of Princess Huyen Tran before climbing to the summit and ringing the 1. Words by Hoa Le. Hung has choreographed the song Noi. Now they have approximately members. Riders on the Storm Despite its existence in the west for almost a decade, the concept of flashmobs. Since then it has rapidly become one of the most popular pastimes among teenagers and young adults. Hanoi Flash Mob was among the first clubs to be established in Hanoi, and is often said to be the most influential. Its first members were a handful of youngsters who shared the same dancing passion and met via a Facebook group.

That was how our group was born, but we have built our own philosophy. We wanted to be spontaneous as per its original meaning. The rest come with a message — to promote a charity, to protect the environment, raise traffic law awareness or even for blood donor campaigns. A more recently established group is Flashmob MMU.

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