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Rotating a section of an image rotates the entire background layer too. This program was written for Linux. Find an alternative. Pros: None. This tool on MacOS is not productive, not useful, and certainly not an option when you are working to a timescale. Cons: It simply does not work properly. Buy photoshop - or try SeaShore for basic image editing. Pros: - Cons: -. I'm not the kind of person who ever writes reviews, but this program pissed me off.

It literally didn't do anything I wanted it to do.

Open source image editor gets even better

It looks fancy, has lots of little features, but is a complete waste of time. The first thing I noticed was that the keyboard is set up all weird for the program. I hit the undo buttons, Command Z, and it goes into a zoom option. It's like it's set up fo r a pc. I made a selection with the lasso tool and hit delete, but nope! Even though the key is supposed to work it just doesn't. I used Command X to just remove things. The starting screen says for you to drag images into it but that doesn't work either, I had to go through and manually load everything.

After about 5 minutes with the program I said screw it and started writing this review. Whoever made this program should be ashamed of themselves. Pros: It's free.

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Cons: It doesn't work, it's poorly designed, and simply is a waste of time. This is an obnoxiously annoying program. Nothing performs like you'd expect it to in a basic paint program. Do NOT download this, you will be frustrated and in tears. Pros: Nothing.

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The GIMP. If people order it, they ought to be able to use it at once, instead of having to go online somewhere else to figure out how to use it. Useless for me. Re: Only for Snow Leopard. The download link provided here is for OS X Only for Snow Leopard. They forgot to mention that is only for Snow Leopard. It wont install on The readme file specifically states only for Snow Leopard.

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Other than that, this program is incredible. Being a brand new Mac owner and just learning the curves and specialties of the Operating System, this program is certainly a must have.

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The elegancy, the amount of options and tools, the availability to even create your OWN brush styles, opening multiple projects and dozens of other trinkets makes this program amazing. Nice programming!!! Couldn't Open!. I couldn't open it. So my opinion is not so good. I was really excited, but soon really disappointed.

The most popular open source photo editor around – and for good reason

When I tried to open it which I tried several times , it quit unexpectantly. It was very annoying.

And still is. If anyone can help, I'm all ears. Pros: The icon has a dog. I love dogs. That's pretty much it, since I couldn't even open it. Installation was easy. It was a cli ck of a button. Cons: I couldn't open it! It kept quitting unexpectantly! Gimp is Great. I've been using Gimp for several months now on my 2. As a long-time Photoshop users, I can say that I am more than pleased. While the interface is somewhat different, you get over that pretty quickly. It loads faster, has never crashed on me, or even stalled. What's not to like? Pros: Everything works as it should. The tools are laid out as one would expect for this type of app.

The UI has a modern look and feel to it. And best of all, you can switch to Single-Window Mode, a feature many people were eager to get. Another feature that has been added into 2. No longer do you need to work in a secondary window.

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Now, you can manipulate text directly on your canvas. Speaking of tools, with the exception of a slight problem with the Eraser tool something that seemed to clear up on its own , all of the tools work brilliantly. The Paintbrush and Pencil tools delivered accurate and clean strokes and the Smudge tool did a great job blending my strokes and colors.

Another thing I love are the sliders for Size, Opacity, Speed, and other numeric settings. Having the ability to quickly adjust my tool settings was invaluable. Of course, if you're not a fan of this type of control, don't worry; you can still click into the value and change it using your keyboard. GIMP has come a long way in terms of usability and stability. But, like all software, it has a few bugs and some strange quirks.

Does GIMP have what it takes to beat Photoshop?

As I mentioned earlier, I had an issue with the Eraser tool. I'm still not sure what happened or how it was resolved, but at one point my eraser stopped erasing. It was frustrating. I verified my settings were correct, checked a few support links, and nothing was working so I gave up on trying to fix it.

After a little while, it started working again. It's a mystery, but one that thankfully had a happy ending.