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GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee is a patch that will allow us to unblock certain hidden options in the game , that will allow us to have "special" relations with our girlfriends. Once you have installed the patch, you'll be able to access your girlfriends' houses from the beginning of the game , without affecting the general game, that you'll be able to complete normally and without any problem. Requirements and additional information:. This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.

Antony Peel. S ome models are more detailed and smoothed, were fixed incorrect mapping and other defects and added reflections in some cases.

GTA IV San Andreas 08.01.12

Also in the mod will be other changes. It's in the development now.


Improved models. You can read development reports and see work screens on the official HRT 1. This is the main point , where you can find detail information, development reports, screenshots, videos, progress map and more! Watch all the videos from the mod on the YouTube channel.

GTA San Andreas Mac Gameplay

There are also: HRT 1. Don't forget to add the mod into your watch list. Help the mod. Other mods. Very well, finally LAn2 section of Los Santos was finished! And for this significant date I release the new long video from the modification. I remind you that HRT 1. A lot of models are improved too: they are more smoothed, on some models were added reflections, and a lot of models have fixed UV mapping.

Mod in the development still. In this video you can see in dynamic a lot of interesting places about that I've wrote earlier on the mod's site and posted their screenshots. For example, you'll see such objects as Los Santos tower, Ammu-Nation's building, ZIP clothes store's building, ancient building with lions on the doors and a lot of other; tens of minor buildings, roads and pavements All these objects, that are located on LAn2 part of Los Santos, were fully retextured and improved. And now I will work on the next part of the city. Technical name of this part is LAs.

But this is the last report in this year. A long way has been done, but there more kilometers of road ahead. Hope I will pass it fast. Finally I can say that work on LAn is really finished. Works on the next part of game world, LAn2, are already continued. Today I offers for you a new video from the mod HRT 1.

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  • I'm just a guy who love to improve textures of old games and i'll be glad to help you whit this one! I'm also very busy but in the spare time i can do some work, if you want to contact me add me on steam or reply to this comment! Here is an exemple of what i like to do: Steamcommunity. Happy New Year, Flame!

    Been following this mod for years, I wish you good luck and can't wait to see the final version! It'll be hard, dude, especially if you don't dual-boot with Windows on your Mac.

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    Since you're on Cider, it'll be a tad harder to fix since you're running GTA on an unsupported system. First, go watch this video. It explains how to downgrade your version of san andreas which causes problems Use the provided download links files in the description. It's a non-wide screen version of the game, but it's worth it because it fixes many game play problems.

    GTA: San Andreas for Mac - Download

    Basically, just take your whole Rockstar Folder, copy it, and paste it into the c-drive, just like cider, you should already know this. If you don't, after you download that, unzip it or whatever you have to do, right click it and click show contents. Then navigate to this:. After that, you have to edit the plist. Save, close, run gta.