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Here is a suggestion from my friend: Another nice paint tool on Mac is named Pro Paint for Mac which can edit image, vector graphic design, free-form transformation, add filters, crop, alpha channel edit and more like paint tool sai. I use Paint. I think it will be compatible with your computer, and it's completely free. I don't know if that helps or not, but I'll say just in case.

Ooh, that sucks. I'd have to agree with several of the other commenters in saying that FireAlpaca is a good substitute for SAI. I used it myself, for a while! The only con I can really remember it having is a poor smudge tool. But hopefully things like that can be worked past. I hope you find a good program to use! Maybe if you search here you might find something FireAlpaca is defiantly a close equivalent for Sai, and it's free so that's a plus.

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You can also try Medibang Paint it's a really great program and you can even use it on mobile devices for when you're on the go or need to do something quick. Medibang is also free on all platforms which is honestly great. You also have Clip Studio pro too and it's kinda pricey now it's honestly a great program for the standard price but they're known to have flash sales where you can get it for like 15 bucks if you keep an ear out. There's also autodesk sketchbook that you can get in the app store, I've seen people do some great stuff with it though I'm not sure how it works.

Prev Next. If I'm being honest, I wasn't very excited about my birthday at first. This year has been very difficult and we have been struggling a lot, I had gotten into many fights with my family and I'm still jobless. And lately I have been having a lot of doubts about me continuing on drawing. It feels like I haven't improved as an artist, and started losing the passion and the joy that came with it.

I want people to enjoy what I do, but I keep compering myself to others, and I haven't be able to get through this. I can't talk about this feelings at home, so I say it because I need to let them flow sometimes. But I still want to thank those who have supported me these years, I really appreciate it.

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New Page I hope everyone is doing way better than I have this last days with this cold. Sorry for let people down. Right now Im catching up with my projects as you have seen it. The good news is that someone is asking me to do some work for him as a desginer, the bad news is I ain't getting paid. But he said he would recommend me to some people, so I guess that's a start. Second, I open an account on Discord. If some of your wish to chat sometime here is my account Noble-Maiden I'm starting to upload pics in Tumbrl as well.

But I want to ask if I should upload with watermark the commissions i have made so others may see them, but I want your permission to do so. So I await your answers. Devious Journal Entry Hey Everyone. It took a while, but i got new versions of Illustrator and Photoshop I have been pretty busy helping around my house and the family bussiness, you know, tyring not to be a freeloader, making difficult to get a hold on the computer. And there for the commissions had to be on hold. But anyway, my school case It seems the academic administration, didn't want to risk their jobs helping the students who weren't able to get the points needed to get the title.

Its more irritating, because it tuned out that I could have done the exam in another instititute and pass the test with points. But then again, they make money everytime a student fails the test and has to repeat it paying the school for classes. Things have been slow this summer. I went to visit some relatives and went to my cousin's bachelorette party. I'm back to drawing as you noticed. BDInfo 0. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.

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