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Please let us know if that worked for your setup! Thank you Hans… that seems to have enabled it as it shows in the system profiler and the sidebar. As for detecting devices; well, I have not been impressed with AirDrop. It sees other devices really slow and the transfer rates are not impressive at all. After all when one invests 10k in hardware, even if that was to last 10 years this still has not! Thanks again! Not to mention older iPhones and iPads.

Plus the added issues and instabilities … I guess there is no winning as a user. Even the new robot dismantling old iPhones to be recycled is more a PR and publicity stunt than a real effort to be more eco-friendly… hence it will continue to smell a lot like greenwashing, at least until Apple will show how each complex part, each comprised of many different materials take the camera for instance , will be recycled using environmentally friendly methods that are also carbon neutral.

Instead of pushing constantly new hardware and applies to all brands not just Apple and not just phones! Again many thanks for creating a nice venue for those of us in need of exchanging tips and hacks! Yep, you went a little off-topic there.

Apple Wireless AirPort Extreme Laptop Network Cards for sale | eBay

But … I agree. It was supposed to last a week. Something that has cost me a lot of money over the years, is the endless upgrading from Windows 95 up to Windows 8. I just got tired of shelling out the cash. XP worked just fine for me. I got new machines for an Architecture firm and the average Xeon-based workstations with SSDs was just below 1k.

Also I was able to add some cheap upgrades on the older Pentium 4 last gen machines removed from that office and repurpose them as digital learning stations at a primary school. Tips for up-cycling old PCs: donating to non-profits as office PCs, or donating them to schools, orphanages, or similar institution that could benefit from repurposing those machine they got for free. So I am now thinking to get one of the supported cards as listed on this Mac Rumors thread here. Finger crossed then! Cheers and thanks again!

Hi Freakqnc. Oh the missing reply button is to prevent discussion going deeper than 5 levels. On some screens, if you go deeper than 5 levels, things become unreadable …. No worries about going off-topic — the geeks-die is a good side. When I compare Mac hardware, with similar priced PC hardware, then they are pretty close, and sometimes Apple is even cheaper. Mostly cheap and plastic, but functional none-the-less. If not, then I give it away to people I know. But orphanages is a very cool idea! I like that! Did apple ever make a mac pro without a slot for a wifi card? Could it be that you have something like this YouTube example?

I know Apple does change thing around from time to time, but since you mentioned that yours is a , the changes are that your mainboard might be slightly different. Thank you for the suggestion on the card, as well as the easy to follow instructions. Today is going to be even greater, as I will have better internet to get work done. Thank you. Awesome Travis! On my MacPro the antennas are located further down in the machine, near what I suppose is the power supply, etc. The frame there is easy to remove by raising two levers. This gives a lot more room, but still not enough. I had to cross the 1 and 3 to get them to the right place.

Thank you very much for the additional suggestions. This article was written voor a model, so the extra info for the model is most welcome.

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I was surprised to realize the unit which was everything it was advertised to be had no Wi-Fi! Mushy listing reading on my part…. Anyway, I had set aside a couple of Airport Extreme cards pulled from old macs before recycling and, to my delight, one of them was the right type! Your instructions were clear and quite helpful. I had to sell mine because I had to be much more mobile, but I still miss it …. Thank you very much for this guide! Unless there is some sort of enabler I would need? And when that did not work, I connected 1 and 2 with the same result.

Could it be a bad module? The card should probably have been recognized when booted even if the antennas were connected in the wrong place, or am I mistaken? Awesome to hear that this guide helped. I would expect, if both WiFi and BT are on the card, antenna connected or not, that your Mac would automatically identify both. Did WiFi work? Also make sure the card is insert snug, so the contacts connect right.

Installing an AirPort Extreme and a USB Card into a Power Mac G5

Let me know how things go with the one from Ali-Express. Your eBay model might be defective …. Will do. Thanks for your input and advice! If the card is not defect, it might be the person installing it :D. New card arrived from Ali Express. Installed with cables 3 and 1, as I did with the first card. Booted, and immediately saw the WiFi symbol in the menu line. Very happy camper now, but will be even happier if I get my money back from the eBay-guy! Do you happen to have the link to the AliExpress item?

Maybe others would like to use that one as well. It was also cheaper than the non-functioning eBay card. It was a bit more worn, but as long as it works… I will surely open a dispute with PayPal if the seller does not respond to my question on how we can resolve this. Thank you Nina for posting the link! And I hope you get your money back ….

Veldig lite stress, her er en guide. This was by far the most helpful site in deciphering the lilliputian connections to this card. They are so small my old eyes thought they were LEDs at first! My son says that it is working. Now I have all of my WiFi bandwidth back!

I can see what you mean that the connectors look like LEDs! Great post, thank you very much, it is working flawlessly for me — took around 20 minutes of careful installation. Followed your instructions and just completed the installation on my tower. Took about 30 minutes and now my wifi is working perfectly! The process went exactly as you said it would, including having patience while connecting wires 1 and 3.

Thanks for the clear and concise instructions!

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I updated to El Capitan before I went on with the installation process, and it all worked after. Thanks Nina for chiming in! Good to know it works with your El Capitan setup! I have not seen anyone running into this issue …. You could try removing the card, rebooting your computer, shutdown, reinsert the card and reboot and see if it picks up the card.

As for your BT, the device seems legit and correct. I found the same info in an old post in the Apple Forum. Does any of this look familiar to you? If yes … then we might be looking at a different problem. Is the antenna cable still connected for example? Well, as far as I can see, your BT should just work … hmm.

YEs, i removed all the OLD stuff, so now i have none… and still, it cant find any new ones. I am a proud owner of a Mac pro which was upgraded from 3. Apart from Macvidcards, is there another vendor where I can purchase one from for a decent price? Based in the UK by the way. The frequencies for newer WiFi cards are still the same as the older cards. Dito for Bluetooth. Maybe others would like to share what they have been using?

Thanks for posting this. It took forever to get the wires hooked up and I lost a screw but I got it going. Thanks again. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to post a thank you! I have now taken out the fan unit and still no sign of any antenna wires. Mine was a as well.

It might of course be that the wires were not installed or removed. Thanks for responding! Took out some orange and red colored connectors and was able to spot some little wires that turned out to be the antennae—wow those suckers were really hidden! Thanks a million Hans! They were right where you said they would be. However, I do have the BT wire.

Would it be behind the logic board then? I doubt the wires would be underneath the logic board. Jonathan see posts just above yours found the wires there. Alright, thank you! I also have the early edition mac pro. Hopefully you found your wires. Mine were easy because one of the labels was visible. I just used the tweezers to tug it out. For anybody still looking, after you take out the drive bays, just look straight down along where you removed the bays.

The gap at the bottom, between the circuit board and the chasis, is where I found mine. Thank you for posting a token of appreciation! Yes, the comment about using a flat-head screwdriver to push the miniature connectors into place worked a treat. I was able to connect both cables securely. Glad to hear it worked well voor you too.

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Have fun! Apple has a pretty good record of keeping its drivers. Maybe other users can confirm? I installed my wifi card last night. I am a little annoyed that the card on Amazon showed it as an apple product and the photo showed apple FCC ID as well.

Power Mac G5 Bluetooth and Airport Antenna Card with Cables for A1047

Still installed fine and I am happy to be connected to the internet with my Mac Pro early edition. I could not connect the antennae wires myself. I did screw the card down and then handed it off to my wife. Pro Tip, lay your iphone on the chasis and turn the flashlight on. The more light the better. She has smaller hands and was able to get the wires to snap on. The antenna wires snap in place rather easily if you push on them with the flat end of a flat-head screwdriver.

Glad it worked well for you as well. First — thank u for taking the time to post this information. Question: did u have any luck with getting Location Services to work — e. At first I thought it was just using known WiFi access points. Since I no longer have this particular Mac Pro still wish I could get my hands on a cheap model , I cannot test this.

So, they may work of course, but I doubt it. Thanks for help. If you can help my and swot a correct number product. I did find some at Amazon. This one may be a good choice. I did read on a forum that a user succesfully installed it in a and a MacPro. Meaby you have a free time you look on allegro. I did take a look for you, but I could not find a suitable WiFi card at Allegro. The ones listed are laptop models, so I suspect they will not work for the Mac Pro. I think you may be stuck with Amazon or eBay. Amazon and eBay do support shipping to Poland. I did find one at Amazon.

Hope this helps. Hello Hans. I know this is long after you did this, but maybe you have insights or links you can share. Almost everything went fine. EXCEPT that of the three built in antennae wires including the hidden 2 wire not used in the stock card I ruined the connector on 2. I must have bent it all out of shape and then trying to fix it made matters worse. I mean, as you know they are nearly impossible to reach or see with human fingers.

My question is this: Do you know if and how that 2 cable can be replaced? Apr 2, PM. Apr 3, PM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: OdinWanderer OdinWanderer. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. It seemed to go in fine and I did hook up the antenna wire to the card and an actual antenna is attached to the back of the computer. When I fired it back up, the computer still can't find the AirPort card.

Any chance there is some kind of driver or other missing software I need? Any suggestions? More Less. Also new but available for the original model via software update was the ability to connect to and share America Online 's dial-up service—a feature unique to Apple base stations. This model is based on Motorola 's PowerPC processor and contained a fully functional original AirPort Card, which can be removed and used in any compatible Macintosh computer.

The antenna port allows the addition of a signal-boosting antenna, and the USB port allows the sharing of a USB printer. A connected printer is made available via Bonjour 's " zero configuration " technology and IPP to all wired and wireless clients on the network. On April 19, , a third version, marketed as the AirPort Extreme Base Station with Power over Ethernet and UL , was introduced that supports Power over Ethernet and complies to the UL specifications for safe usage in air handling spaces, such as above suspended ceilings.

The AirPort Extreme was updated on January 9, , to support the This revision also adds two LAN ports for a total of three. The performance of USB hard drives attached to an AirPort Extreme is slower than if the drive were connected directly to a computer. This is due to the processor speed on the AirPort extreme.

Depending on the setup and types of reads and writes, performance ranges from 0. On October 20, , Apple unveiled an updated AirPort Extreme base station with antenna improvements. It allows up to 50 networked users, and includes a feature called AirTunes predecessor to AirPlay. The USB port cannot be used to connect a hard disk or other storage device. The AirPort Express functions as a wireless access point when connected to an Ethernet network. It can be used as an Ethernet-to-wireless bridge under certain wireless configurations.

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It can be used to extend the range of a network, or as a printer and audio server. It also includes all AirPort Extreme On March 3, , the Time Capsule was updated with simultaneous dual-band On October 20, , Apple unveiled the updated Time Capsule with antenna improvements resulting in wireless performance gains of both speed and range.

An AirPort card is an Apple-branded wireless card used to connect to wireless networks such as those provided by an AirPort Base Station. It was designed to be capable of being user-installable. An AirPort card adapter is required to use this card in the slot-loading iMacs. It is based on a Broadcom It was also capable of being user-installed. A different A major distinction for this card was that it was the first "combo" card that included both It was also the first card that was not user-installable. A separate USB connection was used for the on-board Bluetooth chip. As The particular brand and model of card has changed over the years; in early models, it was Atheros brand, while since late they have been Broadcom cards.

This distinction is mostly of concern to those who run other operating systems such as Linux on MacBooks, as different cards require different device drivers. In early , Apple announced that most Intel Core 2 Duo -based Macs, which had been shipping since November , already included AirPort Extreme cards compatible with the draft Apple also offered an application to enable AirPort and AirPort Extreme support a variety of security technologies to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized network access, including several forms of cryptography.

The driver is closed source. Recent firmware versions cause the internal disk and any external USB drives to sleep after periods of time as short as 2 minutes. A caveat of the use of AirPort Disk is that the AFP port is reserved for the service, which then does not allow for simultaneous use of port forwarding to provide AFP services to external users.