Mac cinema display 24 vs 27

I have yet to try it but customer reviews on Amazon indicate it works with the inch iMac at least.


The USB connector plays two roles. First and foremost it is to connect the three USB ports on the back of the display to your computer. The second role is to connect the internal USB audio device to your computer as well.

Driving the integrated 2. You get basic driver support for the controller under both OS X and Windows 7.

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The integrated speakers sound better than notebook speakers, but worse than a good set of desk speakers. The speakers point downward, a couple of bounces later and it sounds like music comes from behind your display rather than straight at you as is the case with standalone speakers. The speakers can get loud. At their lowest setting I measured 47dB A sitting 2 feet away in my office 40 dB A ambient noise , but cranked all the way up the sound meter registered 87dB A. The issue at high volumes is you really begin to see the limits of the speakers. While I used them over the past few days, I definitely missed my Klipsch Promedia 2.


Also at the top of of the screen is an ambient light sensor. The sensor was never over active unless I was taking pictures of myself in Photo Booth. The flash before every photo bounced back, hit the light sensor and caused the display to dim significantly.

I think I'm going to focus on the 27" rather than trying to save money and regretting it down the line. It would be really cool to see a photo of your display so I can see how much screen real-estate you have for working. The 27" Thunderbolt Display is x, so the real estate is incredible. You probably wouldn't ever need or want more than that.

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I eventually found that:. Since switching to a 27" Thunderbolt display, I haven't missed my former setup at all.

30" Apple Cinema Display vs 27" Apple LED Cinema Display

It's small enough that my eyes aren't easily fatigued, and big enough to dock all of my work windows before hitting diminishing returns on productivity. Flux also doesn't run well on multiple monitors, so it's a single 27" all the way for me. This is really interesting, I don't have the spare really to have more monitors. I'd like to be able to afford a 27" but it's not really an option for me. I'll probably save up and go with a 27" ultrasharp as it seems to be the size and resolution to go with.

I recently bought one of these from green-sum on ebay. The quality is comparable to the cinema display I use at work and I absolutely love it. The only downside is that it is dual DVI-D only, and no webcam included. Other than that, I've been very pleased with my purchase. Their customer support was incredible, and they shipped it from South Korea to Texas in 2 days!

How to connect the Apple Cinema Display to the new MacBook Pro

There are a few other Korean brands of IPS monitors that sell on ebay that are slightly cheaper, might be worth looking into. I keep here this more and more as an option, am I right in saying most of the time it's the same panels used in these models so your getting pretty much the same display? That's what I've read online in various places, that these are the same panels used in cinema displays and what not. Comparing the one I have at work to the Yamakasi I have at home, I don't see any difference in quality.

For the drastic difference in price, I decided to give it a shot. No regrets here. I recently got that Dell 27 Ultrasharp, it's amazing and totally worth it. Audio output power is based on the number of speakers and their power in watts. High audio output power results in loud, clear sounds. Overview Prices Specs. Comparison winner.

How to connect the Apple Cinema Display to the new MacBook Pro | Macworld

Scroll down for more details. Supports thunderbolt. General info 1. Apple Thunderbolt Display. Asus VPN Has a swivel stand. Supports VESA mount. Asus VXQ 27" 4. LCD display with 3 subpixels per pixels.