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Mac OS X Mac OS Not interesting for our purposes. We want Ruby 1. With RVM, you can install and run any number of Ruby and Rails versions as normal user without root rights and in your home directory. So you can work in parallel on old projects that may still use Ruby 1.

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Each update of the operating system or RVM also usually involves an update of the installation instructions. Xcode Installation or Upgrade.

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Before you start installing Ruby on Rails, you must install the latest Apple Xcode tools on your system. Installing Ruby 1. RVM can be installed in various ways. It's seems that RVM is the way to go rather than replacing the system version of ruby. Thanks everyone for your input. Whenever an incompatibility or conflict has cropped up, I'm back up and running in minutes.

Mac OSX Lion How to do a Clean Install

Although I love RVM - this doesn't answer the question posed. I don't see it. I disagree with your interpretation of what it means to answer a question on StackExchange. Giving advice, presenting alternatives, and outlining best practices are valid answers as well if they address the asker's need, which in this case is to install the latest version of Ruby on Snow Leopard. I agree RVM is the best way to maintain a non standard ruby. Does RVM step in there to assist? What do you mean by "get the new Ruby into place"? Austin Austin 2, 11 11 silver badges 17 17 bronze badges. Overwriting system components is usually a bad idea.

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But you're right that it's generally a Bad Idea, which is why I mentioned it last. I presume there's a reason this user prefers 1. Managing Ruby with RVM is so much easier and safer. Could it cause some quirkiness in a small corner of your system somewhere that's hard to troubleshoot? This works with Ruby 1. Thanks Mark! This worked for me as well.

Thank you Mark. That saved me a lot of time and worked on Mac OSX Thank you very much Irish! Worked perfect for me! Thank you for your solution, this also helped me. Thanks for the solution to this, really helpful post! Best Post of the Year Award!!

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