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For access to advanced troubleshooting tools if your Mac is exhibiting errors or not booting correctly, you can load the Apple Hardware Test from the install DVD that came with your Mac. With the disc in the drive, boot up your Mac and hold down the D key when you hear the startup chime. The Apple Hardware Test enables you to scan your discs and drives as well as other components to detect any problems with your computer's hardware. This information can then be provided to tech support for advice on replacements and fixes. If done correctly, your Mac will restart and you'll hear the chime again.

This is normally exhibited by the startup hanging at the default grey screen, preventing OS X from booting.

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By launching into Safe Boot Mode via holding down the Shift key during startup, your Mac forces a directory check of the startup volume and only launches the bare minimum of kernel extensions, fonts and startup items required, so as to avoid any that may be causing problems and allow for easier identification. Of course, safe Boot Mode also enables you to make changes to prevent problems when booting your Mac in the future.

If you have a disc in your drive that is refusing to eject, restart your computer and hold down the mouse button as soon as you hear the startup chime. This should eject your disc while your Mac starts up. If you're having trouble with your hard drive and need to boot your Mac from a different drive or disc, hold down the Option key during startup to open the Startup Manager, which will enable you to select a different volume.

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To boot up your Mac from an install disc or other bootable CD or DVD, insert the disc and then hold down the C key while the computer starts up. Your Mac will then look for and boot from the disc. Holding T during startup will tell your Mac to mount its drive on the desktop of a host computer connected via FireWire cable.

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Once its on your computer, you can never get it off? Thats my situation. Its a shame Apple has always had absolutely shocking support for removal of things. Can you uninstall apple applications as easy as you can on windows?

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Thanks AC. I love a list though, and Eleven is my lucky number, so.. You need to do it as soon as the machine starts, and you hear the chord.

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Does anyone know when exactly you are suppoed to hit these buttons at startup? Maybe I am doing it too late but I am only seeing a smiley logo and login? You can use all of those commands except pushing D to start up the hardware test from the system disk.. Other than that they work.

I am pretty sure these do work on PPC systems too, although I no longer have one around to test it out.

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