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Your students and staff members can then use their existing Microsoft account credentials to log in to iPad, Mac, iCloud, and Schoolwork.

Apple devices are as easy to deploy as they are to use.

Roster information is then available for Schoolwork, Classroom and Shared iPad, so teachers can start working with their class right away. Learn how to enable Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Learn how to connect your student information system. With apps, iPad can become a laboratory, a movie studio, a time machine, even a spaceship. And importantly, their personal data will stay private and secure. If your MDM provides a self service portal, you can allow students and teachers to install additional apps and books from a selection that is pre-approved by your school. So the content you make available meets your curriculum goals as well as your standards for security and privacy.

Everyone learns differently. And our products are designed to support those differences. Purchasing content is straightforward, and deploying it to the necessary groups is simple.

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Having one central place, instead of navigating across a multitude of logins and tabs, is a timesaver. Learn more about buying in volume. Especially schoolkids. Every Apple product is built with an integrated approach to privacy and security — providing schools with devices, apps, and services that keep student data and personal information secure.

In addition, Apple has signed the Student Privacy Pledge , further underscoring our commitment to protecting the information of students, parents, and teachers shared in our schools.

macOS Mojave Essential Training

Whether your school chooses a one-to-one iPad environment or a shared iPad model, with Apple School Manager and your mobile device management MDM solution, you can easily automate device setup. Using MDM you can wirelessly deploy apps and books, configure home screen layouts, filter web access, schedule overnight software updates, find misplaced devices, and manage dozens of other settings. MDM solutions are available from a wide range of vendors, whether your school is better suited for a cloud-hosted environment or an on-premise server.

MDM solutions come with different features and pricing, so you have flexibility in deciding how to bring Apple devices into your school. Shared iPad enables schools to share devices between students, while still providing a personalized experience. Students know which devices to use because their pictures are on the Lock screens and they can access their personal content using a password or easy-to-remember four-digit PIN. Because a local copy of their data is stored on the device, after students log in, their homework, apps, and assignments are exactly as they left them. Name a system preferences category.

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Recognize the type of USB port that supports a hub to connect multiple devices. Determine the steps used to open the quick look feature. Explain the purpose of a zip file. Review the types of items that can be stored in an iTunes library. Identify the Mojave feature that allows you to start a task on one device and finish it on another.

Skill Level Beginner. Show More Show Less. Resume Transcript Auto-Scroll. Related Courses. Preview course. Monday Productivity Pointers with Jess Stratton. Search This Course Clear Search. Understand macOS: The foundation of working with a Mac 1m 3s. Download the exercise files 2m 44s.

New to Mac - Mojave Edition *** FULL CLASS

Understand the Apple ID and iCloud accounts 4m 5s. Set up an Apple ID or iCloud account 3m 38s. Upgrade to macOS Mojave 5m 5s. Getting Started. First-time setup for a new Mac 6m 49s. Sign in, shut down, sleep, and restart 3m 22s. Interface with windows, menus, and the toolbar 7m 9s. Adjust settings in System Preferences 4m 6s. Connect accessories: Wired and Bluetooth wireless devices 4m 55s.

Essential Mac Apps For College Students

Beyond clicking: Mouse and trackpad control 3m 57s. Use keyboard shortcuts, including copy and paste 4m 12s. Connect to the internet 4m 13s. Set up multiple user accounts 7m 58s. Update macOS 2m 28s. Finder: The Mac Filing Cabinet. Browse through folders 4m 44s. Understand essential folder structure, including the home folder 4m 56s. Use folder shortcuts 4m 6s.

Create folders and rename files and folders 1m 57s. Copy and move files and folders 6m 4s. Delete files and folders 3m 18s. Get info and preview files with Quick Look 4m 46s. Search for files using Spotlight 4m 55s. Zip and unzip archive files 3m 8s. Connect external drives 3m 10s. Using the Desktop.

Rosetta Stone

Organize items on the desktop 5m 16s. Customize the desktop wallpaper 3m 6s.

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Launching and Managing Applications. We no longer provide any technical support for Hot Potatoes or Quandary. What is Hot Potatoes? Hot Potatoes for Linux users running Wine version 6. This is a zip file containing the folder structure of the Windows version of Hot Potatoes. You can extract this to create the HotPot program folder without running the setup program if you prefer.

Unzip that file on your computer, you will have a folder called JavaHotPot6. Drag the JavaHotPot6 folder to the Applications directory on your computer. Open the folder and double-click the JavaHotPotatoes6 application icon.

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Trash the javahotpot Quandary is an authoring tool for creating Web-based action mazes.