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High Sierra is My MacPro 5. Installing this driver put my 5,1 mac pro into endless start up boot. Upon installing it did the same thing as above, 2 driver managers in top task bar. Unable to get system to boot properly, now doing a complete restore from last night and I guess will try a different approach. Make sure you have a backup before installing :.

You need an original card that came with your Mac first I had your same problem. I installed the gt video card downloaded the drivers first then your Mac will boot up fine, take out the gt and install the video card you want problem solved. I have a gtx ti and 64gb of ram on two Mac Pro 5. Hello William, Can you tell me how you instaled the driver on high sierra?

The terminal command did not work with sierra. Is it working with High Sierra now? I have a flashed GTX and can not get it to work.

Review: NVIDIA GTX 285 on an 8-core Mac Pro

Would be happy about help. Greating Murat. Hello, Murat You need a video card that came with your Mac Pro like the original one leave it installed. I had the same issues as Dan.

Quadro & GeForce Mac OS X Driver Release 346.03.15

I opened the installer. The Nvidia Driver Manager preference pane on my system seems to be an old version, so perhaps that's the item that didn't get installed correctly. I tried to manually run the 'NVPrefPane. CUDA is also complaining. No hiccups except the CUDA preferences is telling me there is an update required despite running the latest 9. Saw small bumps in Lexmark, Cinebench and Geekbench as well.

CUDA fix on High Sierra for Macbook pro, Imac, and Mac pro with nvidia cards

So far so good. After I installed High Sierra I then went to the Nvidia preferences panel and checked for updates, then let it download and install the update itself from within system preferences -- rather than installing it myself from the. I think we just have to wait and hope. Accepted the driver offered from the Nvidia Prefs pane. First reboot "stalled" on the grey apple screen with the thermometer barely creeping forward; after about an hour of nothing I did a hard power-down and restart. Endless boot looping ensued. I think Nvidia may have rushed and screwed the pooch.

Hope they fix it soon. All working with a GTX Ti here now. The trick I had is that Gatekeeper wants to block loading of the kernel extension. I got a pop-up message while installing. Then, force-quit the installer and run it again. This time, no message from Gatekeeper. Reboot and the driver is spot on. The CUDA driver v9. I have no idea what that means; hopefully it's good. I wasn't getting any warnings from GateKeeper so couldn't do this. According to the system profiler the GeForceWeb extension is being loaded and I have Metal v2 support, but performance is pretty bad.

The dock is solid white, not transparent as usual. I thought this meant the system was using the default drivers but these don't support the Titan X. Previously the system wouldn't boot unless I installed the Nvidia web drivers. Yeah, you've got same problem I do. Nvidia's got some 'splainin to do. First install was a build up from the developer builds.

Same white dock. Same poor performance, yet not as poor as "no driver loaded". I've submitted a support request to Nvidia. It was quite tricky because the graphics driver problems mean Safari can't render their website properly. I had to use the element inspector to find the submit button! So, it appears that, at the very least, the CUDA drivers are broken - not, in my opinion, should be something that breaks the actual display drivers so badly - but Nvidia have promised better CUDA at a later date.


Not that I expected any differently, but let's be honest - a firmware update for an eight-year-old machine that's already been hacked to make it think it's a seven-year-old machine is rolling the dice. I think I'll wait a month or two for the bugs to get squashed, then try again. Your case is being escalated to our L2 Support group. Send us an email b. Anonymous form close x. Nearly six weeks after the release of macOS Mojave, web drivers for Nvidia graphics cards released in and later remain unavailable for the latest operating system, resulting in compatibility issues.

Nvidia warns that affected customers who upgrade to macOS Mojave may experience degraded rendering and performance on that version, according to discussions on the Nvidia Developers Forums and MacRumors Forums. Apple has since switched to AMD as its dedicated graphics card provider. Related Roundup: macOS Mojave. Tags: Metal , Nvidia. Top Rated Comments View all. Typical Apple dick move. Literally dozens of Hackintoshers are also waiting with bated breath for these!

Sorry, but no. You contact Apple and make sure it works for every - single - update. Or stop claiming your hardware supports Macs. Why are you all surprised? This is the same company that now releases 3. This is Apple post SJ and pretty much the same death spiral of QC, lack of innovation and customer focus that almost killed them in the mid 90's. This is a huge problem. I remember being able to build and run pgstrom experiments on my mac with GTX cards 2 years ago. I understand that Apple is pushing their own commercial APIs, but I doubt the scientific community will ever adopt them.

Nvidia is superior to amd in openGL not in openCL Nvidia is superior to amd in Cuda not on RAW So it all depends on what you want I think most would agree Nvidia are the go-to for premium, high-end, high-quality cards.

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AMD is great for mid-range and budget. You would think that Apple, a premium brand, would use or at least support the more high-end cards. The last line you can see their files are signed and identified. Native RX driver support in macOS Card has 2 DisplayPort 1.

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CUDA Here's a direct download link for CUDA The build number after installing the revised Security Update Sierra. Includes a summary list of the system's hardware build components. July 11, Download page for Nvidia Graphics Driver The build number after installing Security Update El Capitan. The driver page mentions a very old CUDA v7. If you already have CUDA installed, check the prefs for an update. July 10, Download page for Nvidia Graphics Driver Unigine Benchmarks with Nvidia macOS June 5, Download page for Nvidia Graphics Driver June 4, Download page for Nvidia Graphics Driver May 4, Download page for Nvidia Graphics Driver The build number after installing Security Update for macOS The build number of the first macOS High Sierra This is the second graphics driver update for macOS Article includes a list of natively supported ThunderBolt 3 chassis models, graphics cards and supported Macs.