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Make sure you have a SSD. Make sure you get the right one for your region. Paladins is still for Mac. They removed the macOS icon as Mojave broke the game. But this issue is fixed and the game runs great. You just install the game and it runs on Mac. Team Fortress 2 is amazing. This game is supposedly ancient, but Valve keep updating it with new content, new events, new maps. Updated graphic capabilities, etc. Will you think about playing Subnautica below zero? The game looks good and your Subnautica series were great What am I saying…all of your series are great.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This free tool uses the data from every game we've ever tested to show you what games your Mac can run. In this guide:. StarCraft 2. CS: GO. How We Decide Finding the best games is a nice start but what good are they if their Mac versions suck? Our favorite Free Mac games. With the multitude of weapon types and shelter options available, Fortnite: Battle Royale accommodates pretty much all survival strategies.

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Benchmark results in FPS :. More great Free games for Mac. Verdict: A generous free-to-play game. Doki Doki Literature Club!

The 20 best games for Mac

System Requirements: Adobe Flash. The best games for your Mac. We performed our tests on these machines:. MacBook Pro inch, Late 2. MacBook Pro inch, Late : 2. These are the results:. Expand to see how to interpret these results For your reference, this is how we describe the different levels of performance in frames per second : Below 20 FPS Unplayable Laggy gameplay, full of stutters and slowdowns. Still, not optimal. Why test games at x instead of p? Keep in mind that most of us have MacBooks that are not meant to be game machines. We prefer to stick to x to give older Macs a chance that said, our Performance reviews do include tests at p.

The Competition: Even more Free Mac games to download. Difficult and grindy but rewarding, Wild Terra Online allows you to create the character you want and do what you will as long as you survive. And with modest system requirements, RPG MO is great for throwback fans with older and mid-range machines. Containing all the classic RPG elements, Planeshift, like several others in this list, allows you to chart your own path as you explore the world of Yliakum.

After starting out and getting to level 10 or so, the quests fade out and the only thing left to do is wait for special events like realm vs realm battles, or pay for boosts from the online store to help level-up and grab a mount for traveling speed. The beauty of Regnum is the singular focus on PvP combat. There is no crafting, no raiding, and almost no high-level content.

NA Metascore Not demanding Yes. Our Criteria. Critical acclaim We know that our opinions are not the only ones that matter. Wrapping Up. Game development is a hard road to travel, and these people deserve to be rewarded. Disclaimer : Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission this is how we pay the bills. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Next The complete list of bit Mac games no longer supported. About The Author. Al on April 4, at am. Ric Molina on April 6, at pm.

Kirk Hiner on April 11, at pm. Peter on April 7, at pm. Ric Molina on April 24, at am. Mom Gay on September 14, at am. Good games Reply. I liked the games Reply. Dad Gay on December 3, at pm.

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Ric Molina on December 4, at am. Renting on December 24, at pm. Stewie on June 7, at am. Bacon LIghtning on June 7, at am. Camilo on June 7, at am. Eve Hunt on June 22, at am. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Most Read. Search for:. Free Access. With a detailed Hearthstone Spunkify - July 21, Players choose from one of nine unique heroes, each with their own prebuilt deck. The Banner Saga: Factions is a free-to-play 2D turn based tactical strategy game which features stunning hand drawn visuals and animations all set during the Nordic Viking period.

In The Banner Saga a player will build a 6 man tactical army with a variety of highly customizable units. Eldevin Spunkify - January 11, GunSwords Spunkify - October 29, 4. In GunSwords, players command a squad of unique units, each outfitted with a variety of weapons, abilities and armor. Players can customize these units outside of battle in order to create a very unique strategic playstyle. The game allows players to create worlds and maps that they've always dreamed of, brick by brick similar to Minecraft.

One of the games that you can play without any stupid plug-ins and what not yet very entertaining". Also ranked 2 in games that you can play in your browser. This is a good solution 4. Could be boring sometimes but it's entertaining at least for me and my friends. One of the coolest web browser games everrr.. Forever my favorite". Also ranked 2 in browser games that start simple and become interesting. This is a good solution 3.

The 10 Best Online games for Mac

Frog Fractions is a browser game where the player has to collect and protect the fruit. You can solve more than that with quick maths! I could have given this five stars but it takes time to load eh". Also ranked 6 in browser games that start simple and become interesting. Deborah Hanson. Even though I didn't really get to the max level until now, I keep playing it online when I have time". Also ranked 1 in Tetris 2D games for Windows.

This is a good solution 2. But for real, it's entertaining". Also ranked 1 in. This is a good solution 1. Noe, here I am so addicted to it". Jacqueline Gonzalez. It's a good time waster whenever I have no workload to do. Plus, I don't need any heavy installations. This is a good solution 0. Worth playing mate!

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Also ranked 15 in multiplayer browser games to play with friends. Each day, more than 20, players log in multiple times by computer, tablet or smartphone to build up their strength, improve their position, or carry out dark deeds.

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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Torn. The "text-based" part puts the game in a bit of a niche, but in many ways provides a richer, more powerful and more entertaining experience than you get with graphics-heavy virtual worlds. Why is Torn richer? Because it has to be! There are no flashy CGIs to cover-up mediocre gameplay. On top of that, reading a game is active: you bring your wit, your imagination, and the stunning theater of your mind into play. When you play a graphics-heavy game, a lot of the time, you are just supposed to sit back and receive what the game developers cobbled together.

Reminds me of the old school billiard game that I used to play on YM but much much better and advanced.

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One of the coolest browser games online that you can play on your spare time". Also ranked 1 in 8 ball pool apps.

Top 10 Free Mac Games 2019

Also ranked 16 in web games. Thomas Richards. I also noticed that it is very similar to the sort of idle games that i might have played before. But i can say that fans of martial arts themed MMOs will surely enjoy this". Also ranked 12 in free-to-play browser games. What i like about this is that it has good graphics, loads fast, and simple to understand. IMO this is one of the best strategy games i ever played. But the downside though when i play this is that waiting to upgrade buildings sucks.

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