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With version 3. When the Claris company was disbanded and reabsorbed into Apple, the suite was renamed AppleWorks. In fact, version 5 of the software was first called ClarisWorks ; following the reabsorption, it was renamed AppleWorks. The most recent version no longer contains the communications feature and adds a presentation features.

Apple built a successor to AppleWorks, known as iWork. Future versions of iWork may include other programs replacing all the functionality offered by AppleWorks. For example, a spreadsheet program, graphics program and database. AppleWorks 5.

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If you use Windows or Linux, LibreOffice gives you the same capabilities and open document formats, making it easy to work with the same file on any of the major platforms. LibreOffice 4. Version 4.

I love math. I love analyzing data.

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I love spreadsheets. LibreOffice chart using straight line segments between data points. One huge improvement LibreOffice has over good old AppleWorks is that you can create line graphs with smoothed lines instead of just straight ones. AppleWorks was positively primitive in that regard. On the negative side, LibreOffice handles type poorly in its graphs.


They need to fix this. My solution is to only use plain text in my graphs. This is true of any app that supports Microsoft Office formats. Ditto for Excel. Forewarned is forearmed. I have been using spreadsheets since Compute!

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On the Mac, I cut my teeth on Excel 3. In those days, a Works program was more like an Office suite. You did word processing in one part of the program, number crunching in another. Bob Hearn and Scott Holdaway had a different vision.

As Hearn tells it :. All "integrated software" to date was effectively several separate programs, loosely stitched together.

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For multiple reasons we had to do better than this. First, to do something new and interesting. Second, two programmers cannot write a competitive stand-alone word processor, spreadsheet, graphics program, and database program in a year or so. Third, application size was a big deal in those days: Microsoft Works was a big program; we wanted to do better. They did. Their Works program used "frames" to integrate word processing, graphics, spreadsheets, etc.

You could stick a working spreadsheet into a word processing document, drop in graphics from the drawing or paint modules, etc.

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ClarisWorks 1. October also saw the introduction Apple's first PowerBook models the , , and , all of which shipped with System 7 and had the resources necessary to run ClarisWorks, which had a very low memory footprint compared to Microsoft Works. I picked up my first copy of ClarisWorks around March of , running it comfortably on my upgraded Mac Plus - and quickly retiring my copy of MacWrite. In no time at all, ClarisWorks became the irresistible force of Macintosh Works programs, eclipsing Microsoft Works and all comers.

ClarisWorks was bundled with all consumer Macs for years and years, so it developed a huge installed base. ClarisWorks was ported to Windows in , and every subsequent version has been available to Windows users. ClarisWorks evolved, adding features, growing in size, becoming more powerful. After version 5.