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I'll wait for feedback!! Pre-installation BIOS setup? Choose the following settings:? Kext Wizard:? What should be working:? Edited January 29, by marciouff. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. This way, no one? Please, correct this. Edited January 7, by kyndder. Posted January 7, Hey, thanks for that guide! Posted March 31, Thanks for your guide, was really easy to follow and worked great. I installed all the kexts, updates and repaired the permissions. And Everything was working great, wifi, audio, display and touchpad.

Until I restarted. Once I logged back in, neither audio or wifi were no longer working, and the login screen said it was in safe boot. I hadn't put in -x or as far as I know designated anywhere that safe mode should be booted. How can I fix this? Like I said, everything was working until I had to reboot. Conti should have instructions on the myHack site. So would you suggest giving myHack a go? Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.

Installation of Mac OS X Snow Leopard on the Asus Eee PC 1101HA/1201HA

Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Select your Flashdisk from the list on the left and go to Partition tab. Name your Flashdisk whatever you want, ex. Note: this process will wipe out all data on your Flashdisk!

Select the following package ONLY:. You need to set the BIOS to boot from your flashdisk instead of the internal hard drive. And set your Hard Drive boot priority Something like that to your Flashdisk. Select your language and proceed. You need to wait again for the installation to complete 30 — 40 mins. If everything goes well, you should be greeted by a setup section for Snow Leopard. After the setup completed, you should be greeted with your Snow Leopard Desktop. Now you need to install some kexts and run myHack Installer again.

Select the same package as before:. Replace everything. Wait for it to finish, it will take some time. My Ethernet is not fully working on SL To update from SL Mount the Combo Update either Wait for the update to finish. You can now restart your computer. Cross your finger and hope everything goes well. The brightness FN key works well to adjust the brightness, but unfortunately the other FN key such as the Volume FN key is not working. To adjust the Volume you can use Spark to set a custom key to Increase, Decrease, and mute the Volume. Updating to Snow Leopard Read my Blog Post here.

It detects the wireless network fine once I installed Either install Snow Leopard on a different partition on your Lion Machine and use that disk utility, or use a mac that is running Leopard or Snow Leopard and create the USB stick that way. Copied over the files needed I think and when I boot off the usb I see the gray apple screen and the swirly but then the computer just shuts off….

Great guide, thanks for posting. I am still having problems after updating to Does it have something to do with the country code? If so, is there a fix? Thanks in advance. Is the wifi card disabled in the BIOS of the netbook? Check there and report back what the setting is on. What is the signal that the network is broadcasting? How old is the router? Model of the router? NAT settings? Glad it worked. The reason is because you are using Tiger Sorry if there was a misunderstanding.

Ahh, ok that makes more sense. In that case, you are still in a jam. You need to use either OS X Leopard Every time I try to do this it freezes at the Apple logo after selecting the flash drive from Chameleon. First, please calm down. I had the number written down at one point, it was close to Kernel Extensions in backtrace: com.

That is because the is a different model. The has different hardware. Aww damn… I thought the only difference was the integrated 3g modem… Back to Windows then…. Then you have both operating systems without having the hassle of reinstalling windows. Somewhere along the upgrade path to Any ideas on how to fix this? Not terribly worried, but it can be a bit annoying. WordPress was acting weird earlier. As far as this goes, this was an issue resolved earlier on this blog. I saw that above. You cannot reinstall the Once you upgrade to a newer version, there is no way to downgrade to a lower version.

There are plenty of answers on the main guide comments. Just hit control-f and search wireless. It sits there forever and nothing happens. I was able to successfully install with iAtkos S3 V2 but when I tried to update to I cannot help you with iatkos. It never works properly for this model. Hence why I made this guide. You have to use a retail Not I will not tell you where to get this disk free.

Go on eBay and buy it or on amazon. I do not support piracy of software! Techno, thanks for replying. I found the Everything installed great. However, I can not seem to find pfix anywhere. Can you tell me where it is? I have already replied about this issue. Hi, At first thanks a lot for this tuto. Its a very great one. Everything works very well except the internet.

The wifi and the ethernet do not work. I got Also would simply updating to The wireless card did not start working until You need to install up to Hi, after updating to I copied the code about mach kernel correctly, I checked it several times. Any idea why did it happen? It seems that is related to sleepenabler kext.

Thanks for your help…. Try that and see what happens. Sleepenabler always causes problems, its a critical but funky kext. Let me know how this goes. Purchased a retail copy of Snow Leopard from Apple… they sent me the I had specified Version You need Not that I know of. Like I said, you can use There are guides to use I try to update from Running install, when booting to the usb drive it shows the apple logo and spinning wheel but then powers off after about 5 minutes.

Pc is fully charged and never shuts off when running windows.

Install Mac os x in eepc 1005ha

Please read the comments. Did you make the flash drive using a computer running OS X This could cause the flash drive to crash. Im followed all the instructions and got myself to I have yet to hear a problem about either of these working. Please provide details of your computer model, amount of ram, etc. Have you tried reinstalling the combo update? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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Techno Talk! Just another WordPress. Backup your docs, etc before attempting this. I will post both and you decide which to go with.

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Ryan December 31st, Cristian Grothaus January 8th, And is there any way to install version Cheers, Andy. Sven January 21st, Greets from Germany Sven. Gerhard February 3rd, Greets from Germany Gerhard. Glad I could help. Please remember to donate to my blog to receive other cool guides like this.

Peter February 22nd, Hi, where do I find the pfix on Macintosh HD? Do I have to type it into Terminal? Peter February 23rd, Peter February 25th, Zach February 25th, Hope this helps, TechnoTalk. Zach February 26th, Raj August 30th, Hope that helps. Got it, thank you Sir, will try today and report here. Peter February 27th, Cristian Grothaus February 28th, Cristian Grothaus March 5th, The Jack of Clubs March 6th, Cristian Grothaus March 6th, I would like to try your links.

Angel March 28th, Please respect what I have posted from now on. Kayla April 4th, I figured it out finally.. Sorry for the trouble. Pnutster April 14th, Everything works! And all is out of the box. Thank you for the great review!

ASUS Eee PC PEB Hackintosh Install From Linux - cnpbagwell

BlackSapphire June 9th, Thank you for understanding about having my studies come first, I really appreciate it. Hope this helps and works for you. Post again if you have any further questions or problems. Evanroheff21 July 10th, Hey Techno Talk, Just wanted to tell you thank you for an outstanding guide! I actually figured it out and will post what got me over the hurdle in hopes that google indexes this thread… After upgrading the BIOS, trying 5 different retail images, then almost giving up, I hit tab in the bootloader to get to extra options.

Hope this helps anybody with a similar problem. Atlan August 22nd, Raj August 23rd, Thanks so much for this info.

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Is this the original posting? Yes, this is the original posting. I made this guide from scratch. Raj August 24th, Daniele August 30th, Jelle Remco Kalf September 10th, Hi, thank you for this nice guide, until now eveything went well, but i dont find the pfix… And unfortunately i cant find the reason why, in the comments before.

Im sry for this, i hope you can help me without being annoyed. Raj September 11th, Again, thank you for the info. Jelle Remco Kalf September 14th, Jelle Remco Kalf September 15th, Issues solved. Bdubells October 7th, Where are you running pfix from? Is it from the folder it is supposed to be located in? Kevin Luong October 25th, Kevin Luong October 26th, Sorry for the bother. Figured that was it. Thanks Joe. Okay, I will try removing that kext and get back to you. Gregor November 15th, Tried this several times, with several driver GB and 16GB , the same result. Any clues what could go wrong?

Ella November 28th, Victor December 2nd, Wally December 3rd, Wally December 13th, Chris December 6th, I created the USB with Tiger Bios v 1GB. Chris December 10th, Second, please refer to the new post on the blog about making the USB stick. Raptyr December 16th, Hi, great guide, but i get stuck when booting my hag from the usb stick for the first time. Raptyr December 25th, Used it with absolutely amazing results.

Thanks again for the guide and any help you can provide on these two issues. JuergenD January 3rd, I do not support piracy. Nor will I give you a copy of os x. Go buy it. Sorry, i have a original version of Brandon January 3rd, Read the comments! This has already been addressed multiple times. Brandon January 16th, Stefan January 8th, This is realy the best guide of the world.

Thanks a lot. Greetings from Germany HA Jordan January 13th, Therefore, I am trying to install Jordan January 15th, Check the insanelymac forum post. There should be the solution discussed there. Dave January 26th, Dave January 27th, Matt February 3rd, Is there any way to use Hi, I try to update from Worked great thanks for the write up!!!! TrackBack URL.