How can i use internet explorer on mac

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How to Get Internet Explorer on Mac and Why You Might Need That?

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How to run Internet Explorer on a Mac

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John Lange says:. Michael S says:. It means that there are lots of websites specifically developed for Internet Explorer as the main priority. In this case, Internet Explorer renders these websites more reliably than its competitors. In addition to this, it is recommended to have at least two different browsers installed on the device. And whether you decide to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your primary browser, there are not many better tools than IE as a backup. Regardless of its reputation, Internet Explorer is the best browser to load JavaScript quickly and render pages reliably and consistently.

Internet Explorer for Mac OS X - Wikipedia

It does not require any additional operating system or a virtual machine. The service is based on Azure RemoteApp technologies. This approach has several advantages. Do you know a lot of people who are still surfing the Web with the help of this browser? Well, it might be a surprise, but IE has a market share of over Some part of it belongs to the latest version of Internet Explorer exclusively developed by Microsoft for Macs — 5.

Still, you can find it all around on the specialized software database sites, for example, soft Another question is whether people who use Apple devices should have Internet Explorer among their applications. Much earlier, Mac users had no access to popular plug-ins essential to browsing in different parts of the web. It was a time of war between Netscape and Internet Explorer. Those days, Apple users had to install and use Explorer just as their Windows fellows. The need for a designated plug-in has disappeared. A significant layer of users who might need to run IE on Macs are developers, webmasters, and quality assurance experts.

Why Use Internet Explorer on a Mac?

But often this trick is just not enough to run web pages as they would run in actual IE. In this situation, the only alternative is installing Internet Explorer on a Mac. Some people are too impatient to conduct research and find out that it is not necessary to set up the entire Windows to get all associated options on Mac. Do not hurry up to install Windows in full — there is a better, less time-consuming and confusing option on the market today!